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Fridays For Future Movement as an opportunity

Fridays For Future - The Opportunity for Humanity

The Fridays For Future movement is the best thing that could have happened to us. But I can't stand by and watch people frantically trying to stop change and hold on to habits. So I had to write down a few words about it today. Please feel free to share your thoughts with me in the comments.


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I am fascinated by this energy and wish I had grown up like this myself at 16. ??

Your movement is improving the world and it is clear that many people are going right along with it and others are frantically looking for the easiest way to avoid the problem:

"We know it now, don't's getting annoying with all this overblown hype."

"It's just annoying now. Kann't this girl just go swing. ?"

"She's starting to get on my nerves! She'd better go back to school and study!"

Yes, for God's sake! She'll get on your nerves until you understand what this is all about. Until even the last person realizes that every single person can open their mouth and change the world.

How can you be against the #fridaysforfuture movement at all?! How can you be against the fact that you can still breathe the air on this earth in 50 years or still drink the water from the rivers? Or are you just frantically looking for the mistakes of a Greta Thunberg or a Luisa Neubauer, because that is more comfortable from the sofa than changing your own habits for environmental protection?

It is not about Greta Thunberg - it is not about individuals. What is happening now is the greatest chance to make up for the mistakes of the last half century... mistakes that were not made by an individual, but by humanity as a whole. And that's why we need to work together now to phase out coal, end deforestation for animal feed, save the bees, clean air, and fight fast fashion, food waste, or plastic waste in the environment. 

Instead, we write ourselves a wolf with a bag of chips on the lap to stop the people who go ahead to improve something - and thus only help those who want to stop improvement and continue to earn mighty money from it. 

Now that all the attention is on environmental protection, we have to take the opportunity, get loud and change everything. I don't know about you: but I'm not going to just say yes to everything and accept it as it is. I don't want to eat meat with antibiotics. I don't want rainforests cut down and species wiped out for animal feed. I don't want people to spray pesticides over cotton plantations in the former rainforest for my 4€ shirt, to get cancer at the age of 30 and that others sew it together for 2€ a day under the worst conditions and that the factory disposes of poisoned waste water in the rivers. I don't want the bees to die and I don't want 10,000 airplanes to take people from Cologne to Frankfurt or from Berlin to Hamburg in Germany every day. Simply because flying is far too cheap and time is far too expensive. 

The great thing is that we all have a chance to do better and speak up every day. But please stop finding fault with individuals and start becoming part of the solution ourselves.

That was on my mind - let's move on. ??

Stay clean,

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Christoph Schulz

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