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Rope skipping benefits - 10 reasons why you should train with a skipping rope.

Rope skipping benefits - Why to train with jumping ropes?

What are the advantages of jumping rope? Surely you know it from your childhood! Jumping rope is a fun form of play that can be done practically anywhere. Whether alone or with several people: The fun factor is extremely high - and it is also healthy. Today, even competitive athletes like to use jumping ropes to improve their fitness and intensify their training. According to sports physicians and scientists, it is worth taking a closer look at the benefits of training with jumping ropes.

In this article, I want to do just that and show you why you should jump rope more often in the future! Let's go!

Here are the main reasons at a glance:

  1. Jumping rope is fun
  2. Promotes musculature, endurance and motor skills
  3. Increases resilience and elasticity
  4. Environmentally friendly fitness training
  5. Flexible and independent training
  6. Ideal sports unit for weight loss
  7. Quickly visible training result
  8. Save money with rope skipping
  9. The training is extremely effective
  10. Suitable for people of all ages

The 10 best reasons for training with a jump rope

A rolling stone gathers no moss. And if you move, you burn calories. Of course, you can sign up at a gym to actively do something for your body. But for many sports enthusiasts, it boils down to the fact that although the monthly fees are paid, the motivation to work out is not maintained in the long term.

Overcrowded gyms, inconvenient opening hours, long commutes. and many other disadvantages of classic fitness studios cause numerous members to skip their workouts and look for alternatives instead. This is one of the reasons why rope skipping has become a real trend that people of all ages are getting carried away with. As promised, I will now briefly and compactly present all the main advantages.

Tip: How you basically train easier at home and which few devices and objects are recommended for this apart from the skipping rope, you will find out in a separate article.

1. it is fun!

Jumping rope advantages: it's fun

The most important reason for using jumping ropes is certainly the fun factor. If you feel like doing some sports but don't necessarily want to go to the gym, all you have to do is get out the ropes - and you're ready to go. The more fun you have jumping rope, the longer and more intense your workouts will be. This in turn pushes the figure shaping effect and improves the general well-being.

2. promotes musculature, endurance and motor skills

Jumping rope strengthens muscle tissue, promotes endurance and has a positive effect on your motor skills. The communication between brain, wrists and muscles improves sustainably. Strength, speed and coordination are successively trained by the even cadence. The required footwork, improved posture and increased jumping power are further advantages of fitness training with the skipping rope.

3. increases resilience and elasticity

It is scientifically proven that the resilience and elasticity of the leg muscles increases through regular rope skipping. The fascia and tendon tissue is also strengthened. This, in turn, provides better protection for the plantar and archilles tendons. Jumping rope also increases your bone density and strengthens muscles, ligaments and tendons. Last but not least, this makes you less prone to foot and ankle injuries.

4. environment friendly fitness training

Basically, you can use a jump rope extremely train environmentally friendly. How sustainable your training actually is depends, of course, what material your skipping rope is made of, how carefully you handle it and where you use it.

For example, get a Jump rope made from recycled PET bottles with wooden handles from sustainable forests*. The longer you keep it functional and use it, the more sustainable it is. Also, be careful not to leave any damage in the natural environment where it is used.

5. train flexibly and independently

As indicated in the previous tip, you are extremely flexible with your rope. You can use it in your own home or garden and just as well in a park or meadow use. Transportation is also uncomplicated, since you simply only have to carry your rope and no heavy weights or equipment for your workout. These advantages of rope skipping make it finally independent of time, weather and location. Minimalist fitness at its best!

6. ideal for weight loss

Experience shows that those who regularly swing the ropes benefit in the medium and long term from tighter curves, a more muscular body and a defined silhouette. Why? Jumping rope is one of the most effective sports for burning fat. It is said that depending on the intensity of the exercises approx. 10-13 kilocalories burned per minute can be. The benefits in fat loss make the skipping rope as an ideal partner for healthy weight loss.

7. it is extremely effective!

5 minutes with jump rope is about as effective as running a distance of around 1.5 kilometers. Fat burning is supported and muscle building is stimulated: a 15-minute training session burns up to 250 calories. In the afterburn effect, often even up to 300 additional calories are burned. Compared to other sports, you can achieve your training goal with rope skipping in the following ways achieve very quickly and with little resources.

8. quickly visible training result

Since you are training with your jump rope really train all muscle groupsYou will feel and see the first results after only a few regularly performed exercises. Ideally, you combine your sessions with a balanced healthy diet to reach your training goals even faster.

Tip: If you want to become more muscular and wiry, a healthy and protein-rich diet in combination with sports activity is essential. How you as Vegan muscle building you can read in detail in the linked article.

9. save cash

A really good jump rope costs about 25-30 euros, really lasts an eternity and saves you the expensive (or often unused) membership fees at the gym. Away from the rope is No further special equipment needed. You only need a suitably large space for training and possibly a floor mat. For women, of course, a sports bra is also recommended to counteract the high impact load and support the chest.

Aside from these one-time purchases at the beginning, jumping rope is probably one of the cheapest sportsthat exist.

10. suitable for people of all ages

Rope skipping offers benefits at any age

Rope skipping is ideal for any fitness level and is very quick to learn. People of all ages can really start doing this simple but highly effective sport overnight. It strengthens the heart, improves breathing and enhances the sense of rhythm. The abdomen, legs and buttocks are also toned with regular training. No more reason to hesitate - Practice makes perfect. 🙂

Closing Tip: When selecting the Skipping Ropes depends, among other things, on the length. If you stand with your feet in the middle of the rope and then take the rope handles in your hands, the rope is briefly tightened. If the handles reach up to the chest in this position, the rope length is optimal.

Get really fit by jumping rope regularly!

Jumping rope is definitely one of the cheapest, most effective, healthiest, fun and sustainable sports you can choose. It doesn't require expensive membership fees, travel, or even heavy weights to get started. Constantly exercising with a jump rope is extremely healthy, helps you lose weight and reduces your risk of physical ailments. Now is a great time to start.

Do you have questions, tips or interesting exercises for our community? Then I look forward to your comment!

Stay fit and healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: You generally want healthier living? Then be sure to read my tips for it now. Have fun with the implementation!

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