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How To Stop Gambling – The Most Effective Tips to Fight A Gambling Addiction

How To Stop Gambling – 10 Effective Tips to Fight A Gambling Addiction

You want to know how to fight gambling addiction and stop it once and for all? Then you've come to the right place! Whether roulette, sports betting or blackjack - games of chance offer pure thrills in the hunt for winnings and encourage excessive, compulsive gambling.

According to the Federal Center for Health Education (BZgA) Around 430,000 people in Germany are addicted to gambling. A staggeringly high number - especially when you consider the dangers and consequences for those affected. These range from financial bankruptcy, job loss, social isolation and health problems to suicidal thoughts. Fortunately, gambling addiction is a game in your own head that you can win!

In this article, I would therefore like to give you the reasons, symptoms and best tips for getting out of gambling addiction. Use this knowledge, for example, to help someone with a gambling addiction or to overcome your own gambling problems. Let's go!

Reasons: Why is gambling addictive?

Reasons for addiction to gambling

From a physiological point of view, gambling is highly addictive, because they strengthen our brain's reward system. address. In particular, the Release of dopaminethe so-called messenger substance of happiness, plays a decisive role. The feelings of happiness that arise from time to time subsequently give us more and more positive associations with gambling - and form the cornerstone of addiction, so to speak.

In addition Lure offers such as 10 euros starting capital, free free rounds or a free bonus for new casino players. Also the constant availability on the Internet, distraction from everyday stress, fast game sequences, misjudged chances of winning, lack of self-control, boredom and, of course, the social environment play a decisive role in the fact that many people can no longer control their gambling behavior.

So you can quickly become addicted to gambling - and even without realizing it yourself. Just one short lucky streak can be responsible for you wanting to experience this intoxicating feeling again and again.

Good to know: Quick feelings of happiness can also lead to an addiction to social media or your smartphone. What you can do against cell phone addiction if the worst comes to the worstbut I will explain this in a separate article.

Symptoms: How can you tell if you are addicted to gambling?

You can take an important step out of gambling addiction by understanding the causes just described. However, in order to deal with it at all, the Realization that you are addicted to gamblingof course the absolutely most important step.

Here I have therefore once again Key features to recognize gambling addiction as such. If even just a few of the following symptoms apply to you, it's time to take action:

Behavioral signsEmotional symptomsFurther information
Your gaming sessions will become more frequent and longer.You won't be able to do without gambling for much longer and escape negative feelings.You are increasingly misjudging the probabilities and chances of winning.
You keep exceeding your personal limits.Without gambling, you get nervous because you want to feel the thrill again.You are taking ever greater risks and accepting ever greater losses.
You isolate yourself from family and friends.Gambling addiction causes you problems in your social environment and you feel bad after gambling.You regularly exceed your budget.
You can no longer end games as easily as you used to.You only think about playing and no longer pursue your interests.You even go into debt to play and borrow money more often.

10 tips: What can you do about gambling addiction?

The best tips: What can you do against gambling addiction?

You can now categorizewhether you are addicted to one or more games of chance and know which psychological factors underlie a possible gambling addiction.

Do you also recognize your possible gambling addiction as such and no longer want the negative, heavy impact on your health and your entire life? Then make the decision now to do something about it - and use the following tips to take effective action.

1. ask friends and family for support

You don't think you can stop your gambling addiction on your own? It often helps if you Open and honest talk to your friends or family about your gambling problem. This will take a huge burden off your shoulders that only you knew about before.

Already the Understanding your social environment will develop into a stable foundation on which your project will stand securely. In addition, spending time with your friends will prevent you from hanging around in (online) casinos and indulging your addiction.

Important: The five people you spend the most time with determine who you are. Therefore, distance yourself from potential gambling addicts in your environment if they don't want to join you on the path out of addiction.

2. contact an addiction counseling service

You don't believe that your will is so strongthat you can get your gambling addiction under control on your own or with the help of those around you? Then it is advisable that you seek professional addiction counseling.

A first port of call is the Free nationwide telephone advice (via the BZgA) for gambling addiction prevention on 0800 - 137 27 00. Special associations (e.g. Glücksspiel-Sucht-Hilfe e.V. in Berlin) also offer local help. You can usually even talk to people there who have successfully escaped gambling addiction themselves.

Together you can then determine the right course of therapy. One Professional individual therapy with experienced therapists or psychologists is ultimately the safest way out of gambling addiction.

3. find distractions that make you happy

Providing distraction and create new habitsare crucial measures to keep your hands off gambling in the future.

Meet up with friends, for examplewho know about your addiction. Go out together and plan activities that you enjoy. This will give you a feeling of happiness - even without risky sports bets or gambling at the poker table.

However, it is generally advisable to buy a new one, binding hobby that you are passionate about and enjoy. For example, sign up for a soccer club, start painting and drawing, discover the Sustainable gardening (also works on the balcony!) for you or Get involved with animals in your everyday life - For example, at your local animal shelter. For example, you can take dogs there that have been waiting for a new home for a long time.

4. know your triggers and prevent "high-risk situations"

Triggers are Trigger stimulithat make you want to play. So be aware of when (i.e. in which mood or in which situations) you usually get the idea to play a round.

When is the urge particularly strong? For example, do you play when you feel lonely, hopeless, bored or stressed? Is this often the case during your lunch break or after work - or when you've had some personal or professional trouble? The answers will tell you how you can Consciously support self-control and fight your gambling addiction.

Many online casinos are also usually equipped with Self-locking which you should use for prevention, but also to deal with your gambling problems. For example, block yourself from the respective portal for a few months or block your own deposits. It also helps if you block or cancel your credit card - or if you delete gambling apps from your smartphone and computer.

Additional tips: Avoid all people, places and activities that you associate with gambling. And Improve your self-confidence in a targeted wayto ultimately strengthen your self-control.

5. find a self-help group

A self-help group supports you on your way out of gambling addiction

Talking to those affected in self-help groups can also prove to be useful and really very relieving turn out to be. There you will meet people who are also struggling with their gaming problems and have come together to help each other. There will definitely be no shortage of motivation and positive role models!

The stories of those affected show you that there is always a safe way out, even with an intense gambling addiction. You can join such a self-help group always count on full understanding for your situation and you have nothing to be ashamed of.

6. undergo inpatient therapy

Is your situation particularly serious? In this case, we would probably recommend going straight to inpatient therapy. This is particularly the case if you are depressed due to your gambling addiction, have recurring low moods and anxiety or simply can no longer stop yourself from gambling.

On site you are then no longer constantly exposed to the temptation and receive professional help throughout the day to control your gambling addiction and avoid possible Overcoming fears about the future.

7. ask your partner for understanding and support

An enormously important role in overcoming your gambling addiction is played by the person you share life with. The more understanding and support you get from your partner, the greater your chances of "winning".

So talk about the topic openly and honestly. Talk about it whenever you feel like it. This is how you create a kind of WE feelingthat makes you feel every day that you are not alone - and that there is at least one person who will accompany you on your journey out of addiction.

8. invest your well-earned money wisely

In gambling, long-term profit (e.g. due to pre-programmed slot machines) is basically impossible. It's a bottomless pitthat will mean your financial ruin if you don't get your gambling problem under control.

To ensure that you always resist temptation, you should therefore refrain from borrowing (more) money and Plan your available budget elsewhere instead.

For example, take a look at the sustainable investment and set up a monthly savings planwhere a certain amount of your money is debited from your account immediately after your salary is received.

In this way, you will work off gambling debts instead of accumulating them. Finally, by investing your savings regularly, you can build up a Achieve a returnwhich also makes you happy to a certain extent. However, unlike gambling, it is very likely that you will make a permanent profit.

Tip: How and why you too Save money through a more sustainable lifestyle I will be happy to explain in the linked blog article.

9. stop reproaching yourself!

Many gambling addicts reproach themselves because, after all warned so often about the addictive nature of gambling, even as children. and is still addicted to it. If you are one of them, please stop!

Because yes, you are responsible for your gambling behavior. But the The main thing is that you have now recognized the problem. and took it into your own hands to prevent serious consequences such as massive debt or the loss of your job.

10. stay consistent

Stay consistent and stop gambling addiction in the long term

Iron discipline is one of the most important and most positive character traits against any form of addiction. Be prepared for the fact that they also tested again and again on your way out of gambling addiction until you have won the battle at some point.

Always be aware of your reasons (e.g. to secure your personal livelihood and family), live healthypersonally mature or Realize dreams) and personal goals (e.g. never gamble online or in a casino again in your life). Keep your agreement with yourself.

Additional Tip: Experience has shown that you are particularly motivated when you share your goals with other people, such as your friends. Commitment makes your project more binding and ensures that you work on it seriously in the long term.

Fighting gambling addiction, made easy!

People who have been gambling for a long time and want to overcome their gambling problems rarely manage to do so immediately. Fighting a gambling addiction, usually requires a lot of patience, discipline and a strong, supportive environment. and often also professional help from the outside.

Gambling on the internet can make you happy for a short time in the virtual world - but it's not always easy. But in the real world, they plunge you into misery. Keep reminding yourself of this so that you can resist the urge to play in the long term and spend the time you've gained on nicer things and habits instead.

"He who fights, can lose. He who doesn’t fight, has already lost."

Bertolt Brecht (more at Willpower quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions, further tips or your own experiences with gambling addiction that you would like to share? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay strong and motivated,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Speaking of habits! I have compiled a list of Habits of successful people that you can use for a positive future. So be sure to take a look so that this article becomes more and more of a real turning point in your life.

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