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Sustainable job portal

Sustainable job portal with jobs with added value

This job portal is provided by our partner - the job portal where you will find your sustainable job.

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Sustainable jobs for sustainable jobs

Find sustainable jobs and vacancies online
Find a sustainable job here that excites you and makes you happy.

Only one Job with meaning can fully fulfill a person. We must not forget that we usually spend most of our lives working. If you have to pursue a job every day that does not add value to you and to society, you can be very frustrated. On this job portal, you will surely find the one sustainable job or job offer to fulfill you fully in the future.

Choose a job you love - and you won't have to work a day in your life.


It is very important to us that with CareElite we not only become a largely plastic free life but also do something to ensure that we all treat each other fairly and are happy. A sustainable job that gets you out of bed early in the morning can help do just that. At Work and Finance Blog you will get more good suggestions.

Tip: If sustainable study is also an option for you, be sure to check out this great overview of study programs for environmental protection and sustainability in.

Job portal for sustainable jobs

In collaboration with we would like to show you the best sustainable jobs and sustainable vacancies from companies and organizations such as the company Landpack, the WWF or also the NABU clearly arranged. Even though not all of the sustainable jobs listed here may be of interest to you personally, you should be able to find some suitable job offers and vacancies for you, also by using the filter function.

Whether as a project manager at the Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union Germany e.V. (NABU), project controller at Save The Children Germany e.V. or as a backend developer at 7Mind GmbH. Whether your primary interests are marketing, environmental protection, programming or public relations - it doesn't matter. In any case, you will find the right sustainable job and the matching sustainable job offer here.

Green, sustainable jobs to suit your taste

Find sustainable jobs and vacancies online
Whether you're at your laptop or out in nature, you'll find a sustainable job that suits you.

With the filter functions in the sustainable job portal, you can search specifically for the one suitable sustainable job offer for you.

The following Filter you can use for your job search:

  • Job abroad (yes/no): Check the appropriate box if you are interested in a sustainable job abroad. Then, for example, the green, sustainable job at Light for the world displayed in Vienna.
  • Conscious management (yes/no): With this check mark, you will be shown, for example, sustainable jobs in the field of energy efficiency and sustainable finance.
  • Protect the environment (yes/no): Here you will find sustainable job offers at environmental protection companies or similar organizations. For example as Head of Department WWF Natural Heritage in Berlin.
  • Impart knowledge (yes/no): In this category you will find sustainable jobs where you can actively raise awareness. For example as Network Policy Officer at the German Renewable Energy Federation.
  • Helping people (yes/no): Check the appropriate box if you are looking for a sustainable job where you can support people. For example, as a fundraising officer for Safe the Children Deutschland e.V.
  • Shaping society (yes/no): Here you can search specifically for sustainable job opportunities where you can actively influence our social interaction. For example, as a portfolio management specialist at GLS Gemeinschaftsbank e.G.

Do you have questions about the job portal for sustainable job offers and green jobs? Then feel free to send me a message.

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