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Books by Christoph Schulz

Here you can find all my books for a natural, sustainable life.

My dream was to write a book at some point in my life. That worked out. But not everything in life goes according to plan - that's why it didn't stay with this one book. So I'd like to give you a brief overview of the paperbacks and e-books I've published so far. Have fun reading!


Plastic-free for beginners book Christoph Schulz

Plastic-free living for beginners

For a life that is as waste-free as possible.

Vegetables wrapped in foil, shower gel packs and plastic spatulas - we encounter plastic everywhere in our everyday lives, usually completely unnecessarily. However, doing without it for the sake of our planet often seems very costly and complicated. But the committed environmental activist Christoph Schulz proves that a plastic-free life is much easier than many people think. In 3 steps, he shows us how to find easy-to-implement alternatives and provides innovative ideas for an environmentally friendly lifestyle - without a great deal of effort! With practical tips for shopping in the supermarket, plastic alternatives when traveling or for homemade deodorant.

Sustainable living for beginners Christoph Schulz Book

Sustainable living for beginners

Making the difference step by step.

How much damage does a flight do to the environment? Why does it help to avoid meat? And how can you take care of your ecological footprint while on vacation? If you want to live an environmentally conscious life, you will encounter many questions at the beginning. Environmentalist Christoph Schulz shows that everyone is in a position to change the world. In simple steps, he explains how to lead a sustainable life and provides a comprehensive overview of the most important topics: from green electricity and slow fashion to investments, nutrition and leisure activities. In this unique guide, you will find out everything you need to know about sustainability and climate protection - with over 100 tips worth following for an easy start to a climate-friendly everyday life.

Christoph Schulz Books - Sustainable Living Challenge

Sustainable living - the challenge

Living Sustainably - The Challenge

Those who want to change something about climate change are often faced with the challenge of changing old, entrenched habits and establishing new ones. To help us change these habits with fun and ease, Christoph Schulz provides 70 simple environmental protection challenges that take varying amounts of time and help us to establish a sustainable lifestyle in the long term. There are suitable everyday tasks for different areas of life, such as your own home, travel or nutrition: with checklists to tick off, pages to fill in and a personal sustainability account to collect points.

Sustainable travel for beginners by Christoph Schulz

Sustainable travel for beginners

Discover the world without a guilty conscience.

We want to travel, relax and explore new places. But climate-friendly, ecological, fair, regional, vegan and waste-avoiding - that all sounds very sustainable, but unfortunately also like a lot of effort and not much fun! However, environmentalist Christoph Schulz shows that sustainable travel with unique experiences and unforgettable moments is possible without having to bend over backwards. If you take your time, make conscious decisions and follow important basic rules. He provides specific tips for travel destinations, accommodation, means of transportation and local activities. This will make your next eco-friendly trip a pure pleasure.

Cover Cooking for the climate Kochboch

Cooking for the climate

It's easy to cook sustainably and in a climate-friendly way.

Cooking for our climate - what exactly does that mean? Environmental activist Christoph Schulz and nutrition specialist Julian Hölzer have looked into this topic and show in this book how you can contribute to climate protection with sustainable nutrition. They address the social and economic consequences of our consumer behavior in order to illustrate how sustainable nutrition for the environment and climate can easily be achieved in everyday life - especially by eating less meat and dairy products and more regional produce. The shopping tips and 60 delicious recipes encourage sustainable cooking.

Plastic free and sustainable calendar book

Weekly calendar: Plastic-free and sustainable

Steadily learning to live in a more environmentally friendly way.

Anyone who would like to make the year more sustainable but doesn't know how to do so will find the right help here in the form of a perpetual weekly calendar. Every week, the well-known environmentalist Christoph Schulz provides suggestions, some small, some large, for making everyday life sustainable and plastic-free. These include instructions for sustainable fertilizing, healthy recipes, environmentally friendly cosmetics tips and many other suggestions for every area of life. In this way, everyone can make the change with small steps and lead a conscious and climate-friendly life.

Do you have questions about my books?

If you want to know something about me and my books, you can always write me a message via the contact form. And who knows: maybe you even have one or two ideas for exciting sustainability topics that I should definitely address in my next books. Either way, I look forward to hearing from you.