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Spice jars


  • Plastic free spice jars made of glass and bamboo wood
  • Spice jars set
  • Sustainable bamboo wood lid
  • Pack your spices completely plastic-free!
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Plastic-free spice jars with wooden lids made of bamboo allow you to store your spices aroma-proof and well sorted in the kitchen. Forget about spices in small plastic jars, which directly cause plastic waste and are used up much too quickly anyway.

The practical spice containers without plastic can be labeled with labels, so you can easily keep your spices apart. Since the jars are stackable, it will be easy to organize your spices. The aesthetic design in combination with the order ensures that your kitchen looks tidy and beautiful.

Why spice container without plastic?

The spice jars are a sustainable alternative to plastic spice jars. With the jars you reduce unnecessary plastic waste and protect the environment. Since the jars with a natural wooden lid are made of purely natural materials, they are not only sustainable, but also food safe and guaranteed BPA-free. The sustainable spice jars benefit not only the environment, but also your health.

The plastic-free spice containers are also ideal for shopping in the unpackaged store or when you buy larger quantities of spices and can then decant them into the practical spice jars. It is also practical that the jars are stackable, so you can easily bring order to your spice cabinet.

Sustainable bamboo wood is used for the lids of the spice jars without plastic. Bamboo is one of the most sustainable resources in the world, as it grows up to one meter a day. The airtight lids keep your spices aromatic longer and the flavors do not mix with each other. The lids made of bamboo are also visually a real eye-catcher.

The plastic-free containers for spices are also very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. So it's no problem if you want to put a different spice in one of the jars. Then you can simply clean the jars in the dishwasher in between, so that the flavors do not mix.

Tip: Simply stick labels on the lid for labeling, so you can clean the jars for spices in the dishwasher without the labels coming off.

Due to the elegant design with the lid made of bamboo wood, the plastic-free spice jars are also a chic gift. The best part is that you can still fill the jars, for example, with delicious sweets like date coconut balls.

The advantages of the practical spice jars

With the beautiful spice jars you can store your spices completely plastic-free and have many other advantages such as:

  • Food safe and BPA free spice containers
  • Airtight lid for long lasting aroma
  • The beautiful spice jars bring order to the kitchen
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe

Store spices without plastic

The spice jars are a great option to keep spices airtight and neat in the kitchen. Since the spice jars are made without plastic, the jars are also a very sustainable option. If you like to buy the spice jars, you can order them online here.


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