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Improve gut health - 12 tips for a healthy gut

Improve gut health - The best tips for a healthy bowel

Want to know how to improve your gut health and optimize your gut flora? Then you've come to the right place! The intestine, which is about seven meters long in adults, is the most important part of our digestive tract. Since it is responsible for the chemical breakdown of our food, the absorption of nutrients and the excretion of food residues, it is one of the vital organs of our body as a digestive tract. It also regulates the water balance of our body and serves as a defense against pathogens. These are pretty good reasons to specifically promote your own intestinal health, don't you think?

In this article, I would like to give you some useful tips for keeping your bowels healthy and protecting them. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Take in lots of fiber and avoid gluten
  2. Massage your belly
  3. Ensure movement in everyday life
  4. Take probiotics
  5. Take natural enzymes to you
  6. Reduce consumption of meat and dairy products
  7. Drink enough liquid
  8. Enjoy alcohol and soft drinks only in moderation
  9. Avoid processed products
  10. Ensure a balanced diet
  11. Distinguish good and bad fats
  12. Do not overeat and chew well

1. consume a lot of fiber and avoid gluten

Broccoli - Improve intestinal health with a gluton-free diet

Dietary fiber not only keeps you full longer, it is also good for your intestines. However, you should use less bran or coarse whole grain baked goods made from wheat, rye, barley or oats, as these are less digestible due to gluten.

If you want to boost your gut health, consume better-tolerated fiber, which can No gluten contain. These foods include wild rice, fruits and vegetables such as peas, beans, lentils, broccoli, carrots, peppers, sauerkraut, buckwheat, berries, apples and bananas, as well as flax and chia seeds and coconut flour. With these foods alone, you can conjure up numerous recipes.

2. massage your belly

An abdominal massage is quickly done by yourself and can lead to a strong improvement in bowel function. The best way to do this is to get started with it right after getting upto prevent digestive problems. For example, start with stroking movements - crosswise and lengthwise - over your abdominal wall and then continue the massage with circular movements. After a short time you will feel the first results.

3. provide exercise in everyday life

It's no secret: exercise is good for your body - and, of course, for your gut. The physical activity stimulates digestionwhich allows the intestines to work faster and more efficiently. To do this, you should exercise regularly, use the stairs instead of the elevator or take a lunch break more often. Take a walk.

4. take probiotics

As soon as the intestinal flora is attacked by harmful substances due to, for example, an unbalanced, poor diet or certain medications, it can be very difficult to rebuild it without goal-oriented support.

If this is the case, you should turn to high-quality probiotics. These are prepared, viable microorganisms, such as lactic acid bacteria or yeasts. The most suitable is a Combination of liquid probiotics and probiotics in enteric-coated capsules. The liquids thereby ensure an optimized intestinal environment and the capsules for a permanent settlement of the probiotics.₁.

5. take natural enzymes

To protect your intestines, you can take in natural enzymes. Their quantity in the intestine decreases naturally with age. Therefore, it is advisable to buy natural enzyme preparations that support digestion. These can include Lipases, cellulases, protease, amylases, bromelain or also lactase contain

They are all useful for different purposes. Lipases, for example, promote fat digestion, cellulases the digestibility of raw foods, proteases protein digestion, amylases carbohydrate digestion and lactase the digestion of lactose.

6. reduce consumption of meat and dairy products

Animal fats promote the proliferation of bad bacteria in our intestines. For this reason, for example, you should not eat any red meat at all, or at least considerably less, or eat high-fat cheeses, butter or lard. If you want to optimize your intestinal flora, you increase if possible on pure herbal food around. At the same time, you can also remove unwanted, nutritional diseases prevent.

7. drink enough liquid

Keeping the intestine healthy with sufficient fluids

If you want to improve your gut health, be sure to make sure you're getting enough of drink a lot of water. Depending on the sporting activity, is generally recommended to At least 3 liters of liquid advised. I personal drink because of the many advantages, especially tap water. But especially for a healthy intestine is also suitable bread drink, which provides beneficial bacteria.

As an alternative, you can of course prepare teas. Especially unsweetened herbal teas is a wonderful way to keep the intestines healthy. With the intake of sufficient liquid you promote your digestion and ensure optimal functioning of all organs, as well as the elimination of toxins from the body.

Tip: Do you find the water from the tap too boring? Then be sure to check out my article on the topic of "Making tap water tastier" in. Cheers!

8. enjoy alcohol and soft drinks only in moderation

To keep your intestines healthy, it's better to stay away from alcoholic beverages and sugary soft drinks - or at least consume less of them. Alcohol is a toxin that boosts the production of stomach acid and digestive problems favored.

In addition, alcoholic beverages, just like classic sodas, are usually loaded with plenty of industrial sugar. Found food for your intestinal bacteria, which must break down the food and produce gas.

9. avoid processed products

Ready meals in particular often contain many additives and preservativeswhich can have a negative effect on the intestines and digestion. In addition, many people do not tolerate these additives anyway. Therefore, it is better to use natural foods that are free of unknown additives and improve your intestinal health. In addition, these contain more micronutrients and can not cause excess acidity in the intestine.

10. provide a balanced diet

A balanced diet with a Variety from fruit and vegetables ensures that you can build up a healthy intestinal flora in the long term. Especially the contained Antioxidants can protect your intestines. Therefore, your diet should be as colorful as possible so that you can benefit from it. As I said, try to eat a gluten-free, fresh, vegan and plant-based diet as much as possible.

Tip: Are we humans carnivores, omnivores, or herbivores? In the linked article, I explain to you why our bodies are optimally "built" to process and digest plant foods.

11. distinguish good and bad fats

There are saturated and unsaturated fatty acids - and in principle both are important for our health. However, the ratio should be 1:2 for saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. The problem is that often only saturated fatty acids are found in finished and animal products, and for most people the ratio is reversed.

The unsaturated fatty acids are mainly found in vegetable oils contain, which is why they should be integrated into many meals. These fatty acids with Omega-3 and Omega-6, have a supportive effect on your intestines.

12. do not overeat and chew well

Eat lighter to improve intestinal flora

Nature has cleverly arranged it so that our body lets us feel when it needs food or has already received enough. You should listen to this signal and thus Intuitive food in your everyday life.

In addition, it is advisable, Eat slowly and chew your meals well. They are then easier to digest because the digestive enzymes can do their job better in a particularly mushy form.

Tip: By the way, you can get further useful advice in the detailed specialist guidebook "Go for it, gut!" from Carimera.

Improve intestinal health made easy!

If you want to prevent intestinal diseases and promote the health of your intestines, there are countless options available to you. There are some things you should prioritize and others you should avoid. For example, eat a fresh, plant-based diet, be physically active, but avoid alcoholic and sugary foods and beverages as much as possible.

I sincerely hope that I can help you achieve a healthier gut with this article. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips? Then just write me a short comment.

Stay healthy,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: I have also given you a detailed article on the subject of Alcohol abstinence has been written. In it, I explain the reasons for not drinking alcohol or drinking significantly less alcohol and give you tips on how to implement them.

₁ C. Rehberg: Healthy gut, 12 effective tips (as of Aug. 24, 2022), available at [11.10.2022].

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