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Here at the Sustainability Blog, you'll get all the tips & tricks for living an eco-friendly, sustainable life. The concept of a sustainable life is relatively broad. Therefore, I would like to give you a few examples that should make the content of the blog a bit more tangible:

As you can see from these examples, this blog about sustainable living is mainly about tips for everyday life, answers to everyday questions about sustainability, existing environmental problems and how each individual can solve them, and also interviews with people in the environmental field.

I want to give you a comprehensive picture of how many great people are working to protect the environment and how you too can be a part of the solution to the Environmental problems of our time can become.

Contents of the sustainable lifestyle blog

In this nature, environment and sustainability blog you can expect a lot! The blog is divided into the following subcategories, so you can choose exactly the environmental topics that interest you:

Environmental protection blog

In this part of the sustainability blog you will learn the best environmental projects to preserve our unique nature and the best tips to live sustainably. All in the spirit of environmental protection.

Plastic free blog

With this part in the sustainability blog I fully dedicate myself to my main theme, the Plastic waste in the environment. Make less waste in your household, support Beach CleanUps. You will learn in this environmental blog how to live completely in zero waste lifestyle plastic free. Make your everyday life sustainable.

Do It Yourself Blog

This blog is about reducing the unconscious and anything but sustainable mass consumption. Because you can make most of the things we need in everyday life yourself. Learn in the Nature Blog to make plastic-free things like toothpaste yourself. All natural and plastic free. In the natural Do It Yourself Blog, for example, you will learn how to make your Make detergent yourself or how to create your own Macadamia milk making simply by following your heart.

Natural Health Blog

A great opportunity for me to incorporate one of my favorite topics "Body, Mind & Soul" into the blog is the Health Blog. I'll show you how to live naturally and reclaim the things that industry has taken away from us over the years. The health blog will make you happier, more natural and more confident. For example, in this blog, learn why you should cold showers should!

Nature Travel Blog

Through my work on global environmental projects, I also travel a lot and experience our unique nature. The travel blog in the Nature Blog shows you the best nature experiences and nature trips. I would like to strengthen your connection to nature for example with the article The best nature travel destinations in Germany awaken

Sustainability blog that creates awareness

You can see that the nature, environment and sustainability blog, just like our nature, is very diverse. I would like to preserve that.
Why a sustainability blog saves the environment and nature
After all, it is not the only blog that deals with sustainability, environment and nature. All sustainability bloggers together achieve a great effect, because bloggers change society.

Fortunately, the topic of sustainability is now very popular, but it has not yet reached the masses. In order to bring about a rethink or a new awareness in our society, environment, nature and sustainability blogs are therefore enormously important. The environment blog is there to have our nature always within reach, even if we are in the middle of the big city. As a sustainability blogger, I see it as my duty to give our society the chance to keep the connection with nature.

Why I am a sustainable lifestyle blogger

This blog initially has its roots in a truly awakening experience in Sri Lanka - there I faced the plastic waste problem, which at first glance seemed unconquerable.

But whether as a blogger about sustainable living, as well as all other topics, you are usually never alone.From the energy something against the Plastic waste in the environment to do, an entire movement developed that ultimately aims to solve all environmental problems. So together with you and many other wonderful people, as a blogger for sustainable living, I want to help educate our society and improve our world.

PS: If you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, just write a comment under the respective article in the blog.