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Grow tomatoes yourself tips

Growing tomatoes yourself - 10 tips for successful tomato cultivation

You want to grow your own tomatoes? Cool! Nothing is better than the taste of sun-ripened tomatoes freshly harvested at home. Whether in the garden bed or in pots on the balcony, tomatoes are one of the most most popular vegetables among amateur gardeners. The power fruit not only tastes delicious, but is also very easy to grow yourself.

Here I would like to 10 valuable tips and tricks to help you grow your own tomatoes successfully. Have fun!

10 tips for successful tomato growing

Actually, any of us can be a gardener - you just need a little time and patience. More importantly, you need the Needs of the plants knows. Of course, this also applies to growing your own tomatoes.

With the following tips and tricks, you can lay the foundation for a really successful tomato harvest. You'll see: Soon you'll be able to enjoy the delicious fruit to the full - without the weekly trip to the supermarket!

1. choose best tomato varieties

Tomato varieties - Grow your own tomatoes

There is hardly any other vegetable that as versatile as the tomato is. Be it vine tomatoes, salad tomatoes, cocktail tomatoes or cherry tomatoes: The choice is huge and deciding on a particular variety is not exactly easy. Taste is what counts when choosing a variety - this is where your personal preferences come into play. But don't forget, to think of the intended use:

  • Cherry tomatoes taste delicious as a snack between meals.
  • Cocktail tomatoes look good in salads or as a topping for bread.
  • Meat tomatoes go very well with other vegetables.
  • Roma tomatoes are ideal for soups and sauces.

If you want to grow your own tomatoes, you should consider not only the taste but also the Resilience of the plants take into account. Varieties that are resistant to rot are particularly important outdoors. Although this fungal disease cannot be completely avoided, the risk is lower for robust varieties (e.g. old tomato varieties).

2. select a suitable location

Tomatoes need a Warm and sunny spotthat is protected from rain and wind. A well-drained, humus-rich and nutrient-rich soil is also important for optimum plant growth.

A warm and bright window sill is recommended for pre-cultivation - tomato seedlings need a warm and bright window sill. Lots of light and warmth. This applies not only to the germination phase, but also to later growth. The temperature should be at least 20°C to ensure successful sowing. If everything is right, you have created a solid basis for growing your own delicious tomatoes.

3. sowing tomatoes correctly

Of course, you can buy fully grown tomato plants. But it's almost more fun to watch the plants grow. From zero hour to experience. Use for this germinable tomato seedswhich you first soak in warm water, chamomile tea or garlic stock. Then fill plant pots with potting compost and spread the seeds out in a Distance of about 3 centimeters. Press the soil a little and moisten it very lightly.

4. use the right planters

We are not all blessed with our own garden. But no problem, growing tomatoes in pots works just as well! Note, however, that the Planter neither too big nor too small should be. If the capacity is too large, the large amount of soil can lead to root rot. If the pots are too small, on the other hand, it is more difficult to control the moisture.

It's best to use a pot that 15-20 liters is set. This makes the plant roots feel particularly at home! The planter should also have a drainage system. This is important to prevent waterlogging - your tomato plants are non swimmers and do not want to learn it either!

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5. prick tomatoes

Tomato plants need a lot of spacein order to grow well. As soon as the first leaves appear - usually after 2-3 weeks - the big moment has arrived: Time for pricking out! So you have to use the individual plantsif you have planted them too close together. You should take your time and be patient.

For pricking out you lift the seedlings carefully from the ground - Make absolutely sure that the small roots are not damaged in the process. How to do this? The best way is to use a special pricking rod or the shaft of a spoon. Then place the tomato plants in new pots filled with nutrient-rich soil.

6. watering correctly

Tomatoes need to be watered! But you should forget the motto "the more, the better". Too much water increases the Danger of fungal infections - especially if the moisture persists over a longer period of time. Therefore, never water the entire plant from above if you want to successfully grow tomatoes yourself.

You're feeding your tomato plants right when you're only directly on the ground water them. On hot days, you should water them several times a day. Never wait until the soil has completely dried out - because tomatoes are also not fans of dryness.

7. do not forget to fertilize

Tomatoes are So-called starchy plants i.e. always hungry plants that extract a lot of nutrients from the soil. You should therefore fertilize your tomato plants regularly so that they are well fed and you can harvest as many tomatoes as possible. It is suitable Organic fertilizer containing potassium or even compost.

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8. stubbing out must be

In order to promote fruit formation, you should young side shoots of the tomato plants regularly (thinning out). This allows the plant to use all its strength on the main shoot on which the tomatoes hang. If you do not pinch out the shoots, the tomato plant will form too much fruit These remain too small and do not ripen.

9. use climbing aid

Climbing help - grow tomatoes yourself

To prevent the main shoot from bending under the weight of the fruit, you should secure it with a Climbing aid or climbing aid support. Spiral rods made of stainless steel or aluminum are suitable for this. You can also use strings that you wrap loosely around the plant and attach to a gutter, for example. Definitely a pretty crucial tip for successfully growing tomatoes.

10. protect tomatoes from rain

Tomatoes are children of the sun - so they like no rain. That's why you should protect them well. In addition to a greenhouse, a tomato house is also worthwhile outdoors. Otherwise you can Tomato caps for individual plants use. The greenhouse climate is simulated under a special film. On sunny days, however, you can roll up the cover again.

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Tomato cultivation made easy!

I'm sure you now have plenty of tips to help you successfully grow your own tomatoes. can. Just always try to respond to the needs of your tomato plants. You will see: Your efforts will be rewarded with delicious fruits rewarded!

Do you have any questions about growing tomatoes? Or can you think of any other tips and tricks? Then feel free to write me a comment!

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

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