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Trouble sleeping? Sleep better with 24 tips

23 tips to help you sleep better right away

Do you have insomnia from time to time and would like to finally sleep better again? If so, you're definitely not alone with this problem: About 25 percent of all Germans have insomnia or problems falling asleep in general. Fortunately, there is a wide range of sensible ways to promote your own restful night's sleep.

In this article, I'm going to give you a clear overview of the most important tips for a good night's sleep - from nutrition to the ideal sleeping environment. I hope you won't fall asleep during this article, but rather after it. 😉 Let's go!

Sleep better - eating and drinking before sleep

Healthy diet is extremely important for good sleep. Here I show you when you should eat before going to bed and which foods are ideal for a better sleep.

Tip #1 - Do not go to bed with a full stomach

Even if you feel that the full stomach has made you really tired, you will not be able to sleep more comfortably because of it. Because your body processes the ingested food, so that you can either fall asleep badly or get sleep disturbances during the sleep phase. Eat therefore in principle only light food before sleep go

Tip #2 - Eat more bananas

Bananas are rich in potassium and magnesium. So you can with Calf cramps already once curb a typical cause of insomnia and hopefully sleep better. Combine the banana with a glass of oat milk or make a smoothie from the two foods.

Tip #3 - Go for the cherries

Cherries boost your body's melatonin production. Like banana juice, cherry juice before bed can help you sleep better. Freshly squeezed is best, of course!

Tip #4 - Treat yourself Chia seeds, flaxseed and walnuts

Sleep better with walnuts

One of the many causes of sleep disorders is increased stress. The Omega-3 fatty acids from chia seeds, flax seeds and walnuts counteract your sleep problem by making you more relaxed and tired. In addition, the unsaturated fatty acids the formation of the body's sleep hormone melatonin.

Tip #5 - Eat soybeans, cashews, peanuts and lentils

To be able to sleep really well, foods with Tryptophan highly recommended. The melatonin production is promoted by the micronutrient, so you get tired faster. Combine your evening meal with some soybeans, cashews, peanuts or lentils if possible.

Tip #6 - Treat yourself to a warm cocoa

Also in cocoa powder is the amino acid Tryptophan and helps you sleep better. Sleep disorders you get with a warm cocoa also under control, because cocoa Phenylethylamine which increases the production of the body's own happiness hormones and makes you tired after a while. So in combination with a soy milk a promising means for a healthy sleep.

Tip #7 - Do not drink alcohol before sleeping

Alcohol certainly makes you fall asleep better. Without a doubt. But the probability is also very high that you will be wide awake in the middle of the night and then can no longer sleep. So it comes to Trouble sleeping through. Stick to the rule and don't drink alcohol for at least 3 hours before going to bed. This is also a good rule to prevent a severe hangover the next day.

Tip #8 - No pushing drinks before sleep

If you want to sleep better and get your insomnia under control, you should not drink caffeinated beverages such as coffee, black and green tea and cola in the afternoon. Caffeine doesn't just work in your body for 10 minutes, but for several hours. Just drink a glass of water insteadso that you can sleep better in the future.

Tip #9 - Drink a herbal tea before sleep

That the classic good night herbal tea helps to fall asleep is scientifically proven. There are special plant substancesthat relax you and make you tired. Give up green and black tea and drink a relaxing tea with chamomile, lavender or mint instead. Cheers and good night!

By the way: There are also special Bedroom plants like aloe vera or the gum tree, through which you can sleep healthier.

Sleep better in the perfect environment

Sleep better through ideal bedroom design

The sleeping environment has a direct and indirect influence on the quality of your sleep. Here I'll give you some tips for better sleep that have to do with your bedroom and sleeping accessories.

Tip #10 - Lights off, sleep mode on!

The light on your computer screen or power strip can actually be a cause of sleep disturbance, even if the entire room is otherwise dark. If you want to sleep better, you should consider these Extinguish disturbing fire before going to bed.

Alternatively, of course, a Sleep maskwhich has already helped many people to sleep better. Always take a break from technology before going to bed by switching off all technical devices completely.

Tip #11 - Paint your bedroom soothing

Beige, light yellow, white or green shades basically have a calming effect. But basically, it's just important that you paint your bedroom in a color that calms you down. This can also be the color black. Changing to a calmer color works wonders, trust me.

Tip #12 - Regulate the room temperature

Perfect for a healthy sleep should be about 17°C to 19°C be. It should not be too cool, as this promotes mold growth. In summer, however, the implementation of this tip can be more difficult, I admit. Nevertheless, pay attention to the ideal room temperature if you want to sleep better in the future.

Tip #13 - Sleep with little clothing

Pajamas are basically unnecessary. Because if your organism has to regulate your body temperature itself, you automatically sweat less and wake up much more refreshed. If you want to sleep better, you should go to bed in your underwear.

Tip #14 - Do it quietly

Your sleeping environment should be quiet, of course, so that you can sleep better. When you you live on the street or your partner snoresit is probably already very loud. Often, earplugs are enough to prevent the noise from your surroundings from disturbing your sleep and you can simply sleep better.

However, it should not be too quiet. A slight buzzing of the connected speakers or a ticking clock will ensure that you have a minimal background noise and usually sleep better.

Tip #15 - The mattress is the base

I can give you endless tips here, but the foundation for a healthy, good night's sleep is your mattress! I know that my mattress has a few years on the hump and I need to replace it soon. Every 5 - 10 years this exchange should take placebecause it is simply worn out at some point. For me, a hard mattress is perfect. But everyone has to try it out for themselves. In any case, the wrong mattress is one of the most common reasons for poor sleep.

Tip #16 - Pets not in the bedroom

It's certainly a bit hard not having your faithful companions right there with you. But if you want to sleep better, dog, cat and co. shouldn't be in your bedroom. Because your Body reacts subconsciously to every movement and sound. If you want to minimize your sleep disturbances, you should not have your pets around you in bed.

Tip #17 - Try two blankets

If you sleep alone, this tip is currently superfluous for you. For couples, however, switching to two blankets can be optimal for even better sleep. Because as good as you may fit together as a couple, sleeping habits can be completely different. Two blankets can be the solution to say byebye to sleep disorders.

Tip #18 - Don't get cold feet now

Have you ever slept with socks on? Many people get cold feet quickly, which is also a Cause of sleep disorders can be. If you want to sleep better, just leave the socks on.

Tip #19 - Scent therapy for better sleep

Scents have an incredible effect on your mind and also help you relax and sleep better. Ideal are Scented candleswhich you can also often get plastic-free. Just be sure to turn off the candle well before you go to sleep, because the scent will linger long enough in your bedroom. The following scents have a calming, relaxing effect and can help you sleep better:

  • Lavender: The scent of lavender alone can relieve tension and help you relax. Many people sprinkle their pillow with lavender oil to help them sleep better.
  • Melissa: Also the scent of lemon balm relaxes your body and mind.
  • Rose: The scent of rose is sensual and relaxing. Perfect for romantic hours together and a good night's sleep.
  • Vanilla: Vanilla scent is super relaxing and lifts your mood. It also creates a cozy atmosphere and helps you sleep better.
  • Lemon: Lemon scent has a stimulating and refreshing effect.

These are by no means all the scents for a better sleep, but try to get your insomnia under control with these scents first.

IMPORTANT! Be sure to remember to put out the candle in time before you go to sleep! I can't say that often enough.

Tip #20 - Do you have the ideal pillow?

The pillow is important for a good night's sleep

Are you Belly, back or side sleeper? Because after that you should also choose the right sleeping pillow. A pillow that doesn't fit your anatomy or pushes you into a predetermined position can not only delay the process of falling asleep, but also cause tension and tension-related pain the next morning.

A good pillow should take into account that each person is individual and has very personal sleep preferences. The company mySheepi has, for example, a sustainable and health-promoting pillow concept developed that is suitable for every sleep typebecause it can be adapted to your own needs. For example, stomach sleepers can easily remove filling material, while side sleepers can additionally fill their pillows.

The filling material itself is recycled and allergy-friendly - the pillows come to you plastic-free and are free of animal substances.

What your body needs for better sleep

Not only a healthy diet and the ideal environment are important for you to sleep better. You can also specifically adjust your body to the night's rest. I have some advice for you on this as well.

Tip #21 - Make sure you get enough exercise

Due to technological progress, we are becoming more and more comfortable. We use the escalator or the elevator in the office and ride an electric bike instead of a normal bicycle. But our body is made for movement. Exercise is ideal against sleep disorders and to simply sleep better.

It doesn't have to be a 10 kilometer run every day. Just go for a run during your lunch break. Walk or avoid escalators, elevators and other things that prevent you from getting enough exercise. This way you will automatically be tired in the evening and can fall asleep better.

Tip: If you still do sports in the evening, you should wait another 1-2 hours before you go to sleep. This is when fatigue really sets in, as your circulation shuts down.

Tip #22 - Take a warm bath

During sleep, our body temperature drops and the Recovery process begins. Your body undergoes a similar process of cooling down after a warm bath in the tub. It also relaxes you and helps you sleep better.

Tip #23 - Stay in the sleep rhythm

Use tips against sleep disorders

This tip against insomnia is admittedly not so easy to implement. But to sleep better, you should not only during the week, but also on the weekend your Maintain rise and bed times. This way your body can adjust and you can sleep one hundred percent better. Even if it is difficult, try it out.

Can I sleep better now?

I hope you haven't already fallen asleep while reading! 😉 If you take the tips against insomnia to heart, I'm 100% sure you'll be able to sleep better from now on, too.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips for a good night's sleep? Then just write me a comment.

Best regards and good night,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: In another article I have given you the most important Tips for naturally white teeth put together. Have fun with the implementation!

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