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The 10 most beautiful nature destinations in Germany

Destinations in Germany - Nature Travel

Nature trips in Germany are the Germans' favorite. The versatile nature travel destinations show that you don't have to travel far to experience breathtaking moments. In this article, I have given you the ten most beautiful Nature travel destinations in Germany compiled. From north to south - in all directions you can discover beautiful nature in Germany.

The north - nature destinations in Germany

Especially the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are popular nature destinations in Germany. Here are my tips for your sustainable journey to the north of Germany.

Wadden Sea

In the north of the country lies Germany's largest national park: the Wadden Sea. The unique species-rich wetland with its flat, wide sandy beaches stretches over 450 km. The rough, stormy sea, shaped by the tides, dominates nature. Only some very adapted animal species can survive here. Especially bird lovers get their money's worth here. On numerous viewing platforms you can observe the animals in the bird sanctuaries.

The difference between high and low tide can be up to seven meters, so you can have a great swim at high tide and walk through the mudflats for hours at low tide.

Neuwerk island

When the water recedes, a path leads from the North Sea town of Cuxhaven through the Wadden Sea to the small island of Neuwerk, which is about ten kilometers from the mainland. During the hike you can get to know the Wadden Sea from its most beautiful side: observe animals, sink into the mudflats or slither in the silt. Pure nature!

Within half an hour you can walk around the island once. If you want to follow the nature further, you can walk from Neuwerk to the island Scharhörn. The island is inhabited by a bird keeper all year round and can be entered only with prior notice.

An overnight stay in a hay hotel rounds off your nature adventure perfectly. If you don't want to walk back, you can take the boat or the wading car.

The most beautiful nature destinations in Germany - the Wadden Sea, in the background the island Neuwerk


On the border with Holland, lies the East Frisian island of Borkum. On the island, with a few exceptions, cars are prohibited. Free from exhaust fumes and smog, you can enjoy the salt and iodine air, which has a positive effect on your health. It is not for nothing that Borkum is a North Sea spa.

In the eastern part of the island is a bird sanctuary, which may not be entered. In addition, there is the Tüskendörsee, which is a nature reserve.

On the dike, which protects the island from storm tides, you can walk and enjoy the peace and quiet. In the summer months the island is quite crowded, so you should rather come in the off-season. Besides a seawater wave pool, there are numerous sports and entertainment facilities.

The East - nature travel destinations in Germany

Germany's east has a lot to offer! Especially in the mountains you can enjoy nature that you might not have expected in Germany. These are my tips for your nature trip to the east of Germany.

Fischland Darß

In the course of time, this 50 km long peninsula chain "Fischland Darß", connected by dikes, has grown together. It belongs to the "National Park Vorpommersche Boddenlandschaft". Besides the typical dunes and beaches you can hike or cycle along the impressive cliffs and enjoy the view. The island is considered a bird paradise. In spring and autumn, huge flocks of cranes rest here.

The climate on the Baltic Sea is less harsh than on the North Sea and the difference between the tides is smaller, so you can really swim here. If you like water sports, Fischland Darß is your perfect nature destination.

The small resorts of Ahrenshoop, Prerow and Zingst, where there is a pier where you can virtually walk into the sea, are definitely worth a visit.

Here you can find the best, most sustainable accommodations in Fischland Darß

Saxon Switzerland is the German part of the Elbe Sandstone Mountains, which are home to a variety of bizarrely shaped sandstone rocks. In addition to hiking and biking tours, there are staircases such as the Rübezahlstiege or the Rotkehlchenstiege, where you can overcome large differences in altitude within a short time. If you are particularly brave, you can try rock climbing. The absolute highlight is spending the night on a rocky outcrop.

A tourist attraction is the rock formation Bastei. On a viewing platform you can look down 200 meters to the Elbe and marvel at the gorge system. In the town of Rathen there is an open-air stage made of stones, where plays are performed in the summer. Culturally interesting is also the open-air museum in the fortress Königstein.

Mecklenburg Lake District - Fleesensee

In the middle of Mecklenburg-Vorpommer lies the Mecklenburg Lake District. The landscape is hilly and dotted with numerous lakes, such as the Kölpinsee, the Plauer See or the Krakower See. Lake Müritz is the second largest lake in Germany, but it is very shallow at 30 meters. On a boat tour you can get acquainted with the surrounding nature.

If you like it a bit fancier, then a stay in one of the hotels in the Fleesensee vacation reservoir on the lake of the same name is recommended. The hotels were built only a few years ago and offer a very large range of leisure and entertainment facilities.

Do you want to relax from the stressful everyday life, enjoy the seclusion and not give up a little luxury, then this place is perfect for you.

The south - nature destinations in Germany

The nature in the south of Germany is unique and must not be missing in the list of nature travel destinations in Germany, of course.

Berchtesgadener Land

In the southeastern tip of Germany lies the Berchtesgadener Land, one of the most breathtaking nature destinations in Germany. Lush greenery, pristine landscapes and imposing mountains, such as the Watzmann, the two highest peak in Germany, await you here.

The Berchtesgadener Land is home to the Berchtesgaden National Park, which is characterized by many gorges and valleys as well as rare flora and fauna. In the middle of the national park lies the Königssee. With its picturesque scenery and super clean water, it is an absolute highlight.

With the cable car you can go up to the 1613 m high Predigtstuhl and enjoy the fantastic panorama from here.

Black Forest

The Black Forest offers more than just cuckoo clocks and Bollen hats and is known beyond the borders of Germany, not least because of its mysterious name "Black Forrest".

The Black Forest is a vast area divided into three regions: the Northern Black Forest, the Middle Black Forest and the Southern Black Forest, which includes the Feldberg and is home to a huge winter sports area.

Large parts of the region are under nature protection. The landscapes are characterized by mountain and valley landscapes, extensive, dense forests, mountain meadows, lakes and streams.

Especially characteristic is a stay in one of the numerous farms. Here you can spend a relaxing time with your family or friends in the middle of nature.

Bavarian Forest

Between Nuremberg, Munich and the Czech border lies the Bavarian Forest. With its over 300 km large network of hiking trails and stairs, it is an absolute paradise for hikers. Names like the rock formation "Teufelstisch" or the mountain "Geizkopf" arouse curiosity about the region. In the treetop path you can view the forest from above at a height of 25 meters.

Due to its good care and designation as a national park, parts of the Bavarian Forest are re-evolving into a primeval forest. 30 species of wild animals are at home here.

Mountain bike riders really get their money's worth here. If you need refreshment in between, you can jump into one of the numerous lakes or take a tour by boat.

The West - nature travel destinations in Germany

The west of Germany also has beautiful nature to offer. Here is my absolute favorite destination in the west of Germany.


Hard to believe, but in the middle of Germany there are volcanoes, some of which are still active. In the volcanic Eifel, which is located in eastern Rhineland-Palatinate, you can witness for yourself that it is bubbling under your feet. The landscape of the region is characterized by volcanism. Typical Eifel maars, craters in which lakes have formed today, volcanic craters and lava flows are evidence of this. The Laacher See is a volcanic lake where volcanic gases in the form of carbon dioxide escape to this day.

You can explore this nature destination on the well-developed network of hiking trails or on the various bike paths.

The 280 km long Volcano Road runs from the Rhine to the High Eifel, along 39 sights and crosses all three volcano parks in the region, where there are information centers on the subject of volcanoes and various other facilities. One highlight is the world's highest cold-water geyser in Wallenborn, as a testimony to volcanic activity. The volcanic Eifel is especially for North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland-Palatinate super suitable as a weekend destination to escape the stressful everyday life.

These are the most beautiful nature destinations in Germany

As you can see, Germany has a lot of nature destinations to offer. From north to south and east to west, there are great regions to discover everywhere. For a break, you don't have to fly kilometers away, but can take a climate-friendly vacation nearby.

Kind regards,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: In the article Sustainable travel you get a lot of tips for an incredibly sustainable vacation!

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