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Habits of successful people

10 Habits of Millionaires and Successful People I Wish I'd Known Earlier

Would you like to get to know the habits of millionaires and happy, successful people? Then you've come to the right place! A large-scale study has shown that almost 70 percent of all millionaires have achieved their financial wealth through their own efforts.₁ Money isn't everything - we can certainly agree on that. But many of these people have one or two inspiring habits in common that we should adopt.

I would therefore like to compile the most valuable habits of successful people for you here. I am sure that they will make you more successful in whatever you are passionate about.

Notice: This article has little to do with sustainability, I know. But the tips and habits will help us all to achieve our goals (for example in our commitment to environmental protection) more quickly.

10 habits of successful people that can enrich your life

Exercise, eat healthily, get plenty of sleep, get up early... these are easy habits to get into that are an important basis for long-term success in life. But the tips I would like to give you now go beyond that. Let's go!

1. write down thoughts

You have goals in life? Then write them down. Whether short, medium or long term. It doesn't matter! If you want to successfully complete a project or a challenge, you must constantly have the goal in mind.

Or do you have an idea that adds value for you, our environment, animals or other people? Then write it down. No matter what comes to mind. When you unload your thoughts in writing, you really free yourself from unnecessary stress - without anything being forgotten.

2. focus on producing instead of consuming

Successful people focus on producing rather than consuming when they have free time. That doesn't mean you can never watch a movie again - but the The focus should be on the further development of one's own skills or the fulfillment of a desired goal. Instead, for example, read a book on a new topic for an hour every day before you go to sleep. Focus on your personal growth - because this is a habit of successful people.

3. spend time with other successful people

Habits of successful people - Networking

You are the average of the people you spend most of your time with. If you spend every free day with drug addicts or gambling addicts, it probably won't be long before you develop an addiction yourself. If you regularly surround yourself with successful people, you will also be more successful yourself.

One of the habits of millionaires, for example, is to drink regularly. Networking. In addition, almost all successful people have a Friend or mentorwith whom they can discuss their goals and from whom they can also learn a lot.

4. see criticism as an opportunity

Very few self-made millionaires see criticism as a bad thing. On the contrary: Criticism that is taken seriously is the breeding ground for long-term success. A promising habit is therefore, Requesting feedback for your own ideas and activitiesto find out where further potential for improvement lies dormant. Nobody does everything perfectly - but it's great to constantly get a little closer to this status.

5. use a calendar for organization

Not only thoughts and goals, but Daily appointments and plans can be written down. It's best to collect and organize them in a (digital) calendar. This also helps you to stay calm when your head is gradually bursting with appointments. Successful people also use a calendar to set themselves reminders and get closer to their goals, step by step.

6. take breaks

Take a break in the hammock

At first glance, taking breaks does not seem to be a typical activity for successful people. But Bill Gates, for example, is one of the billionaires who takes a whole week off once a year (Think Week) take time in isolation to reflect and find out if they are still on the right path to achieving their goals.

Successful people also generally take the time to recharge their batteries and recharge their batteries in order to achieve their goals.

7. breaking new ground that not everyone takes

Do you know how the idea of the shopping cart came about? The owner of a small grocery store noticed that people were coming to the checkout with their hands full - and that they simply couldn't carry any more shopping. To encourage people to buy more, he provided shopping carts. But no one knew what benefit they had. It wasn't until he paid volunteers to drive around the store for days with a full cart that the behavior was adopted by other customers (by force of habit).

What I'm saying is that successful people don't go with the flow and jump up when there's hype somewhere. They do things that are different from the norm - and think "around the corner".

8. they engage voluntarily in society

We agree that it is possible to be financially successful with a company that exploits people or harms the environment to an extreme degree, right? Of course, that is not our goal - but fortunately, such companies are not successful in the long term. Fortunately, one of the habits of many consistently successful people is to also Knowing the other side of the coin. Voluntary work for social organizations - or in lower-ranking positions in your own company - provides the necessary amount of empathy and respect for long-term success. So many entrepreneurs in particular broaden their horizons - and can therefore make decisions that benefit more than just themselves.

9. you are positive

Successful people are flexible and open to new things. They don't grumble for long, but constantly adapt their plans to new circumstances and findings. After all, you can't think negatively and expect positive things. That simply doesn't work. Destructiveness would only have the corrosive side effect that nothing new would come of it.

10. you set clear goals and pursue them

Successful people have the focus on their goal

When are you actually successful? I think you are successful when you can do the things you set out to do between getting up and going to sleep. As mentioned earlier in the text, one of the habits of successful people is that they set themselves clear, measurable goals that they pursue every day. Their actions lead them ever closer to the point at which they reach it. As long as the goal makes sense, they don't give up.

Take the habits of successful people to heart for your own success

It is no coincidence or luck when someone achieves success through their own efforts. Whether you become a billionaire or a millionaire, convince 100 people to become vegan or go vegan for 10 days in a row cold showered In the end, successes - whether big or small - are the result of your own willpower.

I hope that these habits of successful people have given you some additional inspiration for achieving your goals. Do you have any questions or other habits worth emulating? Then feel free to write me a comment.

Stay hungry for success,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Many strive for financial success. Be sure to check out the post on "Saving money through sustainability" to find out why a sustainable lifestyle is anything but expensive.

₁ WEALTH-X: Ultra Wealthy Population Analysis: The World Ultra Wealth Report 2019, available at [14.01.2021].

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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