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Hitler was vegetarian - argument for eating meat

Was Hitler a vegetarian? And does that even matter?

I was surprised myself: but the fact that Hitler could have been a vegetarian is actually a reason for many people to eat meat. Whether they mean it completely seriously or mumble it rather flippantly - at least they say it so as not to get caught out in a discussion with vegans. But isn't that precisely why they lose their footing in a discussion that may have been logical up to that point?

In this article, I would simply like to briefly question whether it really makes sense to reject an entire philosophy of life based on the actions of one individual.

Is "Hitler was a vegetarian" a logical argument for eating meat?

First of all: was Hitler really a vegetarian? There are reports that Hitler ate lobster, white sausage and other animal-based foods for a long time during his life. In addition, experts believe that the image of a vegetarian, non-smoking and basically ascetic leader is a Construct of the propaganda minister Goebbels.

But even if Hitler was a vegetarian, that would have absolutely nothing to do with veganism. Because his actions are completely irrelevant to the discussion about whether you should eat animal products or not. Or in what way would you justify eating animal body parts? It is simply not logical to justify a whole on dozens of movement based on ecological, social and moral motives just because one person, who may have been an animal lover, committed acts of extreme cruelty. A person who was definitely not even vegan, but if anything vegetarian. Incidentally, it would be just as unsound if I were to throw the argument "Stalin was a meat eater" into the room. I couldn't use it to justify not eating meat myself. The one simply has nothing to do with the other.

So just because you knew or know someone who didn't eat meat and wasn't nice, it means absolutely nothing for the quality of the plant-based diet. I'm a vegan too and I'm not inclined to kill millions of other living beings. As a vegan, you want to do the exact opposite.

Whether Hitler was a vegetarian or not does not justify eating meat

Meat Hitler was vegetarian argument
Pigs in factory farming © PETA Deutschland e.V.

Hitler also liked to paint - is that why you reject painting or even art itself? Probably not. So the fact that Hitler may have been a vegetarian is an extremely weak excuse for not changing your eating habits. Knowing full well that every year 74 billion innocent animals are kept, exploited, slaughtered and even gassed in mass facilities for immoral reasons.₂ A fact that in turn reminds many people of the Holocaust. And if this comparison goes too far for you now - then be sure to check out the Dominion film on. There you will get honest insights into the Factory farming. One thing is clear: the way we have treated animals will also be something that future generations will look upon with disgust.

Do you have any questions about this article? Or would you like to say something about the "Hitler was a vegetarian" argument? Then simply write me a comment.

Stay lenient,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS: Eating a vegan diet is easier today than ever before. And it's getting easier all the time. In the article about the vegan life you can now find out how best to get started.

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