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Welcome to the Nutrient Blog from CareElite! Here everything revolves around the essential vital substances for a healthy, balanced diet and a lasting well-being. Learn everything you need to know about the nutrients you take or should take daily.

Why a nutrient blog?

On the way to a more sustainable life there are quite a few stumbling blocks. Habits must be discarded, longtime Beliefs questioned and many new things learned or known become. Disputes and differences of opinion arise primarily with regard to the ingredients of foods in one's own diet. The use of dietary supplements also no longer enjoys the best image nowadays due to the abundance of products for supplementation.

In this nutrition blog, I'd like to work with nutritionist Julian Hölzer to dispel myths and misconceptions by bringing you Facts only about the vital substances that are essential for us humans. From fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins, trace elements and minerals, to secondary plant substances and ultra-trace elements. From the daily requirement and intake, to the function in the body, overdose and deficiency, to the richest foods.

That's why I am a nutrient blogger

Julian and I both live vegan. With our respective Change from vegetarian to vegan we both had to look more intensively at the nutrients in our own diets in order to follow a prevent possible deficiency. We both know exactly, why we live vegan and that this will no longer change. But not everyone knows that - some just try themselves out once. Accordingly, one can also quickly fall back into old patterns. Especially when symptoms of a nutrient deficiency appear, which are usually due to an unstructured changeover to the vegan diet.

In one sentence: I started this nutrient blog to help you overcome preconceptions about possible nutrient deficiencies in a plant-based diet and to provide you with all-inclusive information about essential nutrients.