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Quotes About Cycling und bicycles

Bicycle Quotes - The 52 Best Sayings About Cycling

Looking for inspirational bike quotes? Then you've come to the right place. I used to ride a bike because I hardly had any alternatives in the village. Today I ride a bike because I can get from A to B in the city faster than with any other means of transport. It's also the most environmentally friendly vehicle and keeps me healthy.

I love it, Ride a bike - I just wish everyone would think that way. If you want to motivate yourself or other people with a few quotes, then simply use the following sayings about cycling, which should encourage everyone to get back on their bikes. Have fun!

My please: Keep in mind that many of the quotes about cycling have been translated into English from other languages. I cannot guarantee that it is the original quote in each case. Therefore, double check them before you share them. If you like and share any of the quotes in the internet, please link this elaborately created collection. Thank you for your support!

Best Bicycle Quotes At A Glance

Cycling is healthy, quiet, space-saving and, above all, emission-free. It is THE means of transport to avoid the man-made Climate change to declare war. Therefore, it deserves to be promoted. With the following bike quotes, this should be no problem!

Cycling Quotes 1 - 10

  1. "Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride." (John F. Kennedy)
  2. "Get a bicycle. You will not regret it, if you live." (Mark Twain)
  3. "I thought of that while riding my bicycle." (Albert Einstein)
  4. "It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them." (Ernest Hemingway)
  5. "Putting all these pieces together, I finally thought to myself that a bike ride around the world begins really does begin with a single pedal stroke." (Scott Stoll)
  6. "It is not yet clear how bicycling became such a fashion - because it is reasonable, and it is neither hot, nor sexy, nor erotic." (Joseph von Westphalen)
  7. "Cycling is about movement and freedom; on a bike you feel untethered, almost autonomous." (Ralf Hütter)
  8. "The straw with which I cling to the joy of life is instantaneously the bicycle." (Arthur Schnitzler)
  9. "Bicycles may change, but cycling is timeless." (Zapata Espinoza)
  10. "Look at how a two-wheeler is set in motion and ride. If you are able to set your will in motion and ride like this, you will sit in the saddle like a master after some fluctuations." (Christian Morgenstern)

Cycling Quotes 11 - 20

  1. "No other invention combines business with pleasure as deeply as a bicycle." (Adam Opel)
  2. "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime. Teach a man to cycle and he will realize fishing is stupid and boring." (Desmond Tutu)
  3. "Life is like riding a bicycle: you don't fall off unless you stop pedaling." (Claude Pepper)
  4. "Riding a bike is like a little vacation for me." (Wigald Boning)
  5. "The bicycle is the most civilized means of transportation we know. Other forms of transportation are getting more nightmarish every day. Only the bicycle preserves its pure heart." (Iris Murdoch)
  6. "Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling." (James E. Starrs)
  7. "I called the bike my only friend. If it had been possible, I probably would have slept with him." (Henry Miller)
  8. "Bicycles are almost as good as guitars for meeting girls." (Bob Weir)
  9. "You either love spinning the pedals and watching scenery whiz by, or you don’t. And if you love it, not much can sour you on the idea of riding your bike." (Keith Mills)
  10. "Boneshaker always need a kick." (Almut Adler)

Cycling Quotes 21 - 30

  1. "Whoever invented the bicycle deserves the thanks of humanity." (Charles Beresford)
  2. "Cycling gives me great pleasure: it's wonderful, to sit down somewhere a little tired and heated and look over the bushes, the meadows and hills, and in the evening it's even beautiful to ride in the streets of the suburbs." (Hugo von Hofmannsthal)
  3. "Fresh air? Freedom! Bicycle!" (Isabel Trimborn)
  4. "Cycling isn't a game, it's a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying, and it requires great sacrifices." (Jean de Gribaldy)
  5. "The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat." (Hugo Camps)
  6. "Let me tell you what I think of bicycling. I think it has done more to emancipate women than anything else in the world. It gives women a feeling of freedom and self-reliance." (Susan B. Anthony)
  7. "Riding a bike is as close as you can get to the flight of a bird." (Louis J. Hall)
  8. "I've solved more problems in the saddle than in a conference room." (Andy Rihs)
  9. "Braking too late, you can still do that." (Claudio Chiappucci)
  10. "The pedestrians drag along with an unvestable slowness and gloom. One step on the crank and they are overtaken, they are already distant, already small. There is a poetry in haste." (Theodor Herzl)

Cycling Quotes 31 - 40

Sayings about cycling
  1. "The weather has to be nasty for me to leave the bike in the garage." (Gustav Kilian)
  2. "When the spirits are low, when the day appears dark, when work becomes monotonous, when hope hardly seems worth having, just mount a bicycle and go out for a spin down the road, without thought on anything but the ride you are taking." (Arthur Conan Doyle)
  3. "Ride as much or as little, as long or as short as you feel. But ride." (Eddy Merckx)
  4. "Marriage is a wonderful invention: then again, so is a bicycle repair kit." (Billy Connolly)
  5. "I'm a cycloholic." (Claudio Chiappucci)
  6. "The quality of life rises where the legs are used a little more and the elbows a little less." (Erhard Eppler)
  7. "This is true in space travel, at work, in politics, in the stock market, and in cycling: Going down is always faster than going up." (Wolfgang J. Reus)
  8. "I don't cycle to add days to my life. I cycle to add life to my days." (Unknown)
  9. "Good advice/wheel is expensive." (Eddy Merckx)
  10. "When your legs scream stop and your lungs are bursting, that’s when it starts. That’s the hurt locker. Winners love it in there." (Chris McCormack)

Cycling Quotes 41 - 52

  1. "No mercy for the calves." (Louis J. Hall)
  2. "The bicycle thing - well, since people couldn't use their cars, they had to use their bicycles, didn't they?" (Larry Harvey)
  3. "I love cycling because it clears my head for new ideas." (Christina Bacher)
  4. "Bicycle - environmentally friendly vehicle with health-promoting mechanics." (Manfred Hinrich)
  5. "I love a bicycle, and I haven't been without at least one since I was three years old." (James May)
  6. "An increase in bicycle ridership brings an increased need for measures to ensure the safety of cyclists." (Ayanna Pressley)
  7. "It's the unknown waiting around the next corner that pushes my wheels forward." (Heinz Stucke)
  8. "Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race." (H. G. Wells)
  9. "A custom bike is not snobbery, it's just common sense if you don't want back pain." (Friedrich Küppersbusch)
  10. "Money alone doesn't make you happy. You have to buy a bike with it." (Unknown)
  11. "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." (Albert Einstein)
  12. "Show me a problem in this world and I'll give you the bicycle as part of the solution." (Mike Sinyard)

Frequently asked questions about cycling

Why should you ride your bike more often?

The advantages of cycling include, for example, that you experience much more than in a car, that you are environmentally friendly, quiet, space-saving, cheap, more flexible and, last but not least, very healthy.

Is regular cycling healthy?

Riding a bike regularly is very healthy. Among other things, time on the bike improves your blood circulation, boosts your metabolism, burns calories and strengthens your cardiovascular system. In addition, the bike helps you to reduce stress and lower a possible increased blood pressure.

Do you experience more on a bike than in a car?

If you want to experience a lot and get more excited about the little things in life, you should prefer the bicycle to the car. You simply experience your environment more intensively because you travel more slowly and the surroundings don't simply rush past you.

Bicycle Quotes And Sayings About Cycling Use

Bicycle Quotes And Sayings About Cycling

We humans are a burden to this planet. With our current behavior, we have caused a lot of the biggest environmental problems of our time conjured up. We are emitting greenhouse gases - on and on. We clog the roads with oversized cars. And we swing ourselves into the driver's seat for the 200 meters to the bakery. The bicycle is the solution to these problems. All we have to do is sit down at the handlebars and pedal.

I hope these bicycle quotes help you. Can you think of any others? Or do you want to get rid of something else? Then just write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: I have you also another Collection with sayings about sustainability compiled. In it you will also find an overview with many other inspiring quote lists.

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