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Sustainable privacy screen in the garden - 10 tips, ideas and ways for more privacy.

Sustainable privacy screen in the garden

What can serve as a sustainable privacy screen in the garden? If you want to create more privacy in your own green in an environmentally friendly way, you've come to the right place! Your own garden is actually a place where you want to be for yourself and at least not be constantly exposed to the gaze of neighbors and passers-by on every square meter.

To solve this problem, a noticeable number of people are pulling plastic privacy films with imprinted designs of rocks or hedges through their fences. Fortunately, there are also great, natural and more environmentally friendly ways to protect your own Right to privacy preserve.

In this article, I present you the best ideas and tips for sustainable privacy screens in the garden. Let's go!

Here you can find a short overview in advance:

  1. Hedges and trees
  2. Overgrown framework
  3. Wattle fence
  4. Side awnings and curtains
  5. Tall perennials and grasses
  6. Willow Mats
  7. Wooden slats
  8. Raised bed
  9. Wood pile
  10. Overgrown stone wall

1. hedges and trees

The most natural privacy screen in the garden are, what a surprise, plants - whether standing on the ground and hanging in pots, climbing on scaffolding or planted in the ground. Ideal, of course, are large trees, such as. Maple, ash or Pasture, as well as dense hedges, such as Yew, Thuja and Privet.

However, very good conditions to make it difficult for other people to see your private garden, bring, for example, plants such as Rhododendron, hydrangea, elephant grass, lilacs or Horsetail with.

2. overgrown framework

If you want to create more privacy in the garden, you should grow climbing plants along metal trellises or wooden trellises. Particularly suitable are climbing plants such as Climbing roses, clemantis, ivy or the Honeysuckle. Also Trellis fruit varieties, such as pears, apples or raspberries accordingly make a good visual barrier. Personally, I also want in my garden Vines grow on the installed climbing aids.

3. wattle fence

Wicker privacy screen in the garden

A particularly sustainable privacy screen in the garden are shoots of plants. Best suited are the rods of Chestnut, robinia, willow or Hazelnut trees. For example, because of their flexibility, they weave beautifully into existing fences to enhance your privacy.

But you can also tie branches and twigs together and place it on edge. Here too you can finally again climbing plants have work done to close even the last gaps in the ecological visual protection.

4. side awnings and curtains

If you like it a little more flexible, totally opaque, but still environmentally friendly, is with extendable side awnings well served. In combination with tall plants in tubs and pots. they are definitely a real eye-catcher among the privacy screen options. When choosing, make sure that they are individually extendable and UV and weather resistant.

Also with Curtains made from recycled materials or certified organic fabrics like linen you can work to protect yourself from prying eyes in your own garden paradise. In addition, it looks super-elegant when they blow in the wind.

5. tall perennials and grasses

Flowering perennials and grasses with tall culms and stems belong in every sustainable garden, because they have the Promote species conservation, look wonderful and at the same time serve as a screen, even if now and then the wind makes them move.

Wonderful visibility barriers promises you the planting of grasses like. Switchgrass, bamboo, Chinese reed, pole cane, tall pipe grass. or Green pondweed. Among the perennials are especially the burgundy flowering Water Downey, the Sun hat with its pink or yellow blossoms, the lilac Patagonian verbena or the evergreen Palisade spurgethat protect your privacy.

6. willow mats

Extremely moisture resistant, durable and environmentally friendly are also prefabricated privacy mats from single willow rods. They are sewn by means of a galvanized wire and have been a popular privacy screen for ages.

Theoretically, you can also make your own willow mats in a new DIY project. However, make sure that you use evenly grown canes so that the visual density is also as high as possible during further growth.

7. wooden slats

Overgrown wooden slats as a screen in the garden

An opaque fence made of wooden slats also serves as a natural privacy screen. You can decide for yourself how large the distance between the individual slats should be. When choosing, make sure that the fence is made of FSC certified wood from sustainable forests to prevent the uncontrolled or illegal use of the Deforestation to counteract.

Even with such a sustainable fence offers to let it grow unique and species-friendly climbing plants.

8. raised bed

Food production and sustainable privacy can go hand in hand in the garden. How about for example Vine tomatoes, Runner beans or high growing herbs, like Lavender, sage, oregano or Rosemary in a self-made raised bed?

However, you can just as well use the above mentioned Shrubs plant. Your plant privacy screen will eventually become even higher due to the already high bed.

9. wood pile

Wood pile made of firewood cuttings or simply stacked shortened timbers can create a great image in your garden and increase your privacy at the same time. In addition, it serves as a Accommodation of numerous animal species in your garden. For example, toads, slow worms or rhinoceros beetles feel extremely comfortable in it.

10. overgrown stone wall

Overgrown stone wall for more privacy in the garden

A small wall is absolutely opaque and therefore serves as an ideal, sustainable privacy screen. But make sure that the wall stones are made of natural raw materials such as Gravel, sand, leaf clay or Sound because these raw materials are well distributed regionally and therefore no long, energy-intensive transports are necessary. Just as well you can build your screen wall from collected field stones.

Again, the tip: Real charm exudes a small masonry, if it is overgrown with climbing plants, and the selected stones do not look brand new and perfect.

Sustainable privacy protection? No problem at all!

From cleverly placed hedges, shrubs, grasses and trees, to curtains and awnings, to wood piles and stone walls, you've gotten quite a bit of inspiration today for creating the most eco-friendly privacy barrier possible. Use the ideas and tips to make your garden more enclosed, sustainable, green, and vibrant while creating more privacy.

Do you have any questions, suggestions or further tips for a sustainable privacy screen in the garden? Then, as always, feel free to write me a comment.

Stay sustainable,

Christoph from CareElite - Plastic-free living

PS.: Look you with pleasure still something in the Blog about the natural garden around. For example, find out what you can use to Let garden house overgrown simply by following your heart.

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Christoph Schulz

Christoph Schulz

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    You have put a lot of effort into the blog. I would vllt still have a suggestion. What about skyberry plants as privacy screens? They grow quickly, are delicious and also serve in my opinion as a great privacy screen whether on the balcony, terrace or in the garden on the fence . Lg 🙂

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