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In this Technology Blog you'll learn everything you need to know about environmentally friendly use of energy, digitization, apps and technology. It's important to take advantage of today's digital opportunities in order to save Environmental problems of our time counteract.

You'll find a good place to start with these blog posts:

Why a technology blog about sustainability is important

This technology blog is intended to help our society consume less energy and live in a more resource-efficient way. Because, as you probably know, high energy consumption in our current electricity mix results in massive CO2 emissions - especially from electricity generated by coal-fired power plants. This exacerbates environmental problems such as the global warming and also the air pollution. In order for us to learn to use the latest technology - such as smartphones and laptops - in the most environmentally friendly way possible, such technology blogs are important. But he blog is also there to educate that technical devices should be used as wisely as possible.

Why I am an eco-friendly technology blogger

I am a sustainable technology blogger, because I sense that increasing energy consumption will pose extreme challenges to our society and especially to our environment in the short or medium term. Streaming services are bursting at the seams - and we have to learn all the more that Using the Internet sustainably. If, for example, our electricity mix does not change as quickly as possible in the direction of renewable energies, then it will be impossible to achieve the climate targets that have been set. With the technology or energy blog I would like to create therefore also for a clear consciousness opposite the use of the Internet. And now have fun with the blog!

PS: If you have any questions or suggestions about the tech-heavy blog posts, just leave a comment!