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Electric car advantages - Why you should drive an e-car?

Electric car advantages and disadvantages: 10 reasons to drive an e-car

Does an electric car bring advantages? And if so, which ones? If you're looking for answers to these questions, you've come to the right place! E-bikes, e-scooters - electromobility is really taking off - and more and more people are also thinking about replacing their diesel or petrol car with an e-car. But before making the final decision, it's important to find out why it might make sense to buy an electric vehicle.

In this article, I would like to give you the answer to this question - and all the advantages of electric cars - along the way. Of course, I will also discuss the possible disadvantages during the article. Let's go!

First of all, here is a brief overview of the motives for buying an e-car:

  1. Driving with renewable energies
  2. Electric cars are quiet and do not stink
  3. State-subsidized purchase
  4. More favorable use
  5. Refuel at home
  6. Longer service life
  7. Energy generation through braking
  8. Growing variety of vehicle types
  9. No fear of driving bans
  10. Great development potential

1. driving with renewable energies

Electric car advantages: No emissions, no smell

While gasoline or diesel engines only work with limited, natural resources (about 24 liters of gasoline and about 21 liters of diesel are refined from 100 liters of crude oil₁), electric cars can also run on electricity generated from renewable, unlimited sources, like Wind power, solar power or hydropower, is the source. Ideally, you can even generate the electricity yourself, for example by means of a PV system on the roof.

Although the production of batteries for e-cars also has a negative impact on the environment, the electricity used to power them can be used without any problems. produced in the surrounding area while crude oil has to be transported thousands of kilometers and turned into petrol and diesel in complex processes.

2. electric cars are quiet and do not stink

The electric drive allows the electric car to be driven with absolutely zero emissions, which is why its use is correspondingly more economical than that of a car with a combustion engine. more climate-, air- and thus also health-friendly is. Odor and noise pollution are typical criticisms of gasoline and diesel engines. Anyone who lives close to a busy road knows what I'm talking about.

The Stromer therefore has the advantage of reducing traffic noise and Significantly reduce air pollution.

3. state-subsidized purchase

The purchase costs for electric cars are currently still somewhat higher, for example due to the lower production figures compared to combustion engines. Fortunately, the industry and government are promoting the purchase of purely electric cars and hybrid vehicles through an environmental bonus. The Innovation premium amounts to up to 9000 euro and makes the decision for an environmentally friendly car much easier.

Tip: Not only the purchase of the car itself, but also, for example, the Wallbox for charging your car at home is eligible for KfW funding.

4. more favorable use

Apart from the state subsidies, what else speaks in favor of buying an electric car? Definitely that Often lower insurance premiums, a lower tax burden (lower or no vehicle tax, more costs tax deductible), Rarer repairs thanks to fewer wearing parts and often free parking spaces with free electricity, the costs of use are also much more bearable.

5. you can refuel at home

A wallbox installed at home for the e-car

I have a house and find it particularly great that I can simply "fill up" or charge my car at home. So there's no stressful refueling in the morning before going to work with an electric car, for example. The Wallbox even charges the car in such a way that the consumer benefits from the lowest possible electricity prices. If it is green electricity or even generated by your own PV system, all the better. So you can Save money sustainably and protect the environment.

6. longer service life

The engine of an electric car has the advantage over combustion engines of being fairly uncomplicated and consisting of just a few parts. Fewer wearing parts, such as timing belts and gearboxes, automatically means Less need for repairs and less wear and tear.

If a Stromer has a weak point in this respect, it is certainly the Battery runtime. It is currently assumed that the average lifespan is eight to ten years before it needs to be replaced.₂ But even this period will be extended as a result of advancing technical developments.

7. energy generation through braking

Fortunately, electric motors are suitable for Reconversion of kinetic energy into electrical energy. Many e-cars can be equipped with regenerative braking (recuperation)For example, by braking and driving downhill, energy is returned to the battery and used to charge the vehicle.

Notice: The motor of electric vehicles is highly efficient and generally very powerful. The maximum possible output of the battery ultimately determines how powerful the car is.

8. growing variety of vehicle types

Of course, the choice for consumers is still somewhat greater among combustion engines. But electric cars have not been around for so long that there is any reason to doubt the smaller model range. The variety of vehicle types among electric cars has actually grown rapidly. From the Small car to sedan, from Off-road vehicle to crossover, from Sports car to van - Basically, there is now an electric version of every type of vehicle from at least one car brand.

For example, the Deutsche Post relies on electric transporters for its fleet - it even manufactures its Streetscooter itself. And all-electric CUVs like the Hyundai IONIQ 5 can even be charged to 80 percent in 20 minutes at fast-charging stations. Each vehicle type therefore has its own unique electric car advantages.

9. no fear of driving bans

Mobility is undergoing a sustainable transformation and plays an important role in solving the biggest environmental problems of our time. Accordingly, the Pollutant limits in cities and the limits for permissible exhaust emission values generally tightened further.

Driving bans on older models with combustion engines in city centers have already been imposed - no one knows what the future holds. But one thing is certain: with zero-emission electric cars, there is no need to fear such bans.

10. great development potential

The electric car is still in its infancy

Today's electromobility is already impressive - and is nevertheless more or less in its infancy. This is another reason why the supposed disadvantages, such as a still inadequate charging infrastructure or a comparatively short range, are among the most frequently mentioned criticisms of electric cars.

But technical progress will ensure that these problems will also become advantages over the years. With increasing purchase volumes and new production facilities, the prices for e-cars will ultimately also fall - and in turn have a positive effect on the growing sales figures, which will ultimately also accelerate the development of the electro-friendly infrastructure.

The development potential is incredibly large - and therefore another advantage of electric cars over conventional cars. Gasoline and diesel vehicles whose technologies are already highly developed.

Electric cars: few disadvantages, enormous potential!

So why should you buy an electric car? As you have learned today, the main reasons are ecological, technological, financial and health reasons. Electric vehicles are odorless, quiet and emission-free. Charging works both at home and on the road - and costly and often unexpected repairs are kept to a minimum. What's more, government subsidies provide additional incentives for buying an electric car.

I hope that I have been able to give you the most important electric car advantages today. Do you have any questions, tips or other benefits you would like to share? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Maybe you're still hesitating a little with the switch. No problem. Under sustainable driving you can now find out how you can be more environmentally friendly on the road, regardless of the type of vehicle you drive. Have fun!

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