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Vegans take away farmers jobs

Vegans take away farmers' jobs - Will veganism put people out of work?

Have you ever experienced the prejudice "Vegans take away farmers' jobs". heard - or even said it yourself? If so, that's definitely not a bad thing. I used to be of the same opinion until I understood that the global killing of 74 billion farm animals a year cannot be morally justified by the fact that something creates a job. Furthermore, the decreasing demand for animal-based foods such as meat, cow's milk and eggs automatically creates an increasing demand for plant-based alternatives. And the latter creates new opportunities for farmers and new jobs.

In this article, I would like to explain in more detail why vegans are not taking away farmers' jobs. And that in the end, this discussion will not lead to a duel between farmers and vegans, but to a collective, positive change.

Does veganism make farmers unemployed?

The threat posed to farmers' livelihoods by the changes in our society's eating habits cannot be denied. They are not responsible for this change. But don't you think the lives of animals and the protection of our planet are more important than working on systems that are no longer up to date and ethically unjustifiable, such as the Factory farming, to hold on?

It is laudable to be concerned about the jobs of farmers who keep livestock. But farmers end up simply producing what the market demands. And if we consumers want plant-based products, then it is up to them to adapt. Moreover, changing consumer habits does not happen overnight, but is a long development process that farmers can recognize and take advantage of. Of course, not all farmers will survive the change. That's the way it is when things change. But in the end, the effort a farmer puts into finding a new job seems relatively insignificant compared to the fear and suffering that the animals in livestock farming have to endure.

What needs to happen so farmers don't lose their jobs to veganism

Instead of being afraid, farmers need to see and seize their opportunities. You can switch from livestock farming to arable farming and produce crops. This is a change that many farmers are already making. There are already organizations such as "The Vegan Society" that are helping farmers in the UK to make this transition. The more state subsidies farmers receive, the better.

At the same time, subsidies for livestock farmers must be reduced. Because they are the only reason why animal products can be offered as cheaply as they currently are. This is certainly the most important thing that needs to happen so that farmers can adapt and preserve their livelihoods.

I also think about the people who work in the slaughterhouses and have to exploit and kill animals for our meat consumption because they have no other choice. Would you want to do this work? If you are a compassionate person, probably not. Then why would you pay someone to do it for you? If the meat industry comes to an end, it would certainly not only be a liberation for many animals, but also for these people.

You also don't have to worry that veganism could lead to millions of new unemployed people in Germany. If we stop eating meat, more plants will be eaten - this happens in a long process of change. Of course, jobs will be lost, but many new ones will be created.

Veganism creates new, future-oriented opportunities and jobs!

Are farmers losing jobs to vegans?

As consumers, it is not our job to ensure that other people have a job. But of course it cannot be our goal to take away farmers' jobs either. On the contrary: it is about mastering this change together. After all, farmers are the basis for our food security - without them, the supermarket shelves would remain empty. That's why it's so important for vegans, farmers and other people affected by change to be absolutely open in discussions and consciously seize the opportunities for themselves, the environment, animals and our society.

With this in mind: "Be the change you want to see in the world." Take a look at the sustainable job portal - maybe you'll find a future-oriented job in the agricultural industry or in other areas that are exciting for you! Good luck!

Do you have questions or suggestions regarding the argument "Vegans take away farmers' jobs"? Then just write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Feel free to look further in the Vegan Blog around! If you need even more motivation for positive change, then you should definitely check out this vegan documentaries watch! Especially the Dominion film has definitely changed my life.

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