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6 minimalism apps & tips for your smartphone

Minimalism apps for a minimalist smartphone

How to clean up your smartphone and what minimalism apps are there? The minimalist life doesn't just refer to material things. Many cell phones and tablets are overflowing with apps that, in many cases, may only be opened once a month. Just like a cluttered room, a cluttered computer desktop or home screen full of unused apps can cause you to lose focus and lose track of what you're doing.

That's why today I'm going to show you how to minimize your phone. You'll also learn the best Minimalism apps that will make your everyday life easier.

Minimize your cell phone

App minimalism
With just a few steps, you can minimize your smartphone.

Step 1: Delete all apps you use less than 2 times per month

Delete all apps that you use less than twice a month. Don't even think about whether you might need them again in the future. If need be, they're only two clicks away from being downloaded again. 

Step 2: Organize your home screen

Divide your home screen into three categories. The first category contains the apps you use every day. The second category contains all the apps you use weekly. And finally, the third category contains all the apps you use less than once a week. Organizing your home screen will make you more organized and relaxed.

Step 3: Turn off notifications

Turn off all notifications that are unnecessary. Just because you want to receive a notification about a new text message doesn't mean you have to give Facebook, YouTube, and other apps permission to do the same. That way, you won't get distracted because of every little "fart."

You can turn off notifications in the settings of your smartphone.

Step 4: Check your subscriptions

It is not only unnecessary subscriptions to magazines that should be cancelled. Email newsletters that you no longer read can also be easily canceled. Fortunately, this is much faster than canceling a magazine. If you miss the newsletter after some time, you can always order it again.

Step 5 - Use an external hard drive

If you use an external hard drive, you can store old files there that would otherwise take up a lot of space on your phone, tablet or computer. This way, you can check your device from time to time and consider which files you currently still need and which you can archive to the external hard drive. Using a cloud can also be very useful here.

Minimalism apps

As already announced, there are many helpful applications on the smartphone for minimalists. That's why I'm going to show you the best minimalism apps for your smartphone and tablet.

StayFree - phone usage tracker

Stay Free - Minimalism Apps

With StayFree you can find out how much time you spend with which apps per day. The minimalism app shows you the total hours used and gives you a list of which apps you used the most on which day. This can help you use your time on your smartphone or tablet more wisely. StayFree is available for all Android devices.


Byword - Minimalism Apps

Are you looking for a text program with as many handy features as possible? Then you are definitely wrong with this app. Because this app is all about focusing on what's essential - your text. There are no special bells and whistles, just one function: write a text. You can find Byword on all Apple devices in the AppStore.


Kleiderkreisel - Minimalism Apps

Do you still have some clothes lying around at home that you no longer need? With Kleiderkreisel, you can sell them from the comfort of your own home. You take photos of the clothes, choose a price, and the app conveniently takes care of the rest for you. Kleiderkreisel is available in the App Store and the Google Playstore. 


Bring - Minimalism Apps

With Bring you can create shopping lists and share them with your friends. Instead of writing down all the ingredients on a piece of paper or a notebook, you can simply use your smartphone. The app is especially handy when planning events, such as a meal together. In the app you can also find many recipe ideas that can inspire you.

Available for: Android.

Amazon Kindle

If you love to read and are often on the go or just want to save weight and space, a Kindle can be a sensible choice. With a Kindle, you can have all your favorite books in one place and save on a full bookshelf. You'll also be doing something good for the environment, because you can use it to Save paper. A good space-saving alternative to Kindle is Audible. Here you can find interesting audiobooks instead of e-books. The Kindle app is available in both the App Store and the Play Store.

If you are still looking for interesting books, have a look at the best books about sustainability over.

Minimalism Amino

Amino Minimalism Apps

Minimalism Amino is an ever-growing community for minimalists who want to exchange ideas with each other. On the platform, content is shared that naturally revolves around the topic of minimalism. In addition, the app Minimalism Amino offers the possibility to chat. At the moment, the app and the community are only available in English.

The best minimalism apps

Minimalism is also playing an increasingly important role in digital life. Since we are bombarded with thousands of pieces of information every day, it is important to keep track of everything. With the above mentioned minimalism apps you can make your everyday life easier and more pleasant. I hope these tips will help you minimalize your smartphone and tablet.

What are your favorite apps? Tell us in a comment below this post.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Die besten Minimalismus App kennst du jetzt. Unter Zero Waste Apps you can now get to know the best smartphone helpers for a trash-free everyday life. In addition, let yourself be inspired by consumption critical minimalism quotes inspire.

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