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Welcome to the sustainable Garden Blog from CareElite! Here I'll introduce you to everything you need to know about having a natural, vibrant, wildlife-friendly, and even productive garden. Use the advice to develop your green thumb and ignite the joy of gardening.

Why a blog about a sustainable garden?

The largest Environmental problems of our time are massive challenges for us humans - caused by us humans. From Climate change and the extinction of insects and species.. But we can just as easily be the solution to these problems - starting with our personal behavior, especially in our own backyard.

Nothing is more harmful and boring for nature and our mind than a gravel garden without food, shelter and life. The main motive for this is often convenience, as the amount of maintenance is limited. In this garden blog as close to nature as possible, I would like to present tips & tricks with which you can Do something good for nature, your wallet and your expertise without bending completely.

Why am I a garden blogger?

Earlier as a child, I already had my own flower bed. But at some point I had lost interest. Only with the move, my own balcony and now my own garden, the desire to garden was rekindled. Since I stand up for sustainability in all aspects of life and everyday life, I want to capitalize on this attitude in the garden as well. In this garden blog you can track my personal learning curve and take away knowledge for your own nature, environment and wildlife friendly garden.

I am a garden blogger because gardening and the results are just incredible fun - not only for myself, but also for the animal garden inhabitants, the climate and biodiversity.

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