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At Family Blog you will learn all the eco-friendly tips & tricks to link the topic of family, parents & child with the topic of sustainability. This is important so that everyone learns from each other how environmentally conscious living works and why it is important in the first place.

You're off to a great start with these blog posts:

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Why the family blog is important for sustainability
Blogs like this are important to reintegrate a lifestyle as close to nature as possible in our society or in all families. A lifestyle without a lot of plastic waste, without dangerous plasticizers and without high paper consumption. We must always imagine: what would happen if everyone in the world lived as resource-consuming as we do? It would not work. And that's why we need to adjust our habits in the family and in raising our children, and slow down the pace a bit.
Why I am a family blogger
Of course, I wouldn't call myself a classic family blogger - after all, I'm not even a father myself. Nevertheless, I am of course preparing myself for this - and want to raise my child as sustainably as possible. There is no other time in a person's life than childhood when you, as parents, can have such a big impact on how environmentally conscious they will live. Since you are also a role model as a parent and have dozens of opportunities to act sustainably, I run this family blog.

PS: If you have questions or suggestions about the respective posts, you are always welcome to leave a comment.