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Welcome to the sustainable finance blog from CareElite! Here you can learn everything about environmentally and socially responsible investments and a conscious use of your money. Because you can both store and invest for good, meaningful purposes.

You're definitely off to a good start with these posts:

Why a sustainable finance blog?

I have learned that the greatest environmental problems of our time exacerbated by the way we invest our money. Not only those, but also the social challenges, such as the World hunger, can be made more difficult as a result. An investment that destroys the environment instead of protecting its continued existence and harming other people instead of promoting them is not a real investment in my eyes. If anything, it's a selfish one. For these reasons, you are now in the financial blog for the sustainable investment - from your house bank, to your insurance, to your stock portfolio.

This is why I am a sustainable finance blogger

It also doesn't matter whether we just have our money in our checking account, take out a savings contract, or we buy a company's stock. In each case, we must have a special Keep an eye on the philosophy of banks and companieswho work with our money. They can invest it in renewable energies, plant-based nutrition and in the fight against climate change - but unfortunately just as well in nuclear or coal power, the arms trade or child labor. Only if we consciously pay attention to the investments of the respective companies can we bring about a positive change.

So I'm a financial blogger because I want to show you here how you can use your Holding and investing money more consciously and ecologically simply by following your heart.

And now, I hope you enjoy the sustainable investing blog!