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Strengthen Connective Tissue – 10 Natural Ways to Develop Smooth and Tight Skin

Strengthen Connective Tissue – The Best Natural Remedies for Smooth and Tight Skin

Do you dream of firm, smooth skin and are you looking for natural ways to strengthen your connective tissue? Then you've come to the right place! Connective tissue is the basic tissue that connects, separates and supports all other types of tissue in our body. Among other things, it stabilizes our bones, promotes the defense against pathogens, protects our organs and stores water.

But in the course of our lives, it often slackens for a variety of reasons, resulting in cellulite, stretch marks, dimpling, wrinkling or other skin problems in many a skin region.

Especially on the buttocks, chest and abdomen, lower and upper thighs, arms or face, the bumps are a real thorn in the side of most people. Fortunately, there are some helpful natural remedies for firm skin.

In this article, I would now like to introduce you to valuable tips with which you can prevent connective tissue weakness or quickly get a smooth skin appearance again. Let's go!

Causes: Why is the connective tissue often flabby?

Causes of weak connective tissue and bad skin

First of all, it is important to mention that about 90 percent of all women suffer from cellulite after the age of 20. (often also called orange peel and orange peel) suffer as a symptom of connective tissue weakness.1 So if you're one of them, you're definitely not alone.

But regardless of what form your skin problems take and in what areas of your body they manifest themselves (or women and men in general), connective tissue can sag for an incredible number of reasons.

A central factor, as is to be expected, is the natural aging process. Over the years, our body produces less and less collagen and elastin, the very two proteins that are responsible for the elasticity and tone of the skin.

But besides natural aging, many other things play a role, which, fortunately, can be better controlled or influenced. These include in particular:

  • Bad eating habits
  • Alcohol and nicotine consumption
  • Lack of exercise
  • Taking medication (e.g. cortisone)
  • Hormonal changes (e.g. during pregnancy)
  • Overweight or excessive weight loss
  • Excessive UV radiation
  • Chronic stress

Tips: How to strengthen the skin and connective tissue naturally?

Diet and exercise for healthy, firm skin

Now you know the most common reasons for weak connective tissue and sagging skin. This is important to to derive suitable measuresto specifically combat these little problems.

Fortunately there are real many things you can do. Use the following tips to strengthen your connective tissue and improve your skin elasticity.

1. Healthy and balanced diet

Through a healthy diet, you provide your connective tissue with the Nutrients that repair and strengthen it. Especially vitamins and minerals promote collagen production, which increases skin elasticity.

The following Nutrients and food are particularly conducive to firm skin:

  • Vitamin C (e.g. in peppers, kale, broccoli and strawberries).
  • Omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. in avocados, olives, flaxseed and almonds)
  • Vitamin B3 (e.g. in whole grain products, potatoes, oyster mushrooms and yeast flakes).
  • Manganese (e.g. in sweet potatoes, carrots and onions).
  • Zinc (e.g. in soy, lentils, chickpeas, nuts, and pumpkin seeds).
  • Copper (e.g. in shiitake mushrooms, lentils, chickpeas and nuts).
  • Antioxidants (e.g. in Brussels sprouts, currants and blueberries).
  • Lysine (e.g. in lentils, soybeans, walnuts, peas or tofu).

Especially fruits and vegetables, nuts, vegetable oils and whole grain products should therefore be on your menu if you want to support your skin with the help of your diet. Counterproductive are especially animal fats from meat, but also alcohol, industrial sugar and white flour.

Tip: Regularly check your blood values with your trusted doctor. If necessary, dietary supplements (e.g. with glycine) can also help to strengthen your connective tissue more quickly.

2. Drink enough water every day

The regular fluid intake provides your skin cells with moisture and stimulates the metabolism. Therefore you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. It helps to tighten connective tissue and flush toxins from the body.

Tap water is the cheapest and environmentally friendly alternative. But of course you can also Mineral water, spritzers or herbal teas drink to absorb enough fluid.

Furthermore Collagen drinks and hyaluronic acid shots for firmer skin is becoming more and more popular. That can according to some studies also work. However, the exact composition of the products is often opaque. In addition, the possible side effects and interactions are unclear.

3. Move your body and do sports

A good Blood flow, muscle tension and oxygen are essential for a strong connective tissue. With regular sports sessions (best outside in the fresh air) and generally At least 30 minutes of exercise a dayYou promote cell regeneration and also ensure a higher elasticity of your skin through a healthy muscle build-up.

To make this work in the long run, you should find a sporting hobby that you enjoy. Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, weight training, soccer, dancing... no matter! The main thing is movement.

The sport ultimately also serves to Weight control and to avoid obesity, which is a common cause of connective tissue weakness.

4. Take alternating showers and thigh castings

Through regular Kneipp applicationsand with the help of a variety of exercises, such as the alternating shower or the thigh cast, you stimulate the blood circulation of your skin and strengthen the elasticity of the connective tissue.

At Alternating showers (a type of hydrotherapy), you first shower with warm water and then switch to cold water. Repeat this process a few times and then finish with a cold pour. It is generally recommended to start with the right foot, as this area is furthest away from the heart.

The Thigh cast refers to the body region from the feet to the hips. Set the water to cold and then run the water jet up the outside of the leg to the hip. Then go back down the inside and do the same on the other leg. Repeat this process a few times to strengthen your connective tissue.

5. Go for massage regularly

Strengthen connective tissue and tighten skin through massage

Massages promote blood circulation and thus strengthen the connective tissue. You can use them with your partner also at home make or make them natural Perform professionally let

Particularly effective, for example, is a Brush massagein which you move a massage brush in circular movements over the respective body regions.

If you decide to have a professional massage, the most important thing is the Lymphatic drainage recommended. This is a special massage technique and decongestion therapy for the treatment of lymphoedema.

In order to loosen local adhesions and tensions and to tighten the skin, the classic Connective tissue massage. Also this stimulates blood circulation and improve skin firmness.

6. Stress prevention through sleep and relaxation exercises

Lack of sleep and chronic stress affect the firmness of the connective tissue quite decisively. Probably the best home remedy against cellulite and for beautiful skin is therefore a quality and sufficient sleep as well as a subsidized Balance in everyday life.

At night the skin cells have Time for regeneration. In addition, during sleep your brain processes the stimuli and thus, among other things, the stress of the day.

Try your Keep stress levels generally low. This works for example through Meditation, breathing therapy, reading, through walks or yoga.- and other, balancing sports units.

7. Do regular exercises

Effective exercises against cellulite are for example Straddle Squats, Lunges or also units on the fitness machine for the Inner thigh and outer thigh.

In addition to such sports units, it is also advisable to repeatedly Stretching exercises to complete. Stretching specifically promotes the elasticity and flexibility of the connective tissue and counteracts adhesions and hardening.

Do not forget in any case, also your Fasciathe soft, collagen-containing, loose and dense fibers of the connective tissue.

8. Abstain from nicotine and alcohol

The Smoking cigarettes promotes cellulitebecause it inhibits blood circulation and thus provokes swelling and water retention. So if you want to strengthen your connective tissue - and permanently - you should stop smoking or don't even start.

A skin-unfriendly lifestyle also includes the regular consumption of Alcohol. This Drains the body of fluid and valuable vitaminsso that the skin becomes chapped and flaky more quickly. Not to drink alcohol or to drink less alcohol, is therefore also one of many valuable tips for firm skin.

9. Avoid excessive sunlight

Through the sun's rays on the skin our body can Vitamin D produce - that is important! But those who expose themselves to UV radiation for too long put the connective tissue under stress and accelerates skin aging and wrinkling.

Therefore, another natural means for tight skin is applying a natural sunscreen with sufficient sun protection factor. Furthermore you should on sunbathing for hours and instead spend more time in the shade on sunny days.

10. Apply natural creams, scrubs and oils

Creams - Natural means for firmer and smoother skin

The right natural cosmetics provide your skin with moisture and essential nutrients. Vegetable skin oils, moisturizers or anti-cellulite creams. (e.g. with green tea, citrus fruits or birch leaf extract) help you to strengthen your connective tissue.

Peelings (do not use products with Microplastics) also support blood circulation and free your skin from dead cells.

Strengthen connective tissue with the means of nature

You may not be able to stop your skin from aging, but you can counteract it in a completely natural way. At dangerous, surgical procedures, such as skin tightening or Botox injectionsYou can therefore do without it.

The tips from this article should have made that clear. Every step you implement, ultimately brings you closer to realizing your dream of firmer and healthier skin.

But whether your skin problems are on your legs, butt, stomach, arms, neck or under your eyes: The most important thing is, Being patient with your body and having realistic expectations. Finally, the acceptance of one's own problem areas can also lead to happiness.

"Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself."

Coco Chanel, French fashion designer (more at Beauty Quotes)

Do you have any questions, suggestions or your own experiences with natural remedies for strengthening connective tissue that you would like to share? Then I look forward to your comment.

Stay healthy and confident,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Speaking of skin problems and wrinkles! In another article I have compiled for you the best tips for grow old healthy. Look now next also there with pleasure times!

  1. T. Pavicic: Dermopharmacy - New methods against cellulite (as of Jan. 19, 2010), available at [02.11.2023]. ↩︎
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