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Vegan is unmanly - Is that true?

Vegan is Unmanly - Is that true?

Again and again you hear from meat eaters the argument that vegan unmanly is. And that it simply comes across as more feminine when you multiply or feed exclusively on plants. But what is there to this argument? Or is it just a hypocritical and easily countered excuse for not having to change one's eating habits?

Now in this post I want to show you why vegetarianism and veganism are neither masculine nor feminine.

Is veganism unmanly?


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It is true that about 70 percent of vegans are female and only about 30 percent are male.₁ So women tend to be more vegan than men. It may also be the case that women are more likely to be vegan in terms of Environmental protection in everyday life are somewhat more active. And perhaps also that ecological behaviors usually come across as somewhat "softer" and more "feminine". Certainly, this perception is also based on the fact that hunting men fought mammoths in ancient times, when people still needed meat and fur to survive. But in the more recent past, it is mainly due to marketingthat many men reflexively justify their meat consumption with "vegan is unmanly. No wonder: in advertising, sizzling steaks on the grill have been drilled into us for decades that men need meat. Simply to become strong and powerful or to stay that way. Strongman Patrik Baboumian, for example, is living proof that you can get extremely strong without animal body parts. What's more, a balanced, vegan diet can also potency enhancing is because it counteracts high blood pressure due to malnutrition, for example.₂

So what's unmanly about standing up against ills in our society and living a healthy, sustainable lifestyle that doesn't involve sacrifice in the Factory farming demands and preserves the planet for its own offspring? You should not categorize sustainable and future-oriented action in general as male or female. But as smart or not smart. Whether man or woman - ultimately, through our daily behavior, we are all either part of the solution - or continue to be part of the problem ourselves. And for those who absolutely need a sizzling piece of meat on the grill to feel manly, there are now many plant-based meat substitutes that are absolutely comparable in appearance and taste.

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Being vegan is not unmanly

Vegan is unmanly - Is that true?

Neither the way of living nor the way of eating, is male or female. Considering animal ethics and non-existent need, as well as the health, environmental and social, it is either smart or not smart - or something in between. At most, gender plays a role in our minds for our own eating habits, which we have been indoctrinated with over decades by the advertising industry.

Do you have any questions about the post? Do you also find veganism unmanly or have you ever had experiences with this argument for eating meat? Then write me as always happy to a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: If you are not yet convinced of veganism, then definitely check out the Reasons for going vegan. And if you're in the mood for more debunked excuses from meat eaters, feel free to check out the post about the Humans at the top of the food chain over.

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