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Ultimate Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Through my work on the Environmental protection project I am on the road a lot and have you my ultimate travel checklist uploaded for your vacation. A completely plastic-free trip is unfortunately impossible, depending on the purpose of the trip. However, you can still do without a lot of plastic on your next trip. To make sure you don't forget any essential items, I'm providing you with the ultimate travel packing list below. Whether for the Backpacking in Sri Lanka or a Indonesia trip. Depending on the purpose of your trip, you may not need all of these items. Domestic or international, temperature in the destination country, city, beach, hiking or business trip - your packing list will also differ depending on the trip. However, once you have worked through the travel packing list, you shouldn't be missing anything. But remember not to take too much with you. The heavier your luggage, the more you restrict yourself. Take the things you absolutely need with you on vacation and do a final check of your packing list the day before you arrive. I update the travel packing list regularly, let me know if anything is missing! And now have fun preparing for your trip with the travel checklist!

Your travel checklist for your next vacation

Here you can print the travel checklist and simply tick them off by hand so that you don't forget anything 🙂

As the luggage list has become a little longer, you can find your way around the table of contents here:

  1. Before the trip
  2. Money & Documents
  3. Technology & accessories
  4. On the road & transport
  5. Health & Care
  6. Beach
  7. Clothing & Accessories
  8. Travel pharmacy
  9. Special travel supplies

Travel packing list - Before the trip

SubjectMy recommendation
Who looks after the pets?Neighbors / Family
Who waters the plants?Neighbors / Family
Who empties the mailbox?Neighbors / Family
Empty fridgeEat & give away
Take away garbageVery important!
Close doors and windowsLook twice
Pull plugCheck, check off!
Download GoogleMaps offline mapLoad map of the destination

Travel packing list - Money & Documents

SubjectMy recommendation
Passport & ID cardCheck expiration date!
Visa (required depending on the country)Indispensable!
Driver's licenseVery important!
Vaccination certificate, allergy passportVery important!
Student IDBenefits!
Wallet / purseThis wallet
NotebookThis notebook
Credit cardAbsolutely!
Insurance (travel cancellation, international health, baggage)Play it safe!
EC cardVital for survival!
TAN list / TAN generatorVery important!
Flight tickets (booking code and ticket number)If necessary!
Train tickets if necessarySustainable arrival!
Booking confirmations of the accommodationsNot wrong!
Address list for postcardsDo not forget!
Ball penThis ball pen
Travel guideCan be done
 Note address, etc. (who is to be notified in case of accident?)Safe is safe!
Organ donor card / living willAlso important

Travel packing list - Technology & accessories

SubjectMy recommendation
Smartphone / Mobile phoneThis smartphone
Notebook / LaptopThis notebook
Tablet / E-ReaderThis tablet
Drone / QuadrocopterThis drone
Handheld video cameraThis handheld video camera
Action cameraThis action camera
Handheld for action cameraThis handheld
SLR cameraThis reflex camera
External hard diskThis external hard drive
Micro SD memory card + USB card readerThis micro SD set
Standard SD memory cardThis memory card
USB card readerThis card reader
Travel adapter for socketsThis universal adapter
HeadphonesThese headphones
Powerbank for power on the goThis powerbank
All chargers!Extremely important!

Travel Packing List - On the Road & Transportation

SubjectMy recommendation
SuitcaseXXL suitcase with the largest volume
Trekking backpackThis trekking backpack
DaypackThis daypack
Backpack for the droneThis drone backpack
Neck pillowCurrently no recommendation
Laptop bagThis laptop bag
Drinking bottleThis water bottle
PadlockThis padlock

Travel packing list - Health & Care

SubjectMy recommendation
TowelsThese towels
Toilet bagThis toilet bag
Wooden toothbrushOur wooden toothbrush
ToothpasteMake your own toothpaste!
Dental flossThis dental floss
Shower gelMake shower gel yourself!
ShampooMake shampoo yourself!
Pocket mirrorThis pocket mirror
Glasses / contact lenses + accessoriesExtremely important!
Travel detergentThis detergent
Wet razorThis wet razor
Dry razorThis dry razor
Deodorant / PerfumeMake deodorant yourself!
ContraceptivesExtremely important!
TamponsThese organic tampons
Menstrual cupThis menstrual cup
HairbrushThis hairbrush
Nail scissorsThis nail scissors
TweezersThis tweezers
EarplugsThese earplugs
Sleep maskThis sleep mask

Travel packing list - beach

SubjectMy recommendation
SwimwearTo the swimwear
Beach towelTo the beach towels
Beach bag / pouchThis beach bag
SunglassesTo the sunglasses
SunscreenThis eco sunscreen
AprésSun creamVery important!
Reading glassesVery important!
BooksAbout the books
MagazinesBuy in Germany!
Music / Podcasts / AudiobooksFor entertainment
FlipflopsThese flip flops

Travel packing list - clothing & accessories

SubjectMy recommendation
SweaterFor women | For men
ShirtsFor women | For men
TanksFor men
TopsFor women
PantsFor women | For men
ShortsFor women | For men
Sports pantsFor women | For men
HatUnisex hats
CapFor women | For men
CapFor women | For men
UnderwearFor women | For men
SocksFor women | For men
Street shoesFor women | For men
Sports shoesFor women | For men
SandalsFor women | For men
Jacket / Rain JacketFor women | For men
Functional shirtFor women | For men
Functional socksUnisex functional socks
BeltFor women | For men
Watch / JewelleryFor women | For men

Travel packing list - travel pharmacy

SubjectMy recommendation
Citronella sprayThis spray
Mosquito repellent (wristband)This bracelet
Headache tabletsVery important!
Daily medicine?Extremely important!
Allergy tabletsVery important!

Travel packing list - Special travel needs

SubjectMy recommendation
Mosquito netThis mosquito net
Trekking sandalsGo to trekking sandals
Hiking bootsTo the hiking boots
Hiking socksUnisex hiking socks
Air mattress / camping matThis camping mat
Sleeping bagThis sleeping bag
TentThis tent
Pocket knifeThis pocket knife
Garbage bagsThese organic waste bags
Diving certificate / sailing licenseRemember! 🙂

Here you can print the travel checklist and simply check it off 🙂

Your vacation packing list - before your trip

Spontaneous is good. But there are a few things you need to clarify before your trip so that they don't spoil your mood during your vacation. If you are going on a trip, you should definitely clarify who will empty your letterbox. You don't want to end up with a box full of reminders a few months after the start of your trip or read other important documents too late. As you can see from the packing list, you should also clarify who will look after your pets (if any). This is usually your parents, neighbors or good friends. Ideally, one person should take care of everything. Before your trip starts, you should also use up the contents of your fridge or, like me, give it away to your flatmates. In the packing list for your trip, you will also see that you should definitely take out the garbage so that no new life develops in your apartment. 😉 Close all doors and windows and unplug all unnecessary sockets so that you can start your trip with a clear conscience. I can also recommend that you download the offline map of your destination from GoogleMaps before you start your journey. This will help you get to your destination quickly, wherever you are, even without an internet connection.

Travel packing list - passport, visa, credit card & co.

Passports and ID cards have top priority on the packing list for your next trip. There is nothing more important, because you won't get far without an ID. Some countries also require a visa, which you can either have issued online in advance or directly upon arrival in your destination country. A visa is mandatory when entering Sri Lanka, but you don't need one when flying to Turkey, for example. You will also find your driver's license on the packing list. Depending on your travel plans, you should take your driver's license with you, as this will allow you to use a rental car spontaneously. A driver's license is also a good backup ID if you don't have your ID card or passport to hand. The checklist for your next trip also includes a vaccination certificate and allergy certificate. As a student, you can also get discounts abroad. That's why I've also included your student ID on the checklist. You may also be able to get discounts on travel to the airport in your home city with your student ID.

Credit card for your vacation

A credit card is also on the packing list for your next trip. Always try to withdraw money with your credit card first, as the fees for withdrawing cash are cheaper here. You can get a cheap credit card fairly quickly from DKB, where you can also get further discounts with many partners, for example in Berlin. In addition to your credit card, you should also take your bank card with you. You can then get cash for a few euros at all ATMs with the MAESTRO symbol. If you want to make an online banking transfer abroad, you should of course remember your TAN generator / TAN list. I use the SMS TAN procedure because I always have my smartphone with me. If you are unable to create a TAN, you can still contact your bank advisor by email or phone and have the bank carry out the transfer. To keep all your cards and cash together, you must of course never forget your wallet. The wallet comes, in order of importance, directly after the IDs on the checklist for your trip. Make sure you take your proof of international health insurance, travel cancellation insurance and baggage insurance with you, if you have any. Sometimes unexpected things happen that you simply cannot foresee. It's always worth taking out insurance so that you can sleep soundly on vacation.

Flight tickets for your vacation

Fortunately, flight tickets are now available as e-tickets. Nevertheless, you should print out your tickets and booking confirmation after checking in online and take them with you to the airport. This way you always have your booking code and ticket number to hand. If you are traveling to the airport by train, you should of course also have your train ticket to hand. Here, too, you can now switch to an online ticket that you always have with you on your smartphone. This way, you can forget fewer and fewer things on your checklist. You should also take a booking confirmation with you for your booked accommodation so that everything runs smoothly when you check in. You'll also find a notebook on the travel packing list. Especially for me as a digital nomad, a notebook is an absolute must. But it also makes sense for everyone else. Of course, you should also take at least one ballpoint pen with you on vacation. You can use the notebook to make a list of the addresses you want to send postcards to. If you want to use a travel guide for your destination, you shouldn't forget it either.

Vacation checklist - smartphone, notebook, camera & co.

Of course, technology should not be missing from your travel packing list. You should definitely have your smartphone or cell phone with you. A smartphone saves you a lot of trouble, as you always have both tickets and city maps available. If you don't have internet, simply download the offline map of your destination from the GoogleMaps app beforehand. Use the Dropbox app for photos and documents that you absolutely need. Even if you lose your phone, you can still access your files on a computer. Better safe than sorry. You should also get yourself a power bank, as smartphone batteries unfortunately don't last very long. With a power bank, you can easily charge your smartphone several times on the go. That brings us to the next item on the travel checklist: Your laptop. I work with my laptop every day and the whole project wouldn't work without it. That's why I always have my laptop with me when I'm traveling. Two devices are actually enough for me, but you can of course also take a tablet PC or an e-reader with you on vacation.

Also take camera and drone with you on vacation?

I always take my drone with me on my travels for really cool travel videos or wonderful cutscenes in clean-up videos. My Yuneec Typhoon Q500 drone is unfortunately very bulky and not foldable, but it delivers 100% shake-free shots. I never travel without my drone, which is why I have included it in my travel checklist. You also need an action camera to go with the drone and the right gimble to attach the camera to the drone. I use the GoPro Hero 4 Silver for my recordings. Everything can be easily stowed away in the accompanying backpack from Yuneec and carried as hand luggage. When I'm not using the drone, I use the handheld, to which I can also attach the Gimble with the camera. The handheld also fits in the backpack of the drone. For high-quality photos, I use the somewhat outdated Nikon D 3000 SLR camera, which serves its purpose 100%. An SLR camera should therefore not be missing from the travel packing list. To avoid a storage space problem and to be on the safe side, you should also pack an external hard disk to back up your vacation photos. You can also move all your vacation photos here and free up a lot of space on your memory card. For the action camera, I have included a micro SD memory card with a removable USB drive on the packing list for your vacation. The SLR camera usually requires a standard SD card. Newer cameras do not support all types of memory card. Therefore, check again before buying the memory card to be sure. For all your technical devices on vacation, you need to remember the respective chargers. Go through the list again and check whether you have all the chargers with you. If you are missing a charger on vacation, other tourists may have the right charging cable with them. There is always a solution if you forget something from the travel list. To ensure that you can always charge all your devices, you will need an adapter for the socket, depending on the country you are traveling to. You can't go far wrong with a universal travel adapter. In an emergency, there are usually inexpensive adapters available locally in classic tourist stores. You should also think about your headphones for relaxed musical moments or audio books and podcasts. Headphones round off the packing list for your trip in terms of technology.

Vacation packing list - suitcases, bags & backpacks

All the things on the travel checklist have to be transported somehow, of course. In recent years, I have always used my classic hard-shell suitcase, but for me the trekking backpack is much more comfortable for traveling. However, I would also say that it definitely depends on the destination. In Sri Lanka, for example, the roads and paths are not always ideal for a suitcase that can be pulled along. The buses are also very cramped, so a normal backpacking rucksack makes you much more flexible. In addition to a suitcase and trekking backpack, you should of course also take a daypack with you.

Take bags for technology with you on vacation

If you take a drone with you on vacation, you can either attach it to your trekking rucksack or get a daypack that is ideal for the drone. That way you don't have to lug two daypacks with you on vacation. The packing list also includes a neck pillow, which will be your constant companion. On the plane, bus or train. To avoid plastic as much as possible, I have also included a drinking bottle on the travel checklist. There are now many plastic-free alternatives to conventional plastic drinking bottles. If you are taking a laptop with you on your trip, you should get a suitable laptop bag. This is because frequent transportation could damage your laptop quite quickly. You should also take a padlock with you on vacation so that you can store your belongings at the airport and generally lock your suitcase or bags. This will allow you to transport all the items on your travel checklist safely and easily.

Tips for your travel packing list - Health & care

Depending on the temperature and weather in the respective destination, the requirements for the packing list for health & care also differ. On the travel checklist, I have tried to find a healthy middle ground. What definitely belongs on every vacation packing list is the classic toiletry bag. Tastes differ here, but try to use a water-repellent toiletry bag as it simply lasts longer. You can put many other items on your travel packing list in the toiletry bag. Stay away from disposable plastic toothbrushes, instead use the Plastic-free wooden toothbrush and make the toothpaste for this optimal way yourself! Because most toothpastes contain microplastics. Dental floss is now also available without plastic, I have linked it to you above in the vacation checklist. You can also make your own shower gel and shampoo, I will also publish instructions on how to do this. You also shouldn't do without a pocket mirror on vacation. The travel checklist also includes glasses or contact lenses, if you have them. Make sure you take enough replacements for your contact lenses with you and don't forget your care products.

Washing and care on the trip

I have also put a travel detergent on the packing list for your vacation. Depending on the duration, you can save some money and take fewer clothes with you on vacation. Of course, the toiletries you need for your vacation vary depending on whether you are male or female. Only tick the following items off your travel checklist once you are sure you have them with you: dry shaver, wet shaver, deodorant/perfume (you can also make your own), tampons, menstrual cup and tissues. Your travel bag should definitely also include chapstick, contraceptives, nail scissors and tweezers. The travel packing list also includes a CareElite hairbrush with wild boar bristles, depending on your needs. For a healthy, restful sleep, you should also take a sleep mask and earplugs with you on vacation. If you are only staying in one place for your vacation, you can assume that towels will be provided there. However, if you are traveling a lot, you should always take your own towel with you on vacation. As a rule, you will get all the toiletries you need for your vacation in your toiletry bag. Please let me know if anything important is missing from your vacation packing list.

Your travel checklist - Everything for your beach vacation

I almost forgot my swimming trunks on my last trip. Very unfortunate when you're often busy with beach clean-ups. But there's always a solution, in an emergency you can simply buy your swimwear on site. No problem either. On the travel packing list, you'll find a beach towel as well as swimwear. You really shouldn't forget this when packing your suitcase, as beach towels are often very expensive. To make it easy to take all your stuff with you to the beach, I have also included a beach bag on the travel checklist for your vacation. With the bag, you can easily take books and magazines (you shouldn't forget them either!) as well as all other things for the beach.

Beach accessories on the travel checklist

Of course, your vacation checklist also includes your sunglasses and reading glasses (if you have them). Flip-flops can still be bought cheaply at most vacation destinations, but these are usually cheap products. So don't forget your flip-flops. Depending on your skin type, you will of course also need sun cream with a high sun protection factor. You should really buy this in Germany because of the differences in quality. If you blush quickly, you should also pack an après-sun cream. If you've ticked off all the things on the beach checklist, you should actually have everything you need for your beach vacation. As a little add-on, I have another tip for you. You probably have music on your smartphone, but how about a cool podcast or a new audio book? There's nothing better on the beach!

Your travel checklist for your vacation - clothing & accessories

When it comes to choosing the right clothes, most mistakes are made when packing your suitcase. Either you forget something completely or you take too much or too little of something with you. In any case, the most important items of clothing for your vacation are already on the travel checklist. The number of items should depend on the duration of your trip and the temperatures at your destination. Let's take a look at the packing list: First of all, you should always have at least one sweater with you, if only for the outward and return journey to and from Germany. Adjust the number of shirts to the duration of your trip. You can have your laundry washed anywhere. I recommend taking a little less with you and having your clothes washed more often. This will make transportation easier. Tanks and tops are also on the travel packing list. At temperatures around 30° C and warmer, there is hardly anything more comfortable than an airy tank top.

What pants to take with you on vacation?

Next on the travel packing list: You should always have at least one pair of long trousers with you. Here, too, long trousers make sense at least on the way to the airport in Germany or on arrival after the return flight. I've also put shorts on the checklist for you to tick off. If you are traveling to a warm country, you should take 3 pairs of shorts with you. These should definitely include a pair of sports shorts that you can also use as swimming trunks. I've included three types of headwear on the checklist. Depending on what suits you better, you should take a hat, cap or cap with you on vacation to protect your head from burns. I have very short hair, so I always wear my cap. Next on your vacation packing list are underwear and socks. Depending on how often you want to wash on vacation, you should pack the appropriate number. Don't forget your flip-flops, but you should also pack at least one pair of street shoes in your suitcase. If you use your running shoes as street shoes, you have both in one. You should also always take a jacket with you on your trip. I also always pack a functional shirt, which is perfect for running or surfing. If necessary, you should also pack functional socks in your suitcase. Don't forget your belt and other accessories such as watches or other jewelry. You should be well equipped for your vacation in terms of clothing. You can find clothing items for more specialized trips in the "Special travel needs" category.

Your checklist for your vacation - first-aid kit

Foreign dangers lurk in foreign countries. Mosquitoes transmit diseases, so you should also stock up on citronella and mosquito spray depending on your destination. I'm not a fan of tablets, but you should always have something in your luggage for headaches. In Sri Lanka, I walked around a lot in flip-flops, and at some point I got blisters. I've also put blister plasters on your travel packing list for this purpose. Do you have certain allergies or need other daily medication? Then don't tick off the items on the checklist until you have them safely in your suitcase or trekking rucksack. The last few times I went on vacation with only a very small first-aid kit. But after a few stories from friends from Asian countries, I've also become a little more cautious. No details - just make sure you have an adequate first-aid kit.

Your travel checklist - Special travel requirements

In this category of the vacation packing list, you will find items that do not belong on the general packing list because they are intended for special trips. If you are flying to Sri Lanka or Thailand, for example, you should bring your own mosquito net to be on the safe side, even if most guesthouses and hotels have a mosquito net. If you are planning a Beach CleanUp, you should also take enough garbage bags with you. Alternatively, you can also use the garbage bag to store used laundry. Are you planning an outdoor trip? Then you should also think about any trekking supplies, such as trekking sandals, hiking boots or hiking socks. I've also added an air mattress (or sleeping mat), sleeping bag, tent and pocket knife to the travel checklist for your next vacation. Do you have a diving certificate or sailing license and need these documents on vacation? Then please don't tick them off the checklist until you have packed them safely. There are certainly many more things to add to the packing list in the "Special travel needs" category. Just write me a comment if something important is missing.

Tips & tricks for your travel checklist

Before you start your journey, you should get some information about the weather in your destination country. By planning ahead, you may be able to save a few kilograms of luggage. Just go to one of the many weather sites you can find on Google and take a look at the current temperature and weather conditions and see how the temperatures behave throughout the year and how many rainy days you can expect. In Sri Lanka, for example, I had at least one sweater, a pair of long trousers and a pair of shoes too many. If you think about your destination a little more before you travel, you won't have to carry as much. A very simple rule.

And now have fun on your trip with the help of this detailed travel packing list. Once again as a reminder: Here you can print the travel checklist (PDF file) and simply tick off all the points. If something important is missing from the travel packing list, just write me a short message 🙂

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