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Read more books - 12 tips for daily reading and more reading time

Read more books - tips for more reading time

How do you manage to read more books and develop a possible reading routine? In a separate post, I had already given you countless reasons for this, why reading books is so important. Among other things, it improves our communication, concentration, writing, and empathy skills, as well as our general knowledge - and it provides a balance to stressful everyday life. The latter is actually responsible for the fact that we often feel we simply can't find the time to read.

So in this post, I want to show you what you can do to read more books and significantly increase your daily or weekly reading time.

Here a short Overview in advance:

  1. Block reading times
  2. Find a reading partner
  3. Make reading list
  4. Improve reading speed
  5. Stack books visibly
  6. Exploit waiting times
  7. Apply for library card
  8. Create a reader-friendly atmosphere
  9. Prevent distraction
  10. Listen to audio books
  11. Reward yourself
  12. Internalize benefits of reading

12 Tips - How to get more books read?

Maybe you know those moments when you buy a new book and plan to read it. But something came up again - and now it sits unread on the shelf. That should be an end in the future!

Now, let's not waste any time, so you can start finding more time to read right away! Have fun with the following tips for daily book rolling!

1. block out times for reading

Since you're reading this post right now, I'm assuming that your plan to read more books is now Priority has. That's good, because you need to block out a lot of external stimuli and free up reading time. To do this, set aside a specific time in the day (for example, one hour in the morning after getting up and one hour in the evening before going to bed), in which you can read your Reader routine develop.

To be on the safe side, record the times in your Calendar and additionally create an alarm to remind you. After a few days/weeks this will become a habit - I promise!

2. find a reading partner

When you read with your partner or a friend, reading is twice as fun! You don't even have to read the same book. It's already fun to exchange ideas about the respective content and listen to what each other has learned from their book. At the same time, binding agreements motivate you to read regularly. This is another way to develop your reading routine.

3. make a reading list

I have a small digital list of books that I really want to read. I then check them off one by one - and also write down by when I want to have read through the respective book. The Deadline makes the whole thing a - at least in my mind - binding challengewhich I naturally want to master. Then it's also just nice to see how you master one book after the other - and how the anticipation for the next one increases every time.

4. improve your reading speed

Lack of concentration, unrhythmic reading, thought congestion and a lack of focus on key messages slow down your reading speed immensely. Therefore, gradually add more tips to the "Speed Reading" around. For example, you can learn to recognize unimportant passages and skim them. In any case, these techniques will help you read more books.

Tip: Even if the fun of reading is in the foreground, there is not always enough time to read all the books you want. In that case, book summaries (e.g. at Blinkist*) to consume the content faster and learn more.

5. stack your books visibly and check them off one by one

Stack books and read more

Once a book disappears into a cluttered, dark drawer, it's gone forever... of course not! But at least it doesn't catch your eye so often anymore. A valuable tip for more frequent reading is therefore to place your books visibly in your home. That way, you'll remember to read them every day. If you stack them, it will also be easier for you to "work through" one after the other and later admire what you have already "done".

6. always have a book with me to take advantage of waiting times

Of course, it doesn't hurt to switch off for a few minutes and simply do nothing. But reading books per se is something that has an extremely calming effect on us. So if you're once again at the Platform or at a Doctor's visit If you have to wait, then pull out your current book and just read until it continues. That way, you definitely use waiting times in a stress-free and sensible way.

7. apply for a library card

Hundreds of thousands of books are available to us free of charge - not least in the library. That's why I can only advise you to get a library card. The also tempts you to borrow new books more often and read more. A very simple tip that will make it much easier for you to get new books.

8. create a reader-friendly atmosphere

If you want to read more books and ignite the desire to do so, you should check out the Reduce stimuli from the outside to a minimum and create a reading-friendly atmosphere. For example, make sure that you have optimal light for reading and that background noise (e.g. construction noise through the open window) is reduced as much as possible. If the time of year allows it, you should preferably outdoors in the most deserted nature possible read

9. eliminate things that distract you

Man reading book on beach

In an environment full of stimuli, no one can concentrate fully and for long on a book. The potential for distraction is simply too great. As an extension of the reading-friendly atmosphere, you should get rid of technical devices and other things that distract you. For example, by turning off your Putting your smartphone in another room or not reading right next to your PlayStation. Also the Removing time-consuming smartphone apps (such as gaming) or canceling your Netflix subscription may be among them.

Tip: Do you feel that you are addicted to your smartphone? Then treat yourself now to the most effective Tips against cell phone addiction!

10. listen to books as well

Every now and then, there are phases in which even reading is too exhausting for you, because you just want to be sprinkled. In such situations, you don't have to give up reading a book. Just make yourself comfortable on the sofa or in bed and read a book. listen to the audio book version of your desired book.

Here you can download audio books*

11. reward yourself for your higher reading time

If there's no other way, you'll have to give your willpower a boost yourself with an ingenious incentive system. Think about what else you feel like doing apart from reading, but do this thing, only after you have met your goal - for example, to read books for 10 hours a week. Conversely, you can also punish yourself for not reading. But don't be too hard on yourself 😉 .

12. make you aware of the benefits of reading

You want to read more books? Then I have the ultimate tip for you: make yourself aware of why reading books is so important. Here are some reasons that should drive you:

  • More balance
  • Improved concentration
  • Increased general knowledge
  • Better empathy skills
  • More creativity and imagination

There are so many more Arguments for reading. In the linked post I have listed and explained them all to you. I'm willing to bet that you will be incredibly motivated to read every day.

Use the tips for daily reading to develop yourself personally

Want to increase your reading time and find time to read books regularly? Then put your personal development in the foreground and superfluous, time-consuming activities in the background. I hope I can help you develop a reading routine with these tips.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about this post? Then feel free to write me a comment.

Stay inquisitive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Distraction by smartphone and co. keeps us not only from reading but also from working. Learn now how to work effectively in a home office.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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