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Animal welfare

At animal welfare blog you will learn everything you need to know about the animal world and you will learn how you can stand up for the protection of animals in everyday life. The blog is there to give animals a voice and to sensitize our society to the fact that animal suffering today is absolutely unnecessary and preventable by every individual.

You'll find a good introduction to the blog with these posts:

Just have a look around the animal protection blog and feel free to write under the individual posts. If you have questions, ideas or suggestions for improvement, I look forward to your comment.

The importance of an animal welfare blog

Animals, unfortunately, do not have a voice to raise - and whimpering or in reaction aggressive behavior no longer seem to be enough for many people. That's why it's important to pay more attention to the feelings of animals and the need to eat them or keep them in cramped cages. The blog about animals teaches you, for example, that male chicks are gassed or shredded in factory farming - and encourages you to think about current practices that are still practiced but perhaps no longer appropriate.

Why I am animal welfare blogger

My reasons lie mainly in the fact that I myself could never inflict suffering on animals. Nevertheless, I did it unconsciously for many years. I used to eat two portions of meat every day - and somehow forgot that animals are also sentient beings. That sounds crazy - but it's the same for most people in our society. When I personally woke up, I decided to become an animal welfare blogger or rather to start this animal welfare blog. It is incredibly important to realize that animals are living beings like you and me. And that they behave according to their nature. That's how we should do it too.

But now I wish you a lot of fun in the animal protection blog!