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Zero Waste

Here at CareElite's Zero Waste blog, you'll learn how to live plastic-free, produce less plastic waste, and get back in touch with nature. Living plastic-free is more than a trend, it's a movement. Get in touch with other environmentally conscious people in the Zero Waste community and learn about alternative plastic-free products.

Zero Waste Plastic Free Blog

This plastic-free blog will educate you about plastic-free living, explain all sides of plastic and teach you to make things yourself to avoid plastic waste. Learn in the plastic free blog how and what plastic is made from or like you e.g. fly without plastic can. I would like to show you in this blog without plastic, how to make as little plastic waste as possible and thus conserve resources and also his own health. Because we must not forget that plastic in its basic form is pure poison. That's why I recommend you to regularly visit the Plastic free store so that I can give you my tips & tricks along the way.

The Plastic Free Blog is all about Zero Waste, how you can plastic free living and how you can basically produce less plastic waste.

Why the plastic-free blog is the future

Learn everything about the sensitive issue of plastic waste in the environment and what plastic does to nature and animals. Together we make a statement against plastic waste in nature and avoid plastic. I also share my worldwide actions against plastic waste on the plastic-free blog. The plastic-free blog is the future, because the discussion about the Plastic waste in the environment preserves the chance to carry out the change of our consciousness ourselves. Because there will definitely be a change. The question is whether we want it the soft way or the hard way. With the Plastic Free Blog, I would like to promote awareness of the plastic waste problem around the world. Because that's the only way we can reduce the amount of waste produced in the world in the long run.

Why I am a Zero Waste Blogger?

I run this plastic-free blog (which could also be called a zero waste blog) because it bothers me how we treat our unique planet. We produce massive amounts of plastic waste, polluting the environment, wildlife and ultimately our own health. I am a Plastic Free Blogger because I want to read about the plastic waste problem in the world. Of course, no Zero Waste Blog is enough for that, but with CareElite I have a holistic concept as a Environmental protection project against plastic waste in the launched. The Zero Waste Blog is an important part of the project and will raise awareness of plastic waste in the environment and provide guidance on the Zero Waste Lifestyle give