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Improve Memory – 10 Ways to Train Your Brain and Remember Things Better

Improve Memory – The Best Ways to Train Your Brain and Remember Things Better

Are you looking for effective ways to train your memory and improve your mental performance? Then you've come to the right place! A good memory is essential in our private and professional lives. For example, we have to remember names, appointments, certain routes, where we put our house keys, passports and foreign words.

But perhaps you also have trouble remembering things from time to time. It's completely normal to forget things from time to time. However, if such memory lapses become more frequent, you should give your memory a boost with a few tips, tricks and training sessions.

In this article, I will give you valuable advice on how you can improve and strengthen your memory in a completely natural way. Use them to keep your brain fit and retain as much information as possible. Let's go!

Reasons: Can our memory be improved and what impairs our ability to remember?

Causes of a poor memory

Our brain (and therefore also our memory) is Extremely adaptable and can therefore be trained. Its ability to change through learning and new experiences is also referred to as Neuroplasticity. With just a few simple measures and targeted, regular exercises, we can significantly improve the performance of our memory.

As a basis for this article, I would like to give you a few Typical causes of memory problems, Forgetfulness and concentration difficulties name

  • Ageing process
  • Low mental stimulation
  • Stress and overload
  • Lack of exercise
  • Poor nutrition
  • Too little sleep and poor sleep quality
  • Side effects of medication

10 tips: How can I train my memory and improve my ability to remember?

Exercise and nutrition are important for memory performance

Now you have already learned a few reasons for a bad memory. Not all of them, but most of them, you can fortunately counteract this in a targeted manner.

Use the following tips and ideas now to increase your memory performance and remember things much better in the future.

1. exercise regularly and keep moving

If you want to improve your memory, everyday physical activity is one of the absolute cornerstones. Regular exercise stimulates blood circulation and thus promotes the supply of nutrients to the brain.

So make sure that you get plenty of exercise in your everyday life. In addition to the sports units (e.g. Jogging, fitness training or a team sport like soccer), you are already supporting your brain power by taking the stairs instead of the elevator to the office or your apartment.

2. eat a healthy diet and drink enough

A good memory requires a balanced diet with sufficient amounts of essential nutrients for the brain. Antioxidants, Omega-3 fatty acids and last but not least the B vitamins support memory performance, for example. Above all, the lack of Vitamin B12 is a common cause of forgetfulness and concentration problems. Sufficient amounts, i.e. Drink 2-3 liters of water a dayis also just as important for developing your memory.

Freshness Apples, pears and bananas and vegetables such as Broccoli, spinach, potatoes, Sleevefruits, peppers, mushrooms, nuts and wholemeal pastafor example, are considered ideal foods to boost your memory performance. Not recommended are products with added sugar, refined carbohydrates and white flour.

3. meet up with your friends

Social interaction (including video calls) not only lifts your mood but also stimulates your brain in a variety of ways. The cognitive performance during shared conversations and activities is great and therefore ultimately also boosts your memory performance.

You can also remember the events of the day much better if you tell a friend about them. It is also advisable, always listen wellso that you can also remember what's going on with the other person. 🙂

Tip: Do you want to have in-depth conversations and keep them going? Then use from now on these questions to get to knowthat give every conversation real momentum.

4. learn and play an instrument

Whether Piano, guitar, harp or saxophoneLearning to play an instrument guarantees you truly lifelong memory training. For example, because you have to memorize the keys or strings and play them in the right order. However, to improve your memory in the long term with a musical instrument, you have to really enjoy it and build up a routine.

5. do some brain jogging

Doing puzzles and crosswords trains your memory

Whether Sudoku, crossword puzzles, math problems or the Recognize termsChallenge your brain and memory with classic puzzles from the daily newspaper. Also a Puzzle or special Brain training apps on your smartphone challenge and boost your brain function and memory. Especially because they require memory, concentration and logical thinking.

This puzzle book* with 200 effective logic puzzles and this puzzle* I can highly recommend 1000-Parts from Avocadostore from my own experience.

6. treat yourself to enough sleep and rest

During sleep, our brain processes and consolidates new information. It has been scientifically proven that this also affects the Improved ability to remember information.1

Sufficient and high-quality sleep - and physical and Mental recovery are therefore not only crucial for your general health, but also provide effective memory training.

Tip: How you can use your Bedroom healthy furnishings and how you basically sleep better I will explain how to do this in the linked articles.

7. practice mindfulness

Consciously perceiving and describing objects, briefly observing a landscape and then focusing on the snapshot with your eyes closed or a 10-minute meditation are great examples of Effective techniques for a a more mindful lifestyle.

You can use your Improve concentration and your Reduce stress - an effect that in turn has a positive impact on your memory performance.

Another mindfulness exercise is to create a Keep a diary and write down your entire daily routine in a few minutes in the evening.

Who did you meet, what did you talk about, what else did you do? The fact that you review the experience once againyou create memory paths that you can recall much better and faster. This 6-minute diary* I can warmly recommend it to you!

8. complete exercises for memory

It's not just silence, puzzles and rock guitars that will help you improve your memory! Also with effective memory exercises and games you can strengthen your memory. For example, simply try the following tasks (regularly), which are suitable for all ages:

  • Memorize a phone number and enter it from your head.
  • Games "I'm packing my suitcase" or Memory with family and friends.
  • Learn the capitals of the world by heart and test your memory regularly.
  • Serve a tray with 20 items and remove one of them after memorizing it for one minute. Which item is missing?
  • Get a chessboard and play regularly with your partner.

How well your memory works is ultimately also a matter of practice. And there are basically hundreds of exercises that can help you.

9. use effective memorization techniques and tricks

Both your short-term memory and your long-term memory should get regular training sessions. But sometimes the wealth of information can overwhelm us and contribute to the fact that we ultimately remember almost nothing.

With the so-called mnemonic technique (memory art, so to speak) you can Derive mnemonic devicesthat help you to better store and recall information. They work so well because they use the visual and associative powers of your brain, for example.

There are also some Tips and trickswhich you should also use to better memorize important things (e.g. for an exam at university).

I have put together a few examples for you here:

Memory techniques

  • Use the loci method: With this memorization technique, for example, you mentally associate objects with certain locations, such as areas of the body. Object 1 is then located on the left foot, object 2 on the right foot, object 3 on the left ankle and so on.
  • Building mnemonic bridges: Divide a name into syllables, for example, or make up a short story about it so that it stays in your memory.
  • Make mind maps: Draw a mind map of the experience (e.g. of a conversation or a movie) to help you remember the details.


  • Distribute the repetitions when learning throughout the day and avoid absorbing the learning material in just a few minutes.
  • Study in the eveningbecause your brain can then store much more information.
  • Escape the routine and add variety to your memory exercises.
  • Repeat a nameafter your counterpart says it.

10. regularly present your brain with new challenges

Challenge your memory to train it

If you rest, you rust! This also applies to our memory performance. In order to remember things better, you should therefore regularly give your brain new tasks and not always doing the same things.

Make new experiences instead! Read a book, for example about a topic you have never dealt with before. Learn a new languagethat has always interested you. Play a classic board game today, do a tricky crossword puzzle tomorrow and an exciting exit game the day after tomorrow.

The new or alternating challenges allow many different connections are created in your brainthat improve your memory.

Train your memory and remember things better

Always be aware that your memory can be trained like a muscle. The training only requires Regularity, patience and, of course, enjoying the challenge. So start improving your memory today. You have learned the right tips and ideas here today. The more often you apply them, the faster you will notice positive changes.

"Memory is the treasury and guardian of all things."

Marcus Tullius Cicero (more at Memories Quotes)

But there's one thing you shouldn't forget: it's completely normal if you can't think of something straight away from time to time! 🙂

I hope that these ten tips will help you to strengthen your memory and improve your mental performance. Do you have any questions or your own experiences with memory training that you would like to share? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay healthy and mentally fit,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: You want to challenge your brain further and, for example, specifically improve your Improve general knowledge? Then read the linked blog article to find out exactly how it works!

  1. SleepScore Labs: How Does Sleep Affect Memory (as of: 17.01.2017), available at [12.12.2023]. ↩︎
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