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Become a vegan activist tips

Become a Vegan Activist - Over 100 Effective Tips, Arguments & Food for Thought

How can I become a vegan activist? If you are asking yourself this question right now, I think that's just great! Because you are not only willing to give up the consumption of animal products for the good of the animals, but also to actively oppose the consumption of animal products. Cruelty to animals, the Factory farming and the exploitation of animals. But what does that look like in practice now? What can you do and how does activism work particularly effectively?

In this article I would like to give you a kind of Toolbox of arguments, guidelines, information and food for thought for successful, vegan animal rights activists. Let's go!

  1. Prepare for counterarguments
  2. Acquire knowledge
  3. Guide for successful conversations
  4. Use effective sentences and comparisons
  5. Find and support groups
  6. Closing words

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What counterarguments should I be prepared for as a vegan activist?

Whether in discussions in your private sphere or in engaged street activism, if you're Convince people (or persuade them to behave in a more animal-friendly way), then there are always typical prejudices, clichés and excuses for which you can prepare yourself quite well. Use the following list to argue faster, more logically and more quick-wittedly in the event of a case.

Prejudices #1 - 30

  1. Eating meat is healthy.
  2. People who give up meat are less able to perform in sports.
  3. Vegan is not for pregnant women.
  4. I only buy locally grown, free range and organic meat.
  5. You can't feed dogs a vegan diet.
  6. Vegans need to supplement vitamin B12.
  7. Vegan is not for children.
  8. I also eat very little meat.
  9. Vegans suffer from nutrient deficiencies / Vegan diet is too one-sided.
  10. Eating meat has helped us evolve.
  11. People will lose their jobs because of veganism.
  12. Vegans eat too many imported products.
  13. They should focus on more important issues. / Human rights and the fight against world hunger are more important.
  14. One cannot live 100% free from cruelty.
  15. Climate change? A few degrees don't make a difference.
  16. I like the taste of meat and could not give it up.
  17. Why do vegans eat products that look like meat?
  18. Veganism is a luxury problem.
  19. The climate has always been changing.
  20. Cows need to be milked.
  21. Animals eat other animals, so I can too.
  22. It is necessary to eat animals.
  23. Man is an omnivore.
  24. It is legal to eat animal products and there are laws to protect animals.
  25. Veganism will not solve the climate problem.
  26. I only eat meat from animals that are slaughtered humanely.
  27. The whole world will never become vegan.
  28. You have a laptop and a smartphone too, right? AHA!
  29. Living vegan is expensive.
  30. God brought animals here so that we could eat them.
Not your fur - Vegan Graffiti

Prejudices #31 - 63

  1. Veganism is just a trend.
  2. Animals do not feel pain and have no feelings.
  3. We do animals a favor because we give them life.
  4. If you were stranded on a desert island, you would also eat meat.
  5. We could just improve the lives of animals.
  6. In America, they eat much more meat. They have to change something first.
  7. I like cheese way too much and could never go vegan.
  8. This is the cycle of life.
  9. Humans are at the top of the food chain.
  10. People have always eaten meat.
  11. It is natural to eat animals.
  12. Eating animals is my personal choice.
  13. Plants have feelings too.
  14. My friends and family would not like it if I went vegan.
  15. When plants are harvested, animals also die.
  16. Vegans always look thin and weak.
  17. If we didn't eat animals, they would overrun us or become extinct.
  18. The animals I eat are already dead.
  19. After all, no animals die for milk.
  20. Eating meat in moderation is okay.
  21. Vegans are so judgmental and want to lecture others.
  22. Vegan diets are too restrictive - it's just too extreme.
  23. Morality is subjective.
  24. Hitler was a vegetarian.
  25. After all, no animals die for eggs.
  26. But without animal products, you're lacking protein - that's not healthy.
  27. Soy destroys the rainforest? Only vegans and vegetarians eat it anyway!
  28. Vegetarian is enough!
  29. We are more intelligent than animals.
  30. Being vegan is unmanly.
  31. As a vegan, you can eat almost nothing - you can't eat all that.
  32. Eating animals is part of our traditions / We have always eaten animals.
  33. I alone cannot change anything anyway.

Find your answers to these arguments

As you can see, there are countless Prejudices against the vegan lifestyle. In the linked articles you will already find many answers and tips on how to prepare for your engagement as an animal rights activist. If you like, you can also download my free e-book "All arguments against veganism - and how you simply refute them"Download it. If you want to become a vegan activist, it's for you! Have fun!

How do you deal with contradictions in a goal-oriented way?

The Canadian activist Alex Bez gave a great talk on "Vegan Outreach." and also presents a rough guideline for skillfully converting contradictions into agreement. He proceeds as follows:

  1. Listen (and do not interrupt)
  2. Acknowledge (make sure you got everything right)
  3. Empathize
  4. Ask questions (seek understanding)
  5. Repeat (confirm understanding)
  6. Present solution
  7. Gain approval

How and where do I best acquire the knowledge for better arguments?

Stop factory Farms Vegan activism for animal rights

Whether it's for our food, for our entertainment, for our clothing, or for Animal testing: until I was 30, I had no idea what was happening behind the scenes with animals. In the meantime, I have learned an incredible amount. Use the following tips to gain knowledge and experience for your vegan activism as quickly as possible:

  • YouTube channels: Gary Yourofsky, Earthling Ed, Niko Rittenau, Vegan is Unhealthy, Joey Carbstrong... there are countless vegan YouTuberfrom which you can learn!
  • Blog: Just look here in the Vegan Blog and in the Animal welfare blog um. Internalize, for example, what each of us do against factory farming in everyday life can.
  • Books: Of course, you can also acquire knowledge in books. "Vegan cliché adé" is highly recommended for activists in addition to my free e-book, for example!
  • Documentaries: Watch vegan documentaries like "Earthlings," "Dominion", "What The Health" or "Game Changers". They will motivate you incredibly!
  • Activism: Learning by doing! The more often you actively fight for animal rights and against the exploitation of animals, the more effective and better you become.
  • Exchange: You can also learn directly from other activists. Whether at actions and demos or simply in the exchange in Facebook groups and forums.

You've decided to become an animal rights activist - use this advice to bring the knowledge you need to do so into your home 🙂

Tip: At argue better you will receive 30 unbeatable tips to convince and inspire people more effectively.

A guide for successful conversations

Extremely helpful for animal rights activists and those who want to become one are rough guidelines for good conversations and discussions. I do not want to withhold these from you:

  1. Breaking the ice and appealing to emotions: Have you ever seen something like that? How does it make you feel? What do you think when you see something like that?
  2. Motivate to act: What do you think we can do about it? Here, people often refer to politics, so the next question is: Politics doesn't seem to be interested enough, so what do you think we as individuals can do about it? Every euro we spend is a ballot.
  3. Debunking objections, misconceptions and clichés: see paragraph prepare for counterarguments.
  4. Agree on Commitment: z. For example, try oat milk instead of cow's milk or try vegan for a week.

Tip: A good way to convince people is the Socratic dialogue. By asking a specific question, your counterpart is stimulated to think in order to find his or her own solutions to the problem raised.

What questions, comparisons, and phrases can I use as an animal rights activist?


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If you want to become a vegan activist, you should have slogans ready that don't miss their mark. By now, I've had countless conversations and discussions where I've stood up for animals. The following sayings (made up by myself or inspired by other vegan activists) are. particularly effectiveWhen someone in a certain situation sees pictures of animal cruelty or the deeds in factory farming:

Effective sentences for vegan activists #1 - 10

  1. "Would you also be okay with having the same thing done to you?"
  2. "Would you do that to your worst enemy?"
  3. "When you go vegan, you're more who you really are. You wouldn't kill an animal or shred a chick. So also stop paying others to do these things for you. When you stop doing that, your whole life will change positively. You live in alignment with compassion, equality, respect, love, empathy - all the good stuff. When your actions are in alignment with your values, you feel who you really are."
  4. "Would you show your child how cows and pigs are slaughtered?" If not, that would be a pretty strong indicator that it's not good."
  5. "If it's not good enough for your eyes, why should it be good enough for your stomach?"
  6. "Would you say that torturing animals is wrong? Currently, you're still paying for someone else to do it for you."
  7. "You don't buy, they don't die."
  8. "What would we call it if we replaced all the animals in slaughterhouses with humans right now?"
  9. "Those who have the privilege to know have the Duty to act."
  10. "I don't think that you are a bad person. But when you know better you do better."

Effective sentences for vegan activists #11 - 20

  1. "Make yourself as strong for the animals as you would want to be if you were in their situation."
  2. "Don't blame and shame - inform and explain!"
  3. "Don't you think it's strange that we have enough food to feed 56 billion farm animals a year , but that at the same time more than 800 million people in the world go hungry?"
  4. "Would you protest if your mother mixed dog meat into your food? And also the same with pork or chicken?"
  5. "If you were to be re-bid as an animal - which animal would you like to be? And which one would you not?"
  6. "Replace pigs, cows and chickens in factory farms with dogs. Would you protest then?"
  7. "What effect could it have on our society if we stopped exploiting animals for our benefit?"
  8. "White people have believed that black people are there for their benefit. Many men have believed that women are there for their benefit. And we believe that animals are there for our benefit only."
  9. "Men thought they were superior to women, because their different. White people thought they are superior to black people, because of the different color of their skin. And we are thinking that we are superior to animals, because they are covered in feathers, wools, wings or fur."
  10. "Stop looking for a good way to do the wrong thing. Because there is no good way to do the wrong thing."

Effective sentences for vegan activists #21 - 30

  1. "I don't regret taking the step to veganism. My only regret is that I didn't take the path sooner."
  2. "Animals may not walk like us, may not talk like us, and may not look like us. But they definitely deserve a life a freedom - just like us."
  3. "If you wanted to eat a lamb, a pig, or a calf, and you had to kill it yourself, would you do it?" "Don't you think it's strange that you can't kill the animal yourself and instead pay someone else to do it for you?"
  4. "Whenever we look at injustices, we need to look at them through the eyes of the victims."
  5. "If there was a lamb, calf, pig standing here and I wanted to kill with a knife, would you stop me?"
  6. "There are two types of people: Some say veganism is hard because they are focused on themselves. The others say veganism is easy because they are focused on the sacrifices (the animals' lives, the environment and their health)."
  7. "How do you feel when you see animal cruelty / these images? And what exactly bothers you about it?"
  8. "Are you against animal cruelty?" "If you are against it, what do you think these animals would want you to do? What would be the first step?"
  9. "It's nice that you think my activism is good. But I'm not here for respect toward me - I'm here for respect toward the animals here."
  10. "What's stopping you from being vegan? How can I help you?"

Additional Tip: If you want to become a vegan activist, these will also help you Animal welfare quotes!

Effective sentences for vegan activists #31 - 40

  1. "If I'm going to pay someone here right now to kill a dog and make it into a cutlet - would you say I'm an animal abuser?"
  2. "If you were in factory farming and were going to be exploited and killed, I would stand up for you. But because you are not, and because of our rights you don't have to fear such things, I don't have to. These things happen to animals, but they have no voice and still too few rights. That's why I stand up for them."
  3. "Factory farming is modern slavery. Do you agree?" "No, we keep them better." "But if I treat a slave well, what I do remains slavery. Right?"
  4. "For us, it's a brief moment of pleasure. For the animals, it's their whole life."
  5. "One person doesn't make a difference? So more people should be doing it right now, right?"
  6. "Do you think that we need to eat animals to stay healthy and to survive?" "If we don't have to eat them to survive and stay healthy - then what drives us to do so?"
  7. "Not everyone is in a position to help animals. But everyone is in a position not to hurt them."
  8. "Show me a better way to stop so much suffering on Earth and save so many lives - than simply replacing animal foods with plant foods."
  9. "Which is worth more to you - your taste or the life of an animal?"
  10. "I'm vegan because I saw the horror in their eyes and realized I was the monster."

Effective sentences for vegan activists #41 - 48

  1. "You're reducing your meat consumption?" "Yes, I'm also only beating my wife once a week instead of twice a week."
  2. "You couldn't give up cheese?" "Do you think you currently can't - or don't want to?"
  3. "Three things to choose from: "To suffer before you die," "To feel nothing while you die," and "Not to die at all." Which would you prefer?"
  4. "If you're against animal cruelty and love animals - don't you think the vegan lifestyle would embody who you actually are more?"
  5. "You know what the biggest benefit of being vegan is? For the animals, sure - they don't have to suffer for your lifestyle anymore. But for you personally? You don't have to be a hypocrite anymore. Because you've said you're against animal cruelty but you're still meat. As a vegan, your actions are then back in line with your values."
  6. "What do you think you will do after this conversation?"
  7. "In your everyday life - what do you think you can do about these cruel acts?"
  8. "If you had a choice between "killing people," "killing animals," or "killing no one" - which would you choose?" "Killing no one? That's exactly what veganism is."

Tips: At Convince meat eaters you will find another source of inspiration for your persuasion as a vegan activist.

How do I find a group of vegan activists to join?

Vegan activism on the street

If you want to be active, you can simply join the join planned actions of animal rights organizations. Basically, these are in every big city - but even in small towns and villages there are usually always people who stand up against animal cruelty. Here are a few suggestions from my side:

Also under and in numerous Facebook groups (also local groups) you can get information to become active! Have fun and success!

Become a vegan activist and protect animals!

Whether on a small or large scale, the fact that you want to stand up for animal rights is just incredibly awesome! And believe me: over time you will become more and more effective. Not only because you live vegan for a longer time, but also because you internalize arguments and reactions and learn to convince people.

Oh, one more thing: If you want to become a vegan activist, realize that fundamental changes in a society always happen in three steps: First they mock you, then they fight you, and eventually they accept you.

Do you have questions, further tips, experiences and effective sayings that should not be missing here? Then just write me a comment.

Stay pet friendly,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Be sure to check out, why i live vegan. I think you can use these arguments again and again. For your own motivation and the motivation of others, you can also like the global live counter killed animals view

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