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These jobs have a future

Professions with a future - 10 jobs with the best prospects

Are you looking for jobs with a future? Perfect! Our world is subject to constant change - this is made particularly clear by the Corona virus. The pandemic forces us to look inward and to focus more on the things that will improve our coexistence and our planet in the long term. Maybe you are doing the same right now and ask yourself: which professions are emerging at the moment and which have a great potential for the future?

Whether you're still at the very beginning of your career or would like to finally take a job that really matches your values, desires and talents - here you'll get to know new professions with a job guarantee. Let's go!

10 new jobs with a future

Global warming and environmental degradation, demographic change, World population growth and migration, digitization and new technologies - humanity is facing many challenges. In the course of this, however, new professions are also emerging - jobs that will be important in the future or already are. Today, some of them may still sound a bit crazy, but soon they will be quite normal. Perhaps you will be one of the pioneers who will soon be treading this promising path. 

Profession with a future #1: Aquaponics fish farmer

The fishery is currently struggling with many problems. OverfishingThe problems of the ocean, bycatch, and pollution are just three of them. One solution here is called aquaponics. With this process Fish and crops cultivated together in a closed circuit. A concept that is feasible even on the roofs of cities. The sustainable system thus produces vegetables and marine animals at the same time, supplying the immediate environment with local food. In the future, this production method could secure the world's food supply. There is no official training for this new profession yet. So you would have to learn a lot yourself - for example through workshops. This will require a combination of old knowledge from fish farming and new knowledge on the subject of sustainability. For example, a University certificate in sustainability management help, where, among other things, the basics of sustainability in companies as well as corporate management, strategy and organization in sustainable companies are taught.

Is a degree program perhaps something for you? At sustainable courses you will find an overview of the courses offered by German universities and universities of applied sciences.

Profession with a future #2: Urban Farmer

The production of food on site will become increasingly important in the future. This is how long transport routes and the associated emissions can be avoided. As an urban farmer, you make sure of that, That the residents of a large city are supplied with local and fresh foods. To do this, you combine traditional knowledge from agriculture and greenhouse cultivation with modern strategies and technologies such as solar energy for greater energy efficiency. Plantations on the roofs of high-rise buildings, vertical gardens or the use of derelict structures such as gaps between buildings or unused rail tracks are all possible options.

Profession with a future #3: Robot consultant

Robot jobs with a future

Robots are continuously conquering the world of work and will also be used in a variety of ways by private individuals in the future. Whether in doctors' offices, warehouses or in production - robots will support people almost everywhere in the future. A robot advisor can provide business and private customers with from the acquisition of suitable robots to the support and maintenance of the intelligent machines take over everything. This new profession thus combines classic consulting and sales qualities with constantly new knowledge about robots. The robot market is developing rapidly and holds enormous potential for the future.

Profession with a future #4: Transport analyst

When human drivers and vehicle operators are replaced by autonomous driving, the need for a new profession automatically arises: the transportation analyst. He Monitors autonomous traffic in real time. In addition organizes and optimizes the flow of traffic and Intervenes in traffic operations in the event of problems or incidents. Damage can thus be minimized. The job is roughly comparable with today's job in the railroad control center or with the activities of an air traffic controller.

Profession with a future #5: Waste designer

It's hard to believe how many things there are that were invented just to initially protect a commodity, but afterwards to exclusively throw it away. Truly amazing - and so wasteful when you think about it more carefully. Especially in light of the fact that only a vanishingly small percentage of discarded recyclables are actually recycled again. As a waste designer you develop new ways of making packaging more sustainable or reusable, for example and thus actively contribute to combating our waste problem. To do this, you will draw on knowledge from the fields of industrial design, engineering and materials science.

Tip: How you live as plastic-free as possible in everyday life you can learn in the linked article!

Profession with a future #6: Virtual Reality Experience Designer

Jobs with a future that promise the best prospects

More and more processes and things are being digitized these days or can already be handled online. But why fill out a simple form online when you can go to the government office virtually and have a personal conversation with an avatar? Sounds abstract? But it could become reality in the future, because the topic of virtual reality is booming. With the help of VR glasses, you can get to virtually any place - whether it's the beach or the traffic office. As a virtual reality expert you create this virtual experience and help people to make their everyday life more pleasant. Whether it's a dream vacation on the beach, a concert at the stadium, a meeting with work colleagues or a visit to a government office - you are the master of virtual worlds.

Profession with a future #7: Cyber Security Officer

IT security is already extremely important today. In the future, however, this field will become even more relevant. After all, more and more things in everyday life are being handled digitally. There are even warnings of possible cyber wars and attacks on the electricity or water supply. The first large-scale hacker attacks on companies and governments have also already taken place. As a cyber security officer you develop IT solutions that are as watertight as possible and deliberately hack existing systems to put them through their paces and make them more secure.

Profession with a future #8: Ethical Sourcing Officer

An Ethical Sourcing Officer (ESO) is needed, when a company makes its purchasing and production decisions dependent not only on financial aspects, but also on ethical. As an ESO, you go in search of sustainably produced raw materials. You visit production sites and ensure that products are manufactured under ethical conditions.

Profession with a future #9: Voice UX Designer

Amazon Alexa, Apple's Siri, and Google Home are just the beginning. Cloud-based voice assistants are on the rise and can represent central points of contact with consumers in many industries. According to consulting firm Deloitte, sales of smart speakers will grow globally by more than 30 percent per year through 2022.

So far, AI speakers still lack the charm of human conversation. As Voice UX Designer you research and work out the optimal linguistic style and dialect for each client. Because when virtual speech assistants reflect individual speech characteristics of a target group, the relationship between man and machine is more effective. A possible entry into this new profession leads via linguistics and related training professions. 

Profession with a future #10: 3D printing expert

3D printing can revolutionize many industries - be it the Production of spare parts in handicraft or that of body parts in medicine. Yes, even organs can be printed. Today, 3D printing is already used in architecture, automotive design, construction, aerospace, mechanical engineering and medical technology (implants, prostheses, dentures). As a 3D printing expert, you follow the printer market and advise customers on the purchase of the equipment.

You want a job with a future but haven't found anything suitable here yet? Then check the sustainable job portal for even more jobs with a future.

Jobs with a future - changing the world with meaning

These jobs with a future definitely have one thing in common: new professions like these combine old, traditional knowledge with new technologies and strategies. So your transfer skills are more in demand than, say, a traditional apprenticeship or degree. Nevertheless, it never hurts to have a traditional degree in your pocket. This helps not only when entering new industries. It also helps you convince investors if you want to start your own business with an idea.

Do you have any questions or other jobs with a future that are still missing here? Then feel free to write me a comment.

Stay forward-thinking,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Want more tips for a sustainable work life? Then feel free to check out the next article on the paperless office on. Have fun!

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