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Travel for two - advantages together

6 advantages of traveling in pairs

Which Advantages brings traveling in pairs with it? In the article Travel alone I have been raving about their advantages after several single travels. Now I was traveling for several weeks with my girlfriend in Africa and can now also purposefully report on the benefits of traveling as a couple. So in this article you'll get 6 good reasons for a vacation with a partner or a trip with a good friend along the way. Let's go!

1. when traveling as a couple, you are never alone

When you are traveling alone in the world for several months, there can be lonely days. Some like it, others don't. Video calls via Skype and Facetime can help lonely travelers, but those who choose to travel as a couple are truly never alone. While this can sometimes be an advantage and disadvantage in equal measure, it's nice to always have someone by your side while traveling. Not to forget: Of course, you also get your peace and quiet when traveling as a couple, if you want to have it.

2. joint trip halves the price

Those who travel alone usually pay significantly more for daily accommodation - whether hotel, hostel or AirBnb. Traveling with a friend or partner has the advantage that the cost of a roof over your head can be almost halved. But it's not only when it comes to accommodation that traveling as a couple has the advantage of saving costs. For example, traveling together also pays off when renting a car, where the cost of both the rental and possible damage to the car can be shared. The cost savings is a very important advantage of traveling in pairs.

3. planning together when traveling as a couple

There are the classic loners who decide everything for themselves throughout their lives. But most people long for some security in decisions of all kinds. Whether it is the decision for the destination, the right rental car or a nice accommodation - traveling as a couple brings the great advantage of not having to decide anything alone. This welds together and brings the necessary security with the nice side effect that in case of a bad decision no one gets the blame alone 😉.

4. travel together and feel safer

You never know the foreign country as well as your home country, which is why it is generally recommended to deal intensively with foreign cultures and dangerous areas with a high crime rate in advance. Especially traveling alone as a woman holds some dangers that can be avoided by traveling as a couple. No matter if you travel with a girlfriend or your partner - in pairs you are less likely to be approached intrusively and you rightly feel safer. The increased safety is a valuable benefit of traveling in pairs.

5. get to know travel partners better

Traveling together is especially valuable for the relationship between two people. Whether you're in a partnership or simply friends, traveling as a couple intensifies your relationship with each other and can't be compared to living together in your hometown. When traveling, you are faced with challenges that you have to master together - from finding a suitable accommodation to the next sightseeing spot. Here, you get to know each other's personal preferences very well and everyone gradually adjusts to each other better. Traveling as a couple has the great advantage of being able to intensify a relationship in the long term.

6. learn new things through trip for two

Travel for two advantages of traveling together

Another important advantage of traveling in pairs is also the fact that you get involved more quickly in new things that your travel partner likes, but you like less. On our last trip, for example, I went horseback riding for the first time. Riding a horse on the beach was never really on my personal to-do list, but it was a great experience that I never would have had in my life without my girlfriend. It's a clear sign that traveling as a couple also makes you think more outside the box. You get even more involved with your travel partner's preferences and ultimately sharpen your personal relationship with each other.

The advantages of traveling in pairs

So is traveling together worth it? If you decide to travel as a couple, you save money, increase your own safety and intensify your relationship with your travel partner. Advantages that traveling alone unfortunately does not bring.

Do you have other advantages of traveling as a couple that popped into your head during your vacation but are not listed here yet? Then I look forward to your comments with your experiences, suggestions and tips under this article.

Have a good trip,

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  1. I like to travel alone sometimes, but I love traveling with my boyfriend the most. Can really agree with all the points here. Especially our camping trips with the camper I find romantic. Just the two of us sitting under the stars with our patio heater and chatting until the wee hours of the morning. Even though we've known each other for hyper long, I feel like I've learned something new about him every time. <3

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