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Vegan on vacation tips for plantbased travel

Vegan on vacation - 10 tips for vegan travel

How to stay vegan on vacation - is that even possible? This challenge is faced every year by many vacationers who want to eat sustainably while traveling. The most important thing in advance: It is best to plan your vegan vacation a little in advance. This saves uncertainties and inconveniences and allows you to relax a bit more when traveling vegan - but there's more!

In this article I now share my best Vegan vacation tips with you so that this year on your sustainable journey nothing goes wrong.

Tip: In the article Veganism statistics you get comprehensive facts about the vegan diet.

Plan the vegan vacation properly

Vegan on vacation tips swimming pig

If you want to go on a vegan vacation, it makes sense to do some research beforehand. First, you should think about your vacation destination. Do you speak the local language? Are there traditional vegan dishes? Then you should think about the flight and your accommodation. You can also research on the Internet whether there are vegan restaurants or restaurants with vegan alternatives.

Find the right vacation destination for vegan vacation

If you want to go vegan on vacation, you should think about the right vacation destination beforehand. Would you rather go to the beach or to a big city? Which countries are particularly vegan-friendly? Here you get the most important tips and answers to such questions.

Vegan on vacation in the big city

If you feel like a vacation in a big city, the chances that you will find vegan restaurants are especially high. So eating vegan on vacation is usually not a problem in big cities. Especially vegan-friendly are Warsaw, Hamburg and Berlin. If you prefer it warmer, you can also start your trip in Barcelona or Rome spend. You'll find plenty of pet-friendly restaurants in both cities, and both Spanish and Italian cuisines use lots of fresh vegetables, so you should always be able to find something suitable.

The right vacation country for vegan vacation

Vegan vacations are particularly easy in countries that traditionally have many vegetarian or vegan dishes. These include in any case India, Taiwan or even Israel. It's best to inform yourself a bit about the country's cuisine beforehand. Look also suitably like times the article Make hummus yourself like in Israel an.

If you prefer to vacation in Europe, there are several options. In Italy or Spain you should find a good destination for your vegan vacation relatively easily. I can especially recommend Sicily.

Even in countries with relatively meat-heavy cuisines, such as GreeceIf you are a vegan, you should find what you are looking for. For example, if you combine a few appetizers. In Greece, for example, you could order gigantes (giant beans) and dolmades (rice-stuffed vine leaves). Ordering several appetizers can be a contingency plan when traveling vegan if you don't find any vegan dishes on the menu.

Flying vegan on vacation

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If you're flying on vacation and getting a meal on the flight, you can let the airline know ahead of time that you want vegan food. Unfortunately, not all Airlines vegan menus, but more are coming.

Of course, the easiest way is to take your own vegan snacks on the plane. This way you play it safe and reduce some waste. With a little preparation, even the plastic free flies no problem at all.

The right accommodation for the vegan vacation

If you want to go on a vegan vacation, you should also think about your accommodation. Would you rather stay in a hotel or on a campsite? Or how about an AirBnb? Is self-catering an option for you or do you want an all-inclusive package? Here, too, you should make a small plan in advance.

Vegan on vacation becomes especially easy when you have completely vegan accommodations. At Veggie Hotels you will find 100 % vegan accommodations. Of course, you can make it especially easy for yourself. Also in our sustainable travel portalthat in collaboration with booikitgreen you will find many vegan accommodations.

If you are going to a "normal" hotel, you can contact the hotel in advance and ask for vegan dining options. If you contact them in time, most hotels will certainly accommodate you. Of course, it's best to ask nicely before booking.

Another alternative is self-catering on vacation. Of course, this makes it particularly easy to eat vegan. Here AirBnb's, apartments or even campsites offer themselves. It's best to make sure that you have a refrigerator available before booking.

Here you can still get 25€ credit for your first registration at AirBnbif you feel like it.

Find vegan on vacation restaurants

Eating vegan on vacation becomes much easier with a little research in Much easier in advance. Then you can plan in advance where you want to eat. you want to eat.

If you don't have time to plan in advance, it's a good idea to take a look at the apps Happy Cow and Vanilla Bean download. Both apps list vegan restaurants or restaurants with vegan options. This way you can easily check which restaurants in your area offer vegan food. The two apps make it incredibly easy to travel vegan.

However, you can usually find a vegan meal in most restaurants without vegan food in most restaurants. My emergency restaurant order is simply a combination of several side dishes or appetizers and a salad. While you're at it check the dressing, of course, or ask if you can get a vegan dressing made dressing made with vinegar and oil (if it's not already available anyway). already exists).

So that nothing goes wrong in the restaurant, you can get yourself small cards on which it is written in the local language that you eat vegan or which foods you do not eat. Either you make the cards yourself, but you can also simply get a "Vegan Passport" get

With a little bit of planning in advance, eating vegan on vacation becomes so absolutely unproblematic. Often, with a little research, I have always found really really good restaurants. And with the Vegan Passport you can make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Vegan on the road with self-sufficiency

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Eating vegan on vacation is of course especially easy when you cater for yourself. You can either only eat vegan on the road or also in your accommodation.

If you want to eat vegan while on vacation, the first place you should go is a supermarket or a fruit and vegetable market. Here you will find a good basic supply for your excursions. Also pack a Stainless steel box and cutlery with you, so you can pack and eat your food sustainably on the road. In the spirit of the Zero Waste Lifestyle even.

If you are vegan on the road, foods that keep you full for a long time are a good choice. For on the road I think especially of nuts and dates, both of which have many calories and make you full for a long time. A nut-date mix you can easily make yourself and store in a Storage tin store. In addition, you can also pack dried fruit, granola bars and rice cakes.

Vegan self catering in the accommodation

Vegan travel is especially easy when you take care of yourself. On the first day of your vacation, it's best to head to the supermarket and buy a basic supply for a vegan breakfast and vegan snacks for the road. Especially in southern countries, you can find many fresh and unpacked foods at fruit and vegetable markets.

In the evening, you can simply cook yourself in your accommodation. For the end of your day trip, I recommend that you quickly go to a supermarket to buy something for your last meal of the day. On a vegan camping vacation you can definitely take a small grill with you, so that you can also relax in the evening. vegan barbecue simply by following your heart.

If you take care of yourself, it will certainly work out with the vegan diet on vacation. You have to take care of a little more than usual, but you will definitely save some money.

Vegan on vacation with package tours

Vegan on vacation tips beach

Meanwhile there are also organizers for vegan package tours. If you simply don't want to worry about anything on your vegan vacation, a package tour is a good choice. With Vegan travel you will find, for example, vegan and also as sustainable as possible package tours to South America or Africa.

Take it easy when things don't work out

If you are traveling as a vegan and also try to reduce waste or plastic, it can of course happen that something does not work out. In many countries, the awareness for veganism and plastic reduction is not yet as pronounced as it is here.

Especially in southern European countries, I have often had the experience that almost every fruit and vegetable in supermarkets is packed in plastic. Don't let this spoil your vacation. After all, you can't do everything perfectly in today's world, and especially on vacation you shouldn't put everything on the gold scale.

You can not always 100% understand whether your food was really cooked completely vegan. Sometimes you may notice afterwards that it was not 100% vegan. You can't change that anyway, so don't make yourself crazy and rather enjoy your vacation.

With the Vegan Passport but really nothing should go wrong 😉 .

Vegan on vacation - is that possible?

Vegan on vacation tips for plantbased travel

With the right preparation, it will definitely work out! For the perfect accommodation on your vegan vacation, you should just do a little more research at the beginning. Of course, the same applies to the selection of your vacation destination.

If self-catering while traveling is something for you, that definitely makes vegan nutrition on vacation easier. It's best to always think of snacks when you're vegan on the road and you're often overcome by spontaneous hunger. Otherwise, you can always find vegan restaurants near you with Happy Cow or Vanilla Bean.

I wish you a wonderful and vegan vacation!

All the best,

Julian from CareElite

P.S.: Maybe you are also interested in Nutrition and environment or how you can Making nutrition more sustainable can. Then feel free to check out the linked articles. Have fun!

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