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In the CareElite Wildlife Blog you get the full broadside of breathtaking wildlife scenes from Germany and the world. Experience unique nature up close and enjoy the most beautiful wildlife moments.

What you can expect from the Wildlife Blog

With Stephan we have a real wildlife expert and wildlife filmmaker on board. In the Wildlife Blog he will share his best wildlife videos in top quality. You can't imagine the effort behind the unique recordings. All the nicer that you can just watch the videos in the Wildlife Blog and enjoy them without waiting in the cold for the right moment. :) In CareElite's Wildlife Blog you will also learn the most important facts about animals like the great spotted woodpecker, the red fox, the wolf and many other German and also international wild animals.

Why a Wildlife Blog?

Our common goal is to promote a love of nature in our society. This is not only possible through Plastic free tips and Environmental protection blog. The love of nature arises especially when we can experience it. You will quickly realize that you are really close to it through the unique shots. Who had lost the connection to nature, will regain it so quickly. Use the Wildlife Blog also to really switch off and enjoy nature in peace.