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Make car more environmentally friendly - What to do?

Making your car more environmentally friendly - 10 tips for a more sustainable car

You want to make your car more environmentally friendly? Then that's simply a great attitude! You should have your car serviced and checked regularly - that's obvious. But apart from this general advice, what can you do to ensure that it doesn't pollute the environment too much? Fortunately, there are always small and large adjustments you can make to make your car more sustainable.

In this article, I would like to give you some practical tips on how to make your car as environmentally friendly as possible, even if it is an older model.

In advance you will find here a short Table of contents about the contribution:

  1. Retrofitting soot particle filters
  2. Pay attention to the tire pressure
  3. Clean or replace catalyst
  4. Converting to an electric car
  5. Remove roof rack
  6. Avoid unnecessary electronics
  7. Rent car to others
  8. Have fault memory read out
  9. Remove unnecessary ballast from the car
  10. Environmentally friendly and car-friendly use

10 tips & ideas: How to make an (old) car more environmentally friendly?

Of course, it is particularly sustainable not to use the car at all. But one or two people are certainly dependent on the car (at least in some situations). As promised, here are some valuable eco-tips for your car! And don't worry: not all of them cost money - and some will even save you unexpected costs in the future! Let's go!

1. retrofit soot particle filter

A soot particle filter is used to reduce the particles present in the exhaust gas of diesel engines. By retrofitting ityou can specifically reduce increased emissions of harmful particulate matter, which, for example, contribute to the climate change or for general air pollution Contribute.

Additional Tip: A dirty air filter can also lead to higher fuel consumption, which is why you can make your car more environmentally friendly simply by cleaning it regularly. Simply knock it off and vacuum it out, and it will also last much longer.

2. pay attention to the tire pressure

Checking tire pressure on the car for more environmental compatibility

Maybe you know it from the Bicycle ride: The higher the tire pressure, the faster and less strenuous it gets you from A to B. Your car is no different. If you want to make your car more environmentally friendly, you should definitely check the tire pressure regularly.

This should preferably not 0.5 bar below the manufacturer's recommendation lie. Ultimately, your tires will last longer, as the lower friction means less wear. Microplastics arises. In addition, fuel consumption is significantly lower.

Tip: Fuel can also be saved by using low-friction tires and low-friction oils, as the frictional resistance of the engine is reduced!

3. clean or replace catalyst

A defective or only slightly functional catalytic converter inhibits the performance of the engine. For example, your car accelerates noticeably slower as a result. Increasing background noise also indicates that you'd better get a get new catalyst or that the "cat" should be professionally replaced, cleaned or repaired.

4. conversion to an electric car

More and more people are having their old gasoline or diesel engine fitted with an electric motor in order to with green electricity charged at home to be more environmentally friendly on the road. There are now even start-ups that specialize in converting classic car models to the age of electric cars. In principle, any model can be converted.

Notice: Compared to many of the other tips in this article, converting to an electric car is certainly the most expensive. However, you will be exempt from vehicle tax for 10 years, for example.

5. remove the roof rack

If you have a roof rack on your car and don't need it every day, you should remove it. The additional weight and the air resistance when driving are actually detrimental to the environmental friendliness of your car.

6. avoid unnecessary electronics

The more electronics, the more gasoline it needs to generate energy and due to the additional weight. Therefore, try to reduce the electronic devices in the car to a minimum and do without fat sound systems or a constantly running air conditioning system.

7. rent car to others

Make car more environmentally friendly through rental

You can use your car flexibly and private to friends or also officially lend to other people via sharing platforms. With the latter idea you can even save money through sustainable behavior or take.

Either way: The more people share the carthe more sustainable it is in the end, as fewer people have to buy their own car.

8. have the fault memory read out

Is the check engine light flashing? Then you should head straight to the workshop of your choice. But even if no light is onit can make sense to regularly read out your car's fault memory in order to detect and rectify faults or technical defects.

With the help of a On-board diagnostics mechanics can then monitor all systems that influence exhaust emissions while the car is in operation and provide further information on which problems or behaviors may have a negative impact on average fuel consumption.

9. remove unnecessary ballast from the car

Your car should not become a storage location for Beer crates, cardboard boxes, sports bags or garbage can be converted. Just make sure that you don't cart around any unnecessary ballast in your car to make it even more environmentally friendly. That way you can save a liter or two of fuel in the long run.

Tip: In fact, the use of a car is even more environmentally friendly if the driver also works on his or her weight and drop a few pounds in a healthy way lets. 😉

10. environmentally friendly and car-friendly use

Making the car itself environmentally friendly is one thing - using it ecologically is another. Here are some eco-tips that can help you:

  • Avoid car trips
  • No full throttle
  • Upshift early enough
  • Carpool

The list is basically endless. In the article about sustainable driving I will give and explain all the important tips. Have fun with the implementation!

Every car can be made a little more environmentally friendly with the simplest of means!

Man repairing car

So even an older car can be made even more environmentally friendly - and by simple means! I hope that the tips in this article will help you, save you unexpected repair costs and extend the life of your vehicle by a few years.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or further advice? Then I look forward to your comment under this article.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Look you with pleasure still something in the sustainable mobility blog around! There you can find out, for example, where you can get to work as environmentally friendly as possible. Have fun!

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