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At Mobility Blog you can learn everything about sustainable mobility and the traffic of the future. Whether it's cars, trains or planes - here I take a critical look at them. And write about the opportunities and problems of sustainability in our way of getting from A to B.

You're off to a good start with these posts from the traffic blog:

Why a "Sustainable Mobility Blog" is important

In my opinion, a blog about the mobility of the future plays a important role in the acceptance of an alternative and more environmentally friendly way of transportation in our society. Walk instead of e-scooter, bike instead of car and train instead of plane. We must not make the mistake of putting flying on a par with taking the bus. The airplane should be an exceptional means of transportation and not a matter of course, just because you can afford it. Question, put the brakes on a bit and do something good for the environment. That is why a mobility blog is extremely important for the development of sustainable mobility in our society.

Why I blog about sustainable mobility

As you may know, I have been personally involved for several years in the fight against the Environmental problems of our time one. This also includes, for example, the air pollution and the global warming. These problems are massively exacerbated by traffic. Be it the increasing air travel or the extreme congestion on the roads. It is important to relieve the traffic on the road a bit and to make train travel more attractive. And that's exactly why I decided to become a mobility blogger. Now I wish you a lot of fun on the Mobiltiätsblog!

PS: If you have questions, tips or suggestions, then you can simply leave a comment under the respective post.