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Tips to maintain Quality of Life in Older Age

Quality Of Life In Older Ages – 10 Tips To Remain Independent As A Senior

How can you maintain or even increase the quality of life in old age? If you're looking for answers to this question, you've come to the right place! Many people are afraid of no longer being independent in old age because their abilities are declining or they become ill. But fortunately, there are tools and ways to live as independently as possible despite some hurdles in old age.

In this article, I would like to give you the best tips for a better quality of life in old age. In addition, you will learn briefly and concisely how you can prevent any difficulties. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Be open to help and resources
  2. Use a hearing aid
  3. Wear glasses
  4. Claim dentures
  5. Install grab bars in apartment
  6. Get groceries and food delivered
  7. Switch to a phone for senior:in
  8. Move to another apartment
  9. Use walking stick, walker, wheelchair or senior scooter
  10. Do not simply accept restrictions

Prevention: What can you do during your lifetime to remain independent in old age?

Stay active and maintain quality of life in old age

Before we move on to the ways in which seniors can maintain or even increase their quality of life in old age, I would like to give you a few quick tips on how to To stay physically and mentally fit for as long as possible.

Maintain friendships

Interpersonal relations promote health and well-being. It's best to spend time with people who are good for you well into old age. This reduces the risk of depression, strokes or dementia, among other things.

Balanced vegetable diet

To nutritional diseases like Prevent diabetes, high blood pressure or obesity and increase the likelihood of a high quality of life in old age, a balanced, plant-based diet combined with adequate fluid intake is helpful.

Ensure sufficient exercise

In order to slow down the aging process of one's own body, every person should stay active and move a lot in everyday life. Among other things, the movement serves as Stress balance, strengthens the immune system and Prevents cardiovascular diseases.

Prevent diseases and go for preventive care

Anyone who wants to remain independent and self-sufficient in old age should have a lead healthy lifestyle and, among other things, avoid cigarettes and alcohol, consume less fatty and sugary foods, and get plenty of sleep. Any Preventive medical checkups also serve the early detection of possible diseases.

Tip: These and more Tips for living as long as possible I'll explain it to you again in detail in the linked blog post.

10 tips: How to maintain or even increase the quality of life in old age?

Walking stick or senior scooter as an aid in old age

Now you know what is necessary to get with high probability also Despite a high biological age still being "young" and active, making plans, having dreams and ideas.

Of course, everyone wants to be healthy in their senior years and still be able to live as independently as possible. But experience shows that physical and mental complaints continue to increase the older you get. For example, it is harder to see and hear - and mobility often decreases as well.

But with the following tools and tips, everyone can maintain the quality of life in old age as long as possible.

1. be open to help and resources

Accepting help when it is needed is a Ability that must be learned - especially to maintain the quality of life in old age. You can't do it without help - and you don't have to! Because family, friends, doctors or even care and delivery services are always there to help.

Get a ride to friend:in, increase your safety through a home emergency call system, use bed risers in your bedroom or Take advantage of government subsidies for age-appropriate conversion measures. It is important to be open to help in order to remain as young, active and independent as possible in old age.

2. use a hearing aid

In old age, hearing ability usually decreases - many people then suffer from hearing loss. Correctly adjusted and meanwhile almost invisible Hearing aids can increase the quality of life in such cases quite decisively. The technique Improves especially the listening comprehension during conversations and lets you participate more actively in conversations.

In addition, however, it allows you to perceive soothing background sounds, such as birdsong or babbling brooks that you haven't been able to hear for a long time. So make Activities in nature especially fun and also keep you fit. For these benefits, it is well worth it to buy the Consultation with ENT physicians, opticians or Hearing aid acousticians:inside to make use of.

3. wear glasses

Similar to hearing loss, most seniors are left with hearing loss. Presbyopia not spared. That visual acuity decreases is part of the normal aging process of the eye lens.

That's why - especially in old age - you should always check your own eyesight and wear glasses if necessary. Because the glasses are in such cases the decisive Aids to continue to move independently and safely in everyday life.

4. claim dentures

Of course, your own teeth are always the best - a Careful oral and dental hygiene is therefore the basis for healthy teeth in old age. But things often turn out differently. For example, tooth decay, inflammation or other problems can mean that at some point you can no longer eat or speak properly.

Removable dentures, fixed dentures or on residual teeth anchored hybrid prostheses can then maintain or increase independence and quality of life in old age. They almost feel and basically look like real teeth.

5. install grab bars in apartment

When one's own mobility declines somewhat, special grab bars can make everyday life much easier. The grips support seniors in particular, but also people of all ages with physical limitations, when getting out of the shower and bathtub or when putting down after going to the toilet.

The handholds can be adjusted with a Suction cup on smooth surfaces such as porcelain, glass or tiles and in this way guarantee more security. In addition, they are transportable and facilitate travel even at an advanced age, as it can be used, for example, to make any hotel room more age-appropriate in just a few seconds.

6. have groceries and food delivered

Food delivery for the elderly

For people of advanced age, it can become quite exhausting to do the shopping and then cook dinner. Accordingly, there are ways to make the Have weekly shopping done and delivered by supermarkets or special service providers.

Also offers like Meals on wheels are a real relief not only for seniors, but also for their relatives. At the same time, at an older age a hot lunch every day or brought over a menu package of frozen meals for the week.

By reaching out to such sources of help, you can Make life easier for you as a senior and maintain or even increase your accustomed quality of life in old age.

7. switch to a telephone for seniors

As we get older, our fingers are usually not as nimble as they used to be, and it's also harder to see. A wonderful aid for a better quality of life is therefore a so-called senior citizen's telephone that, for example, can be used via extra large buttons, a hearing aid support and optical call signaling disposes

This makes it much easier to operate and allows to stay in contact with friends and family. This is especially important when mobility is somewhat limited.

8. move to another apartment

The Equipment and location of own apartment is crucial for many elderly people in determining how independently they can still act in their retirement.

For example, if you Only short shopping distances or no stairs to walk but the nearest supermarket is a kilometer away and the apartment is located in a stairwell without an elevator, a move to an apartment suitable for the elderly (e.g., at ground level, with an elevator or stair lift) or a stationary facility could make sense in order to maintain independence in old age.

The apartment must be quite simple adapted to one's own needs and abilities be or be adapted.

Tip: In the course of the life one can already provide by purposeful, age-fair building or rebuilding measures (often nationally promoted!), in order to be able to make in the higher age further many things themselves.

9. use walking stick, rollator, wheelchair or senior scooter

Legs generally become heavier and more frail with age. Elderly people with limited walking ability should therefore use available aids, to remain mobile and improve living conditions.

For example, a walking stick or scooter for seniors makes it easier to visit friends, do a little shopping or go to the soccer game of the local sports club.

10. do not simply accept restrictions

Maintaining quality of life in old age through openness to help

Through behavioral changes (e.g. a change in diet) or targeted Care and rehabilitation older people can counteract declining abilities and thus ensure their own independence. The Technology is also always advancing and especially at an advanced age, one is not always up to date with the latest possibilities.

Therefore take medical or professional advice on remedies or aids if it can help you to manage your retirement as independently as possible from other people.

Maintaining quality of life in old age, made easy!

Everyone dreams of growing older with dignity and being able to live independently even in old age. Here you have learned many tools and tips to make sure that this Dream reality will.

Opt for a cane or walker when your legs don't really want to go. Use glasses if your eyesight is failing. And move into an apartment suitable for the elderly if you have problems with the stairs or long shopping trips. There is always a way to compensate for declining abilities and yet remain as independent as possible.

"Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old."

Franz Kafka

I really hope that I can help you with this blog post to more quality of life in old age. Do you have questions, suggestions, tips or your own experiences that you would like to share? Then I look forward to your comments.

Stay healthy and positive,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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