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At Knowledge Blog you will learn everything about sustainability and especially about the Environmental problems of our time. You'll get a broad view of the connections between our behavior and the impact it has on other people and our environment.

Get a good start on the knowledge blog with these articles:

Just take a look around the Knowledge Blog and learn something new every day. Of course, if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement, just leave a comment below the respective article. Nobody is perfect - but everyone should keep learning.

Why a knowledge blog about sustainability is important

Everything we do in our everyday lives affects our environment, other people, animals and plants. No matter whether we are eating something or taking a cab from A to B. We consume resources. Germany's Earth Overshoot Day is coming closer and closer to the beginning of the year - and it's frightening. We live on credit. The Knowledge Blog should show you that there is another way. That we can live in harmony with nature without losing quality of life. And that we can calmly take the pace out of our everyday life to protect our health.

Why I am a knowledge blogger about sustainability

I'll be honest: I used to have no desire to learn or question things. Today, fortunately, that's different. I know that my own behavior has an impact on the environment - and that I myself have the chance to minimize it and preserve the unique nature. I run this knowledge blog because I want to know everything about sustainability and pass on these insights to other people. Maybe not everything in this blog interests everyone. But basically topics like environmental protection and sustainability concern everyone. Therefore it is important to talk about it and to inform.