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Digital Detox - 10 tips for digital detox and an analog life

Digital Detox Tips - How to be offline

Looking for valuable tips for your Digital Detox? Then you've come to the right place! Smartphone, smart TV, smart home, laptop, tablet and e-book reader - our everyday life is full of digital technology. It makes our lives easier, but unfortunately also ensures that we are constantly available and want to be informed everywhere. According to relevant studies, the fear of missing something makes us reach for our cell phones 50-80 times a day.₁ This addiction stresses us out and - depending on how we use the technical devices - often leads to the digital Burnout. But how can you go offline in a digital world, live as analog as possible again and simply switch off?

In this article, I want to give you the best tips for your "digital detox". You'll learn how to give up social media and digital devices for a period of time - without an expensive digital detox camp. Let's go!

Here is already a short overview for you:

  1. Internalize the benefits of smartphone-free time
  2. Use Digital Detox Apps
  3. Get a lying alarm clock
  4. Turn off your digital devices
  5. Activate flight mode
  6. Set on analog alternatives
  7. Structure your time with and without devices
  8. Replace private online with offline activities
  9. Learn to switch off properly
  10. Challenge yourself

Notice: The aim here is not to demonize digitization, but to create an awareness of how to use it to the extent that we remain healthy and happy in the long term.

1. internalize the advantages of smartphone-free time

Digital Detox - internalize advantages

Whether you do without smartphones and the like for a few weeks or months - or complete your digital detox in daily, well-structured phases. The important thing is that you follow through with your plan and switch off technical devices. So that you Always motivated you should always keep in mind why it makes so much sense.

Here are some benefits of your digital detox at a glance:

  • Sleep better and be more rested
  • Have more time available
  • Better focus
  • Get much better posture
  • Increase well-being enormously
  • Reduce screen time and protect eyes
  • Successfully fight cell phone addiction
  • Be more productive, motivated and creative
  • Avert digital burnout

You may miss some information, but that's perfectly okay. Remember: Anyone who wants something really urgent from you will call you. Everything else can wait. Right?

2. use digital detox apps

The paradox right up front! There are smartphone apps that help you spend less time on your smartphone. Apps like "One Sec", "Freedom", as well as the preinstalled applications "Screen Time (on iOS)" and "Digital Wellbeeing (on Android)"These help you get a feel for your actual screen time and control it. For example, you can set time limits, mute notifications, or turn off distracting apps for a certain amount of time.

Tip: For cell phone detox, you should delete unnecessary apps from your smartphone. By "unnecessary" I mean the apps that distract you from important things. Social media like Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, for example.

3. get an analog alarm clock

Analog Alarm Clock for Digital Detox

The good old analog alarm clock can also help you during your digital rehab. It's a great advantage if you otherwise always let your cell phone alarm shake you awake. Because then you would have your smartphone in your hand immediately after waking up in the morning. With an analog alarm clock, you can instead give yourself a stress- and smartphone free morning routine that is really good for you.

4. turn off your digital devices

If you want to do Digital Detox and really switch off, you should first switch off your digital devices. Put an end to standby or sleep modewhich already suggests that the TV, smartphone and laptop are literally waiting for you. My recommendation: Always turn off your devices completely so that you think about whether you really need to turn them on now.

Tip: Also turn off your smartphone completely in the evening at the latest. This way you won't be disturbed and can decide for yourself when to use it in the morning.

5. activate the flight mode

Airplane mode is a blessing for anyone who wants to go without a smartphone and social media for a while. No ringing, no flashing, no buzzing, no push messages -. No distraction. In flight mode you are stress-free and can significantly better concentrate and focus.

If you're really addicted to cell phones, you'll initially find that you're conditioned to it you've become so used to looking at your phone every time you hear a noise or see a flash. Over time, you'll become more relaxed - and the significantly counteracts FOMO ("fear of missing out").

Tip: Speaking of flight mode - also a sustainable vacation can help you to really switch off and go offline for a longer time.

6. rely on analog alternatives

Map and compass instead of maps

As I said, the cell phone makes our everyday life easier. But sometimes it does so much that we forget many things. Many people now find it difficult to get from A to B independently without Google Maps. But there are analog alternatives, such as Country or city maps. You can also try it without a plan. As we all know, the best experiences and journeys begin where plans end 😉 .

By the way, other helpful examples for your Digital Detox are the Wrist watch, instead of the smartphone display and the Pocket calendar, instead of the Calendar app.

7. structure your time with and without devices

You create a good foundation for your "digital sabatt" by dividing your time with digital technology and without it. Plan your day with clear times on the screen and without it. Do all your online activities as concentrated as possible at once - the less often you feel the need to sit down at your laptop or reach for your smartphone.

Read for example only 2x a day your e-mails - for example, once at 9 am and once at 3 pm. That way, you won't constantly feel the need to check your mailbox.

8. replace private online activities with offline activities

Be offline more often with Digital Detox tips

Let's face it: we spend most of our time on the smartphone rather senseless with entertainment media that constantly distract us from the important things in life.

If you too are often distracted and preoccupied with other things, you should get yourself a Seek balancewhich takes place entirely offline. Read a book, go into the tub and make active Forest bathing.

Or how about a DIY project, such as a homemade dining table? Also sports activitiessuch as inline skating, soccer, and basketball - or smaller craft and painting projects lend themselves!

Additional Tip: It's best to leave your cell phone at home more often. You'll feel how liberating that can be!

9. learn to switch off properly

Be aware of the moments when you feel the need to look at your phone - and eliminate the triggers. If it vibrates, lights up or makes a sound, stay strong. Rather enjoy the momentTake a deep breath from the state of mind your smartphone is trying to pull you out of. You don't have to be available all the time and be aware of everything that's happening in the world.

Learn, to live more mindful and you consciously Time for real time out - Ideally outdoors in nature - to be scheduled.

10. challenge yourself

Think of your digital detox as a challenge and try, for example. to consciously do without your cell phone for one week or stay offline. Depending on how it can be combined with work and everyday life.

The important thing is that your Objective clearly defined and measurable is. Tell others about it too - so they support you and you make a commitment that not only you know about. Especially if you're going to be Combat cell phone addiction this is a valuable Digital Detox tip.

Digital Detox - More time for you!

Live relaxed with Digital Detox

Of course, digital life is also part of analog life. But if you consciously go offline every now and then and Speed from your everyday life the fear of missing out on something gradually disappears. You're less stressed, feel freer, more rested, and more productive - and above all, you're not standing at the train track or at the crosswalk staring at your smartphone like a zombie 😉

I really hope that my Digital Detox tips will help you to switch off better. Do you have any questions, suggestions or further advice? Then I look forward to your comment!

Stay relaxed,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: How you have your Lower stress level otherwise you can learn in the linked article. Good luck with the implementation!

₁ Alexander Laboda: Why we reach for the smartphone so often (as of Aug. 14, 2020), available at [09.06.2022].

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