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Spring 2018 nature experiences

Spring is the most beautiful time of the year for me. After the cold winter months, nature comes back to life, the migratory birds return from the south, many animals end their hibernation and a magical mist forms in the water landscapes almost every morning.

This year, too, I was often woken from my sleep at 3 a.m. by my alarm clock. Once I arrived at my destination, however, I was always compensated for my efforts this spring.

The beautiful spring season is now over and I'm already looking forward to next year. For now, however, I would like to share my experiences with you in my highlight video from this spring.

Wildlife spring - feelings in a state of emergency

Whether the much-cited spring fever really exists in humans is still very controversial. In the animal world, however, there is no doubt about it. Every spring, all animal species seem to go into a veritable state of emotional emergency.
From show-offs and courtship rituals to dances and endless songs, the males leave nothing out to find a partner. For endless songs, for example, the Nightingale known, which I was able to film particularly well this year.

The incredibly varied song of the male is a spring experience in itself.
Spring fever and mating behavior in the animal world are as diverse as the species themselves. Female toads leave their winter quarters with the males in piggyback and make their way to their spawning grounds in the pond. At this time of year, the slow worm can also be found in the pond, competing with its rivals for a potential mate.

Meanwhile, the common terns launch attacks on their conspecifics in order to claim the most coveted breeding island on the water for themselves. Breeding sites are claimed everywhere, females are attracted and rivals are driven away.

Fun and games for the next generation

But spring can also be a family time. The fox cubs leave the den for the first time in May and are still particularly keen to play at this time. I am delighted to have had one or two nice encounters with fox cubs or young foxes this year. In the meantime, they have all left their den and are exploring their new surroundings.

Another special experience for me was the hatching of two Crane chicks. The moment when mother crane rises and her two chicks see the light of day together for the first time is simply indescribable. I have never experienced anything so intimate and heartbreaking in nature.

It was also amazing how quickly the two chicks got to grips with their surroundings and instinctively knew what to do and what not to do. Without, however, testing the limits of what was possible and occasionally falling out of the nest out of sheer eagerness and playfulness. ?

It was a similar story with the roe deer. At least with the yearlings that I was able to film in the Lower Oder Valley National Park. They kept feigning a fight and chasing each other across fields and meadows. They will probably have to wait another year before they mate for the first time.

In any case, I also had a great time this spring and was able to learn a lot of new things about our natural world and my animal actors. I hope that I was able to give you a good impression with my spring video and can only recommend that you set your alarm clock a little earlier next spring. ?

Until then I am happy if you continue to hear from me in the Wildlife Blog be surprised by our local nature.

Best regards,

Stephan from CareElite

PS: By the way, here you can find my personal Nature film websitewhere you can find out more about me. Otherwise, I wish you lots of fun in the CareElite Blog.

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Stephan Schulz

Stephan Schulz

Hey, I'm Stephan and I have a great passion for our local nature. As a wildlife filmmaker, I travel to the last natural places in Germany and try to show people with my recordings how worth protecting our nature is. In the Wildlife Blog of CareElite I want to contribute to a better understanding of nature.

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