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You want steady stay up to datemy work with CareElite and the topics of environmental protection and sustainability - and additionally by Discount codes at partner stores and other benefits? Then simply subscribe to my monthly newsletter now, briefly and free of charge. Your advantages at a glance:

  • 1x a month, free of charge and instructive
  • Regular Discount codes for sustainable stores
  • Tips & Inspiration from the CareElite Community
  • E-books and tips for a sustainable life
  • And much more!

So, where do you want me to send you the newsletter?

I promise to handle your data responsibly - and that you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Free newsletter for all who want to make a difference

This newsletter is for everyone who wants to actively contribute to the Preserve the planet for us and our children's and grandchildren's generations to be able to. I work daily with full commitment for it and take the time once a month to summarize all the news and tips & tricks for a most environmentally friendly and sustainable life of our society for you.

In this way, we can continually develop together and the greatest environmental problems of our timesuch as deforestation of the rainforests, climate change, factory farming, overfishing of the oceans or plastic waste in the environment.

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Frequently asked questions about the newsletter

I often hear questions about the newsletter. If you have a question on your mind right now, you can answer it with the help of the following FAQ's perhaps already answer directly yourself:

What can I expect from the newsletter?

At the beginning of the month you will receive a clear mail from me, which contains sustainable tips & tricks as well as the most important news from the field of environmental protection and sustainability.

Your advantages still at a glance:

  • 1x a month
  • Free of charge and instructive
  • Everything important in one clear e-mail
  • Regular Discount codes for sustainable stores
  • Tips & Inspiration from the CareElite Community
  • Free E-books and tips for a sustainable life
  • And much more!

What exactly is the newsletter about?

Basically, as always with CareElite, the newsletter is about tips & tricks for living as sustainably as possible. In this newsletter, I give you once a month an overview of the following, matching topics:

  • Blog post of the month
  • News of the month
  • Tip of the month
  • Action of the month
  • Job offer of the month
  • Product of the month
  • Statistics of the month
  • Quote of the month

This is the core of the newsletter, which may be expanded to include other important topics.

How often is the newsletter sent?

I send the newsletter once a month. I always try to send it on the first days of the new month to your registered email address.

Can I unsubscribe at any time?

Yes, in every email you have the chance to unsubscribe from my mailing list, should the topics of environmental protection and sustainability be uninteresting to you.

Does the newsletter cost anything?

No. The newsletter is absolutely free for you. With the tips from the emails and the discount codes for sustainable online stores, you can even save money sustainably.

What is meant by the additional email series?

I've designed a few 10-part email series through which you'll learn new things about a specific, forward-thinking lifestyle (e.g., veganism, zero waste, or sustainable living) every week. Each of these series is absolutely free - and starts the day after you sign up. You can learn more about them at free email series.

How can I subscribe to an email series if I am already on the newsletter mailing list?

In each newsletter mail you have the chance to adjust your personal settings. There you can then, for example, set the check mark at "Vegan email series". One day later you will receive the first mail of the series from me.

What are you going to do now?

Now you've learned pretty much everything you need to know about my free newsletter. If you like, you can subscribe to it now- or feel free to check out my blog posts and books. Either way, thanks for being there!