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Advantages of wood as a building material - 10 reasons to build your house from wood

Wood as a building material - Why build with wood?

What are the advantages of wood as a building material? If you are asking yourself this question right now, you are absolutely right here! For us, our own home is more than just a place to live. In the course of increased environmental awareness, many people want a house that is aesthetic, stable and ecological at the same time. This demand moved the natural building material wood back into the focus of the building industry. A development that benefits both man and nature.

In this article, I would now like to introduce you to the decisive 10 reasons for building with wood. Let's go!

In advance you can find here already a short Overview about the advantages:

  1. Sustainability
  2. Modernity
  3. Environmental friendliness
  4. Shoring capability
  5. Indoor climate
  6. Versatility
  7. Insulation
  8. Longevity
  9. Aesthetics
  10. Recovery

Important Notice: Primarily due to the Corona crisis, the Lumber prices explode. Of course, that doesn't change the fact that wood is a great, sustainable building material, which is why I'm leaving cost out of the equation here.

10 advantages - Why is wood a good building material?

Now we come directly to the core of this article. What makes the building material wood a good material for their own, sustainable house building? Hier sind die wichtigsten Vorteile, die dir die Entscheidung für das Bauen mit Holz noch etwas leichter machen dürften.

1. it is sustainable

In this country, for the construction of wooden houses is preferably used spruce and pine. For furniture and interior trim birch enjoys great popularity. All these varieties are native to Germany and grow rapidly. The amount of wood required for house construction is produced by our forests in a few seconds.

2. it is modern

Woman in front of modern wooden house

As early as the Stone Age, man resorted to wood as a building material. This continued in the Middle Ages until steel and concrete became the new favorite of builders in the 19th century. However, the material is not old-fashioned, of course. Check out these innovative wooden houses in free eBook to see that the natural product easily compatible with the modern architectural style is.

3. it is environmentally friendly

The regional origin of the wood used from sustainable forestry is also reflected in the positive life cycle assessment of the natural building material again. The short transport from the forest area to the sawmill produces only a small amount of CO2. In addition, wood is only dried and then installed untreated. Chemical varnishes and environmentally harmful additives are usually not used. 

Notice: The Deforestation of the (rain) forests is one of the biggest environmental problems of our time. However, the main cause of this is the creation of pasture land and arable land for animal feed cultivation - in other words, our consumption of animal foods.

4. it is easy to get and install

In the best case, the material originates from Germany and is produced at a German Timber trade This means that long transport routes can be avoided. Wood was not the preferred building material of our ancestors for nothing. Despite its high stability, it has a Lower dead weight than steel and concreteso that the use of heavy equipment for the construction is not necessary. The construction is also possible quickly and evenly without long drying times.

5. it improves the indoor climate

Houses made of natural wood benefit from the advantageous properties of the building material. Thanks to its special structure it is able to positively influence the temperature and humidity of the premises. In winter it prevents heat from escaping, in summer it provides a pleasant, cool climate in the living and sleeping areas.

6. it is versatile

Building with wood is sustainable

With wood, constructions are possible that would be unthinkable with steel and concrete. The so-called Modular construction is becoming increasingly popular with architects and builders. It enables the construction of houses that can be flexibly expanded or downsized. The modern wooden house grows or shrinks with the living circumstances of its inhabitants. The Flexibility is therefore a decisive advantage of wood as a building material.

7. it provides natural insulation material

The material used for thermal insulation of houses is a great burden on the environment. Styrofoam and polyurethane are by-products of the extraction of the non-renewable fossil fuel petroleum. Their production requires a great deal of energy. In addition, they cannot be decomposed by nature. Natural Insulation material from sawdust - such as those produced in the manufacture of wooden houses and furniture - are a sustainable, biodegradable alternative.

8. it is durable

In many parts of Germany, half-timbered houses dating back to the 14th century are representative of the above-average service life of the natural material. Steel and concrete quickly develop cracks when exposed to moisture and extreme weather changes. This requires regular, costly maintenance. As a natural material Wood accustomed to any weather condition. Buildings made of wood survive rain and cold without damage. 

9. it is aesthetic

Building with wood in aesthetic design

Buildings made of steel and concrete seem cold and forbidding. The sight of a hut or a house made of wood, on the other hand, fills us with Warmth and security. One reason for this effect is the natural grain, which is clearly visible on many types of wood. The building material wood harmoniously adapts to any style of interior -. from classic to neutral to futuristic.

10. it can be 100 percent recycled

Fortunately, the raw material wood belongs to the natural cycle and is materially recyclable. So if a wooden house has reached the end of its life at some point, it can be used for energy. In this case, it usually produces more electricity than its extraction, further processing and construction took.

Wood as the building material of the future

Wood as a building material is environmentally friendly, versatile and cost-effective. The raw material basically comes from regional forests, where it grows back quickly. Treatment with chemical additives is not necessary. In addition, no waste is produced during wood production, as the chips serve as a natural insulating material. The return to the sustainable building material confirms what our ancestors already suspected: Wood is a material for eternity.

I hope that I have been able to give you an understanding of the advantages of the renewable raw material for your house construction. Do you have any questions, tips or your own experiences with building with wood that you would like to share here? Then I look forward to your comments under this post.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Wood is a renewable and therefore basically sustainable raw material. But neither houses nor smaller items such as tables, chairs or barbecue charcoal should be made of tropical wood. At Save rainforest you will now learn crucial everyday tips to protect the tropical forests!

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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