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How to prepare and optimize your bedroom for better sleep

Bedroom healthy furnishings - 10 tips for ideal sleeping conditions

You want to decorate your bedroom in a healthy way and create ideal sleeping conditions? Then you've come to the right place! Create a room temperature of about 18 degrees, regularly provide fresh air, do not eat heavy meals before going to bed and minimize sources of noise: already clear! There are countless Tips for better sleep and a meaningful Sleep hygiene. But how exactly can the furnishings in your bedroom help you sleep longer, more restfully and in a way that is truly beneficial to your health? After all, there are often countless "sleep killers" around your own bedroom that you don't even consciously notice.

In this article, I would like to give you some valuable advice on how to create the ideal bedroom for healthy sleep - from the color scheme, to the bed and mattress, to the flooring and plants. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Implement a concept of soft colors
  2. Choose bed and mattress wisely
  3. Place the bed in the ideal place
  4. Make sure you have the right pillow
  5. Furnish your bedroom with natural materials
  6. Care for curtains on the windows
  7. Invest in natural bedding
  8. Profit from the abilities of some plants
  9. Choose a natural floor
  10. Limit your bedroom inventory to the bare essentials

1. implement a concept of soft colors

Soft colors in the bedroom provide a healthy sleep

A healthy bedroom should have a Comfortable atmosphere and relaxing mood create. A color concept of cool, soft hues has a calming effect on body and soul - often unconsciously. Ideally suited are rather lighter natural tones, delicate colors like Pink, Light gray or also a pleasant combination of dark blue or dark green wall paint and somewhat lighter furnishings.

You should definitely avoid bright, flashy and stimulating colors, such as yellow and red, when decorating your bedroom in a way that promotes health.

2. choose bed and mattress wisely

A healthy bed should be stable, made of natural materials, and provide good support for the body in the long term. From my own experience I can tell you sustainable organic beds recommend. These can be for example From pine wood a material that is even said to improve the quality of sleep. In any case, you should avoid metal beds, since they are usually not quiet and are considered to be electrical conductor function.

Basically, however, a good bed must fit your personal needs - of course, this also applies to the Mattress. This should also be free of harmful substances, have organic quality, provide high support and allow you to sleep soundly for many years.

3. place the bed in the ideal place

Not only the bed itself, but also its location should be chosen wisely. Feng Shui teaches, for example, that magnetic forces can affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, one should not sleep with the head facing south. In fact, the study confirmed "Influence of the earth's magnetic field on resting and activated eeg mapping in normal subjects". a deep sleep phase lasting a few minutes longer with the orientation in east-west direction. Nevertheless, this small deviation is of course not a clear indication.

What definitely helps is the Placement of your bed in a place with low light and noise, without disturbing drafts. It also helps many people to sleep directly against a wall.

Also, be sure to align your bed towards the door. This creates (evolutionary) more security (you have unwanted intruders directly in view) and usually lets you sleep better.

4. pay attention to the right pillow

In principle, the ideal pillow should meet the Support neckThe most important thing is to get the most natural, relaxed lying position possible and avoid overstretching.

However, which pillow will help you get a healthy night's sleep depends mainly on your preferred Sleeping position dependent.

Back sleeper should prefer a medium-thickness neck support pillow, so that the spine maintains its natural S-shape at night.

For Side sleeper a special side sleeper pillow is recommended. It increases the position of the head and relieves pressure on the neck and spine. In this way, you can prevent tension and back pain - a measure that in turn allows you to sleep more restfully.

For Belly sleeper suitable pillows that are rather flat and thin, so that the cervical spine is not overstretched.

5. furnish your bedroom with natural materials

Bedroom healthy furnishings with natural materials

You want to create an optimal bedroom for a good night's sleep? Then there's another tip waiting for you apart from the usual advice! Stay away from artificial light and artificial aromas around your bedroom.

Instead, you should go for naturalness in your furniture, as well as in the decoration and everything else that belongs to your sleeping environment. The dreamcatcher from Organic cotton, the wooden bed from ecological forestry and the homemade bedside table from old oak wood - to name a few examples.

6. care for curtains on the windows

Also, if possible, your curtains should be from natural fibers like linen or cotton and ideally allow maximum natural light to pass through.

Darkening curtains and also blinds help to keep artificial light out. Because even if you have all the light in your bedroom. Light sources eradicated If you had a light outside from streetlights or passing cars, it could still shine in and interfere with your sound sleep.

Tip: Have you ever dealt with the Environmental problem of light pollution busy? In the linked article, you can find out why it is only absolutely dark in a few places in the world and what effects this has on humans and animals.

7. invest in natural bedding

If you want to furnish your bedroom in a healthy way, you should also focus on naturalness when choosing fitted sheets, comforter covers and pillowcases. Bed linen from Linen is recommended in this respect. For example, the fabric cools at high temperatures, wicks away sweat and makes you sleep better.

When choosing in any case make sure that the bed linen matches the preferred color scheme in your bedroom and put you in a restful, calm mood. It's worth it!

Good to know: I advise against silk bedding for animal welfare reasons. Why it without animal suffering no classic silk you can read in the linked article.

8. profit from the abilities of some plants

Not all, but some plants can contribute positively to the indoor environment and promote healthy sleep. While too strong-smelling, allergy-causing and diseased plants have no business in the bedroom, there are others that, for example, produce oxygen at night and purify the air. This can be, for example, the bow hemp, the Green line and aloe vera.

Here is a small list with recommended plants for the bedroombut you should only use them to a healthy extent:

  • Aloe vera (produces oxygen)
  • Green line (produces oxygen, filters pollutants)
  • Bow hemp (produces oxygen and purifies the air)
  • Rubber tree (filters pollutants also from the wall and floor)
  • Mountain Palm (regulates humidity, filters pollutants)

What plants can you recommend for the bedroom? I look forward to your suggestions and hints in the comments column.

9. choose a natural floor

The healthy interior of your bedroom starts with the choice of the floor. Ideally it is Warm, quiet, friendly to barefoot, low in pollutants and easy in its maintenance. Overall, it should simply have a certain Coziness and quiet room acoustics convey, so that body and soul can rest at night.

Also Carpets create such a coziness and tranquility. However, you should vacuum them regularly so that the dust particles they contain also disappear from your sleeping environment.

10. limit your bedroom inventory to the bare essentials

A bedroom should not look like a junk room - and laptop, smartphones and other technical achievements have no place there either. At least subconsciously causing stress clutter and bright screens with blue light are major reasons why many people sleep poorly and unhealthily.

Provide instead for Peace, order and darkness - and make sure that, as far as possible, only the things that are important for your sleep are in your room. This is another way to promote healthy sleep.

Bedroom healthy furnishings? No problem!

Creating a healthy sleep environment is simple

Although it is impossible to say in general terms what the ideal, healthy bedroom looks like, there are an incredible number of settings that you can adjust when it comes to bedroom furnishings alone. For example, ensure a soft color concept, place the bed in the right place, furnish yourself as minimally as possible, ensure peace and order - and consciously choose natural materials such as wood, linen and organic cotton.

You've now received many sleep-promoting tips on your bedroom decor. Now it's your turn to put them into practice. Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with healthy sleep that you would like to share? Then just write me a comment.

Stay healthy and rested,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: I have also written you a detailed post with advice on how you can use your Bedroom as environmentally friendly and sustainable as possible. Be sure to take a look there too!

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