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Live counter: How many animals are killed per second?

Online counter - A cow is killed with the bolt gun.

You are looking for an online counter for animals killed in the meat, egg and dairy industry or just want to know how many animals are killed per second? worldwide be slaughtered? Then you've come to the right place! It is said that we humans slaughter around 72 billion land animals and 1.2 trillion sea animals every year in order to eat them.₁ But these figures are almost impossible to grasp. Here I want to show you how many cows, pigs, chickens, ducks, fish and dozens of other animals we humans kill every second worldwide - and raise your awareness of these acts.

That's how many animals were killed in the meat, egg and dairy industries worldwide₂,₃, since you opened this counter:

  • Wild fish

    Fish (wild)

  • Chickens


  • Farmed fish

    Fish (breeding)

  • Duck


  • Pigs


  • Rabbit


  • Goose


  • Turkeys


  • Sheep


  • Goats


  • Beef


  • Mouse


  • Birds


  • Buffalo


  • Dogs


  • Horses


  • Cats


  • test


  • test


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How many cows, pigs, chickens and other animals die every year?

Here you can find out approximately how many of the animals are killed in a whole year.


Killed cow - online Killed animal counter

298.799.160 per year


Pigs killed per second counter

1.451.856.889 per year


Dead chickens per second live counter

61.171.973.510 per year


Dead sheep per second live counter

536.742.256 per year


Dead goats per second live counter

438.320.370 per year


Dead rabbits per second

1.171.578.000 per year


Turkey killed per second

618.086.890 per year


Geese killed per second

687.147.000 per year


Dead ducks live online counter for killed animals

2.887.594.480 per year

Donkeys / Mules

Ass killed counter

3.213.400 per year

Buffalo / wild cattle

Killed bison - Live counter

25.798.819 per year


Killed camera per second counter

3.243.266 per year


Killed pigeons per second in live counter

59.656.000 per year


Live counter for killed mice

70.371.000 per year


Horses died per second

4.863.367 per year


Dead dogs per second in live online counter

About 16.000.000 per year


Dead cats per second in counter

About 4.000.000 per year

Fish (wild)

Killed wild fish in the online counter for killed animals

Mind. 970.000.000.000 per year

Fish (breeding)

Farmed fish killed per second

Mind. per year

Why do we need a live counter for killed animals?

This online counter for animals killed around the world serves to raise our awareness of these innocent, sentient creatures and how we treat them. What we do to them in the Factory farming is creepy and anything but humane. To consume animal products without being without Cruelty to animals is almost impossible to support. But unfortunately, animals don't speak our language and have hardly any rights in our society. And to get more people to stand up for them, we need this live counter.

Billions of animals are exploited, slaughtered and gassed every year. However, "modern animal husbandry" is not only a problem from an ethical point of view. Animal feed, irrigation and grazing land, among other things, also result in an enormous consumption of resources that is destroying our planet and is the main cause of, for example, the Deforestation of the rainforests is. What's more, we wouldn't even have to eat animal-based foods and could live a much healthier life with a purely plant-based diet.

Future generations will probably look back on our actions with disgust and ask us: why didn't you do something about it?

What can I do about the death of these animals?

To prevent the death of these animals, on the one hand, it helps to leave them in peace. Avoid animal foods and replace them with plant-based alternatives. Whether it's burgers, pizza, pasta, cheese, leather or silk - everything is also available in plant-based form! In my opinion, it takes 1-2 weeks to get used to it, both in the supermarket and in terms of taste 🙂

On the other hand, you can also use as a vegan activist and Educational work operate. Just as you may have become aware of the background to factory farming through this live counter, this can also work for many other people. But you can also take the opportunity to talk about veganism and the treatment of animals in your immediate family circle from time to time.

These are the documentaries you should watch

Personally, the Film Dominion shaken up. It shows exactly how we use animals for our food, entertainment, clothing and, last but not least, for Animal testing exploit. The situation is similar with films Earthlings, Cowspiracy and Seaspiracy. If you are more interested in the health aspects, be sure to check out the documentaries What The Health and The Game Changers an.

A detailed overview of the best vegan documentaries can be found in the linked article.

You should follow these YouTube channels

Films create a rough overview and awareness. But to stay on the ball and learn more about the vegan way of life, which tries - as far as practicable - to avoid all forms of exploitation of animals capable of suffering for food, clothing and other purposes. I was particularly impressed by vegan YouTuber helped, for example, the Scientifically underpinning a plant-based diet, you unbeatable delicious recipes to the hand and Street interviews and other educational formats introduce

You should read these books

There are countless books on the consumption of animals and plant-based diets. The knowledge from these strengthens your attitude, Makes your vegan life so much easier and is also a good Assistance in everyday discussions. I can definitely recommend the following books - but there are so many more!

Live vegan - and not at the expense of animals

Before you accessed this live online counter for animals killed, you may not have known the extent to which we exploit and kill cows, pigs, chickens and so many other "farm animals". But now you do. What will you do next? Feel free to use my tips for the Start into vegan life. And if you should still have prejudices, secure now also gladly my free E-Book "All the arguments against veganism - and how you can easily refute them"..

I would be incredibly happy if I could raise your awareness of our treatment of animals through this worldwide "Animal Kill Counter". If it has triggered something in you, I would be delighted if you shared it with other people. Thank you for your support and your heart for animals!

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