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Wood sweeping set


  • Wood sweeping set for plastic free household
  • Galvanized stainless steel dustpan and wooden sweeping broom
  • Sweeping broom with natural fibers
  • Plastic-free from the packaging to the sweeping set
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With the natural wood sweeping set without plastic sweeping, sweeping and cleaning becomes one step more sustainable. The two-piece, environmentally friendly sweeping set consists of a wooden sweeping broom with natural fibers and a stainless steel dustpan. The wooden hand brush fits comfortably in the hand and performs its task reliably as expected.

There are many reasons to give up plastic and the possibilities to replace plastic products are now huge. The eco-friendly sweeping set is another way to make everyday life environmentally friendly. Due to the sustainable and sturdy materials, the sustainable sweeping set has a long life and thus ensures sustainability in the household. If you should part with the set at some point, the wooden hand brush is biodegradable and the stainless steel of the shovel is recyclable.

Both parts of the environmentally friendly sweeping set have a hole at the end of the handle, so you can hang up the shovel and broom practically. With the two-piece set you do in any case nothing wrong, whether for the garage, workshop or in everyday life in the home.

The set also looks better than the conventional plastic version, even though the design is certainly not the main focus.

The natural sweeping set with wooden hand broom and stainless steel shovel

  • Plastic free dustpan set
  • Environmentally friendly hand brush made from natural materials
  • Galvanized stainless steel dustpan
  • Biodegradable wood hand broom
  • Recyclable stainless steel dustpan

Live sustainably with the plastic free wooden sweeping set

Natural raw materials, biodegradable and with long life guarantee you a plastic-free and environmentally friendly cleaning. The Wooden hand brush gets into all nooks and crannies for thorough cleaning. If you like, you can order the sustainable sweeping set online here.


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