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The song of the nightingale - singer and nature ambassador


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What would spring be without the Nightingale? The nightingale is probably the greatest singing talent among songbirds and masters up to 800 different verses. Its song has thrilled people for thousands of years and this year will once again make some nature lovers sit up and take notice. With its diverse, unpredictable and so incredibly persistent songs, it always catches people's attention. Without question, spring would be a lot poorer without the nightingale.

In the spring, the male singles sing the ladies from the sky, delivering each other especially at night real singing competitions. The female chooses her suitor purely on the basis of song. The more versatile the song, the greater the likelihood that Mr. Nightingale will also be a good provider of food for the offspring.

As a small foretaste for the spring weeks I would like to show you now my video with the song of the nightingale. This male nightingale has really given everything to convince a female of himself and I hope that I can film them again this year in their territory. Enjoy the video!

The nightingale as an ambassador of nature

Nightingale song bird male video

The nightingale has earned its place in the Wildlife Blog deserves. It is a bird that indirectly makes an extremely large contribution to a better interaction with our nature. Many people who had little to do with nature in the past find through the night tigall their passion for our wildlife.

I live in Berlin, the capital of nightingales. Here I am regularly confirmed in what an extraordinary role it plays in the relationship between city life and nature. Currently, I often see people here standing in front of bushes or shrubs in complete disbelief, wondering which bird is capable of such a song.

Often, the nightingale is not seen, but only heard. Many people may be somewhat disappointed when they first see its rather inconspicuous appearance. The song likes to suggest a particularly exotic bird.

Tip: If you want to enjoy the song of the nightingale also in your own green, let the article about the Bird friendly garden inspire!

How the nightingale perfects song

But the appearance is not decisive for the nightingale. Singing is its great strength. The nightingale doesn't just sing, but creates entire songs with an incredible repertoire of verses and completely different sounds. Its song has moved people for thousands of years and provides an unexpected experience of nature, especially in big cities. 

In the National Park Unteres Odertal I was able to film a nightingale, which showed up more and more often as time went on. In the contribution video you can experience and enjoy the song of the nightingale. In addition to the male, I was also able to film the female, which does not sing, but nevertheless neatly tackles the nest building.

In June, unfortunately, the nightingale is rarely heard. But this has a positive reason, as it is a sign that all males have found a mate. Now only the singles sing until they also stop singing in July at the latest and try again next year. Maybe one or the other new verse will have been practiced by then. ?

Have fun with the recordings!

Stephan from CareElite

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Stephan Schulz

Hey, I'm Stephan and I have a great passion for our local nature. As a wildlife filmmaker, I travel to the last natural places in Germany and try to show people with my recordings how worth protecting our nature is. In the Wildlife Blog of CareElite I want to contribute to a better understanding of nature.

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