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Stainless steel grill tray


  • Stainless steel grill basket with sturdy handles
  • Made of brushed stainless steel
  • Ideal for grilling fish, meat & vegetables
  • Suitable for charcoal, gas & electric grill
  • Plastic-free from packaging to grill basket

With the reusable Stainless steel grill tray you can easily prepare delicious and healthy dishes. In the Stainless steel grill pan without plastic meat, fish, vegetables or potatoes are grilled extra tasty and naturally healthy. Thanks to the foldable handle, you can also easily take the plastic-free stainless steel pan to the outdoor barbecue.

This plastic-free stainless steel grill tray is the perfect addition to your grill and will prevent anything from falling through your grill grate ever again! A cool design, no plastic and a secure handle for carrying make the grill basket a must for every griller!

In addition, stainless steel is dishwasher safe, so you can simply clean the pan in the dishwasher after grilling. In case of heavy soiling, it can of course be useful to soak the stainless steel grill pan a bit first.

Why a reusable grill tray?

The environmentally friendly stainless steel grill tray comes to you plastic-free and also has no plastic handles. That's not a good idea anyway for utensils that come into contact with heat. Unlike aluminum grill trays, the sustainable stainless steel grill basket is reusable indefinitely. Because of its durability, you ensure environmentally friendly grilling and reduce unnecessary waste.

The holes at the bottom of the high-quality stainless steel grill basket allow fat and liquids to drain off easily. Due to the hole design, the heat and smoke reach the food quickly and evenly and ensure gentle grilling with a nice smoke aroma.

With the stainless steel grill basket you guaranteed nothing more falls through the grill grate. I was tired of mushrooms always falling through. With a stainless steel grill basket, this is no longer an issue and you can grill mushrooms, potatoes and other small things without anything falling off.

The sustainable stainless steel grill tray has a secure handle for transporting the grilled food, so you won't burn yourself on it either.

The advantages of an environmentally friendly grill tray

Here you can find all the advantages of the plastic-free stainless steel grill basket in a clear form:

  • Reusable grill basket made of durable stainless steel
  • 100 % Plastic free
  • Sturdy handle for safe transport
  • Safe and uniform grilling with smoke aroma
  • Ideal for vegetables such as potatoes or mushrooms
  • Suitable for the dishwasher


Without plastic and aluminum, the practical grill pan made of high quality stainless steel makes the barbecue a healthy pleasure. Since it is a durable and reusable product, it is worth buying the plastic-free stainless steel grill pan.


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