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Biohotels in Germany - These are the best sustainable hotels

The 8 best organic hotels in Germany

Have you heard that Organic hotels in Germany are becoming increasingly popular? An organic hotel is a sustainable hotel whose products and facilities come from certified organic farming. The regional focus is particularly important for organic hotels, making a truly sustainable vacation possible. I am glad that there are more and more of these biohotels in Germany and think that they are particularly suitable for relaxation and inspiration. The distance to the organic hotels from the list below is very short for us, which makes the vacation all the more sustainable. You can reach all the hotels very easily by train, so you can do without a car. Organic hotels are awarded special seals if they meet all the requirements. These 8 organic hotels from Germany (from north to south) stand for sustainability like no other hotel.

The best organic hotels in northern Germany

There are now also several organic hotels in the north. The sea offers ideal conditions for a relaxing nature vacation. Here I have listed the 2 best organic hotels in the north of Germany!

Biohotel Miramar in North Frisia


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The Organic Hotel Miramar is the first organic hotel in Schleswig-Holstein and is located directly on the North Sea, on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. The meals at the Biohotel are regional and seasonal and provide an ideal basis for so-called therapeutic fasting. The Biohotel has its own Ayurveda and cosmetics area. The hotel is also ideal for couples. From relaxation to active vacations, everything is possible in this North Frisian organic hotel.

Advantages of the Biohotel Miramar?

  • Regional meals
  • Very good organic hotel for couples
  • Directly at the North Sea (Wadden Sea)

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Biohotel Gutshaus Parin at the Baltic Sea

Between meadows and fields you will find the Organic Hotel Gutshaus Parin / Stellshagendirectly on the Baltic Sea. As you can see in the picture, the hotel's park is incredibly idyllic and natural. Due to its proximity to the sea, this organic hotel is also ideal for really switching off. The food is 100 % organic from the hotel's own farm and no fish or meat is served. The organic hotel also has a team of naturopaths and masseurs on board. You can also get plenty of exercise with a bike tour along the Baltic Sea. The Biohotel is very idyllic and is perfect for a couple's vacation.

Advantages of the Biohotel Gutshaus Parin / Stellshagen?

  • Ideal for vegetarians & vegans
  • Idyllic and romantic for couples
  • Directly on the Baltic Sea

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The best organic hotels in the middle of Germany

Also in the center of Germany more and more biohotels can be found. Under this tab I have rated all organic hotels from the west, center and east of Germany. You can find the 2 best organic hotels in the following list.

Biohotel Sturm in the Rhön

I studied near the Rhön mountains, so I know exactly how beautiful it is there. The Biohotel Sturm is located on the outskirts of the town of Mellrichstadt. With its own swimming pond, garden with fresh fruit and a large spa area, the Biohotel Sturm creates a truly relaxing nature experience. Sustainability is really important here and all materials are sourced locally. This organic hotel is also very idyllic and romantic, making it ideal for couples.

Advantages of the Biohotel Sturm?

  • Very sustainable, exclusively regional sourcing
  • Spacious wellness spa
  • Experience nature in the Rhön

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Schmilka organic retreat in Saxon Switzerland

The Bio-Refugium is the only one of its kind in Saxon Switzerland. It includes several organic hotels. Nature offers incredible experiences here, and you can go on wonderful hikes right next to the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The Biohotels and the Bio-Refugium have their own brewery and a historic mill. The Bio-Refugium has its own wellness center and sauna. It is simply a unique experience for a reasonable price.

Advantages of the Schmilka bio-refuge?

  • Ideal for bicycle travel
  • Perfect hiking vacation (Elbe Sandstone Mountains)
  • Wellness & Relaxation

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The best organic hotels in southern Germany

Most of the organic hotels in Germany are located in the south. After a lot of research, I have put together a list of the four best organic hotels in the south of Germany.

Organic Hotel Tannerhof in Bavaria

The Tannerhof is a really cool organic hotel in Bavaria that is perfect for you if you want to experience nature. The hotel is surrounded by mountains, forests, rivers and meadows with cattle and sheep. With the individual huts (small towers), the hotel looks like a small village in the middle of nature. I haven't been there myself yet, but the guest feedback shows that this organic hotel is the ideal place to really switch off. With wellness, sports facilities and a pool, the Biohotel has everything you need. The prices vary slightly depending on the room in the Biohotel, so it's best to take a look.

Advantages of the Biohotel Tannerhof?

  • Ideal retreat to switch off
  • Perfect conditions for losing weight
  • Wellness oasis with sports offer

Organic Hotel Burgunderhof at Lake Constance

The Organic Hotel Burgunderhof is a winery that borders directly on the vineyards. You can chill out on the sun loungers outside. Be sure to check out the pool too. This organic hotel on Lake Constance is pretty cool for couples, as it creates a very romantic ambience. The Biohotel is also ideal for a pregnancy vacation, as the wellness concept is tailored to parents-to-be.

Advantages of the Biohotel Burgunderhof?

  • Perfect for a romantic nature vacation
  • Very good for allergy sufferers (pet-free organic hotel)
  • Ideal for parents-to-be

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Organic Hotel Pausnhof in Bavaria


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The Organic Hotel Pausnhof is the first organic hotel in Germany and is located right next to the Bavarian Forest National Park. The Biohotel stands for 100% Bio and relies on materials typical of the region. The meals come from the hotel's own farm and with the wellness area and the natural surroundings of the national park, the Biohotel is ideal for healthy relaxation and new inspiration.

Advantages of the Biohotel Pausnhof?

  • Pure Nature, 100% Organic!
  • Ideal to relax and recharge your batteries
  • Perfectly coordinated & minimalist interior

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Organic Hotel Falkenhof in Bavaria

The Organic Hotel Falkenhof stands for vitality and physical relaxation. With its saltwater pool and its own thermal spa with thermal water, the Biohotel is ideal for a good boost of vitality and relaxation. The food is also VeganVegetarian, fish & meat varied and super natural. After your time in this organic hotel, you will definitely be a relaxation monster!

Advantages of the Biohotel Falkenhof?

  • Perfect to gather new energy
  • Ideal for physical recovery
  • Versatile, fresh cuisine (vegan, vegetarian, fish & meat)

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Organic hotels in Germany

I am pleased to see the trend towards more and more organic hotels in Germany. This is a good sign that sustainability and sustainable living are becoming increasingly important. For organic hotels, the regional sourcing of food is particularly important, the Avoiding waste and the connection to nature are at the forefront. Every organic hotel has its own charm. Depending on the purpose of your stay, there is now a really large selection of organic hotels in Germany. Of course, these 8 organic hotels are not all of them. I will continue to expand this list of German organic hotels and am also dependent on your help. Feel free to write me an email or a comment with your experiences in organic hotels and tell me your favorites.

Best regards,

Biohotel in Germany - These are the best organic hotels

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  2. Very useful to find a list of good organic hotels to book. I have been eating strictly organic for a few years now. Therefore, it is easiest for me to find an organic hotel for vacation.

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