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Become more determined - 10 tips for more willpower and decisiveness

Become more determined and push your willpower

You want to become more determined, strong-willed and resolute? A good decision! I hope it didn't take you too long 😉 Maybe you know these situations from your everyday life, where you find it extremely difficult to make a final decision. Moments when you act hesitant, thoughtful, almost afraid. Fortunately, you can combat this indecisiveness - specifically!

In this article, I present 10 tips for more determination, determination, determination and courage, which you should take to heart in all decision-making situations! Let's go!

Here in advance already a short Overview for you:

  1. Set and commit to your goal
  2. Go one step at a time
  3. Be prepared for setbacks
  4. Be inspired by role models
  5. Weigh opportunities and risks
  6. Increase your self-confidence specifically
  7. Set yourself a deadline
  8. Surround yourself with people who know what they want
  9. Encourage your decisiveness
  10. Reward yourself for your determination

10 tips that will make you more determined!

Every day we have to make decisions in big and small ways. Which company do I apply to? Do I want to live vegan? What do I eat for lunch today? Questions upon questions that will definitely be answered - the real question is only: when exactly? The answer is already clear: as quickly and decisively as possible, of course! All you have to do for more determination is to break out of the old "brooding" habit, to make the newfound decisiveness a better habit.

Depending on the size of your project, you can implement the following tips for more determination within a few seconds or over a period of months or years. Good luck!

Notice: In each case, I will give you a brief, explanatory example of the fact that to my determination to vegan lifestyle fits

1. set and visualize your goal

Determination is a firm will to do something specific! I can't see inside you - but whether you're in the supermarket in front of the chocolate shelf or in the sustainable job portal with job postings for jobs with added value for you, the environment and our society, are faced with a decision does not matter. The important thing is that you know what you want!

Do you see yourself biting into vegan chocolate with pleasure? Then get it and don't think twice. Do you dream of working with animals every day in an ocean conservation organization? Then go for it! If you know where you want to go, you can conquer indecision. Whatever your dream is, start making it happen!

Vegan example: I want to adopt a lifestyle that does not cost animals their lives. That's why I abstain from eating them, wearing their skins and hides, visiting zoos and using cosmetic products with Animal testing.

2 Go one step at a time

Become more determined and achieve goals

If the feeling of indecision arises again, then perhaps your big goal is still a little too far away. In such a case you should Set intermediate goals that you'll achieve along the way. By marching step by step to the goal, you will master one challenge after another - and that will make you all the more determined!

Vegan example: First, I'm learning to eat a vegan diet. If that works out, I'll look into vegan clothing. Then cosmetic products without animal testing. And so on.

3. be prepared for setbacks

Most people are afraid of failing. That's why they don't even begin to get out of their safe comfort zone.

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work."

 Thomas Alva Edison (more at Founder quotes)

Something that we need for more determination Learn from successful people is that they too made mistakes until they reached their goal. So allow yourself to make mistakes too! Nothing has to be perfect - it is simply important that you are constantly getting a little closer to your goal. This is an important basis for more willpower and determination.

Vegan example: I went weak in the restaurant because there were no dishes without animal products on the menu. No problem! Next time you just ask the waiter if he can make you a vegan dish anyway. (That really always works!)

4. be inspired by role models

You want to change the world? Then take your cue from the people who have already changed the world. You want to become more determined? Then you should look up to the people who are already very determined.

"Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will."

Mahatma Gandhi (more at Willpower Quotes)

Whatever goal you set for yourself: Role models show you the way. All you have to do is follow them.

Vegan example: I also want to make the vegan lifestyle palatable to other people. That's why I follow the example of Joey Carbstrong, Earthling Ed, Nico Rittenau and some others. vegan YouTuber, who have lived vegan forever, answer all questions and eliminate misconceptions.

5. weigh opportunities and risks in a targeted manner

Imagine what awaits you at your destination! And what happens in the worst case if you don't reach it. Could you handle that worst-case scenario? If so, make your decision now, as the risk is limited compared to the opportunities that await you.

It's not that simple? Then briefly write down all the arguments that speak for or against a particular alternative. Make a pro and con list - and decide.

Vegan example: With a balanced vegan diet or lifestyle, I live more animal-friendly, ecological and healthy. The worst thing that can happen is a nutrient deficiency during the transition. For this I do a blood test at my family doctor in regular. Next.

6. increase your self-confidence in a targeted way

People with little self-confidence often have certain fears. For example, the fear of failing and then being ridiculed. Determined people simply deal with such defeats differently. For more willpower and perseverance, you should therefore use the Train to deal with setbacks. Cheer up, learn from it - and move on! The more confidently you face such moments, the more resolutely you will act.

Vegan example: I used to be easily persuaded to eat something animal-based. Today, I am much more self-confident and more stable in my attitude, not least because of the Dominion film.

7. set a deadline

Hourglass - Decide faster and more decisively

Don't be afraid of the word deadline! It may sound a bit harsh. In the end, however, it just means that you should set yourself realistic but nevertheless quite strict goals that only little scope for a long back and forth enable. In this way, you will automatically become more determined and focused. Because time is precious and should not be wasted.

Vegan example: I do a vegan trial month (ex. Veganuary) and on 31.01 I make then my decision whether I live also further vegan.

8. surround yourself with people who know what they want

You want to become more determined? Then you need not only aprons to guide you - but also a An environment of people who push you, believe in you and, in the best case, are already where you want to be! If you have people around you who are quick to make decisions, courageous and determined, then you too will become more determined.

Vegan example: Many of my friends and much of my work environment also live vegan. Every conversation strengthens the resolve.

9. Train your decisiveness

To be able to make big decisions decisively, you can first train your determination on a smaller scale. You're standing at the bakery and can't decide what to take with you? Then realize that you are wasting time right now. Zack, decision, now. You regret your decision on the way to the breakfast table? You'll survive - just learn from it for next time and stay consistent. Increase your decision joy! Then you will notice that you will become stronger-willed and more determined in more important situations.

Vegan example: You automatically become more decisive when you have tried many (even new) plant-based foods and know what you like.

10. Reward yourself for your determination

Have you achieved a specific short- or long-term goal? Then you should reward yourself for your self-discipline. Knowing that your decisiveness pays off, boosts your confidence and will also make future decisions - big or small - much easier!

Vegan example: In the meantime, the vegan lifestyle has become a habit for me. During the changeover phase, however, I rewarded myself with vegan sweets or other things that bring me joy.

Becoming more determined made easy!

Indecision is brutal - when it grips you, you become a pawn in the game of circumstances. Others then make the decision for you - and unfortunately that doesn't always end well!

I hope that my tips will help you to fight your indecisiveness. However, I have one final tip: if you are absolutely stuck, ask an (outsider) who can make a decision extremely quickly! A person who doesn't sugarcoat anything, who looks at everything soberly, honestly and neutrally, and who doesn't beat around the bush.

Do you have any questions or suggestions about this post on decisive action? Then just write me a comment.

Stay decisive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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